Saturday, March 04, 2017

Basketball loses to Clemson

BC basketball ended their regular season with a loss to Clemson. After showing promise two months ago, this team took a bad, bad turn. We wrap up conference play with a 2-16 conference record. That is good for last in the conference. The only measurement where it is improvement is from last year's disaster.

As for this actual game, BC's best players were not factors. Bowman finished with ten, while Robinson scored nine. BC went ice cold near the end of the first half and never really threatened from then on.

Maybe the ACC Tournament will be a positive step. Maybe the team pulls off an upset or two. I know it is unlikely, but it is more fun to think about that instead of another L.


Eagle1331 said...

If the leadership of Boston College gave a damn, Christian would be fired tomorrow and the new AD able to hire a new coach. Another year of a lame duck, out of his league, terrible coach will hurt the program more than a lost year of mid-major recruits lost.

mod34b said...

Well at least BC is in the top 15 in the ACC.

mod34b said...

I think JC is insane. Post game quote

"Anybody would tell you we've improved a lot. We're just a couple of pieces away. You don't build these things overnight," said Christian, in his third season with the Eagles.

Four more years!!!!

Georgia Eagle said...

I'll say this one more time. Fire JC NOW! Stop rewarding failure. Top priority for the new AD.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Our motto should be changed from "Ever to Excel" to "Ever Forward - Like a Deer Caught in the Headlights".

bceagle91 said...

Thinking about an upset is just a pipe dream. Fun to think about, but it's also fun to think about my hooking up with Kate Upton. And that dream is only slightly less realistic than the Eagles winning a tournament game. Clemson was 5-12 in the ACC going into yesterday. They led the Eagles at the half by 16. The second half was a formality. The team seems to have quit on JC. He's got to go.

It'll take years to dig out of the mess BB has us in. Today's students have no idea how good BC used to be in basketball. And the TOB years are a distant memory to them as well.

Georgia Eagle said...


mod34b said...

JC's results 18 ACC games 2 wins 14 straight losses

1. vs SYR W96-81
2. @ WAKE L79-66
3. @ 8 DUKE L93-82
4. vs NCST W74-66
5. @ SYR L76-53
6. vs 16 UVA L71-54
7. vs 9 UNC L90-82
8. @ MIA L78-77
9. @ VT L85-79
10. vs WAKE L85-80
11. vs 6 LOU L90-67
12. vs PITT L83-72
13. @ GT L65-54
14. vs 25 ND L84-76
15. @ 19 FSU L104-72
16. vs VT L91-75
17. @ 19 ND L82-66
18. @ CLEM L82-68

working rich said...

That says it all.

Bravesbill said...

None of those last 8 games were close either.

JBQ said...

The team is disorganized and dispirited. The SS Minnow sails again. At least, Gilligan had spirit.

ConcernedEagle said...

Maybe we can be more like Northwestern (or Duke) and less like Miami of Ohio!

WSJ reports on Northwestern basketball returning to the NCAA Tourney for the first time since 1939.
Following model of another, small U with high academic standards (Duke) ...

EL MIZ said...

after the winless season, JIMBO got a one-year extension. two whole wins this year! i think it's time we name the court "JIM CHRISTIAN COURT" to honor his legacy.

sarcasm aside, i don't understand ATL's post on Christian being "safe" - why? it doesn't take much to conclude he's in over his skies - new AD should can Christian day one.

also, to Christian's "we're a few pieces away" nonsense - we are losing 2 starters (two more fifth year mercenaries needlessly recruited rather than giving PT to Reyes or other young guys) and only have 1 commit so far for next year. by my count, with the committed player, we have 9 scholarships given out, which i believe leaves 3 that will be unused. just a complete mismanagement of the roster by Christian.

Knucklehead said...

It is a tough conference. We are going to have to make some changes in philosophy to get back to "middle of the pack" in the ACC. Clemson, NC State and Pitt have zero standards(we have a few)and they are struggling.

We are fucked.

Guido said...

Lack of recruiting is obvious . When Christian talks about a few players away , he had better worry about losing Bowman or Robinson . Kids get discouraged from continued losing and with no recruits coming in to the program , they might just throw in the towel. BC basketball has already seen that situation occur !!!

Georgia Eagle said...

Lots of good posts today. I agree with all of them.

eagle1331 said...

Missouri has now fired their head coach. That makes a handful of coaches in their 3rd year that have been let go for failure to perform. Why must we wait? Christian is 2-16 in the freaking ACC in the last 2 seasons. That is deplorable and inexcusable.

There is no shame in firing JC now, and showing him the door with Bates. Spinelli would be more than adequate as an "interim" coach, and since the Board has no balls and hires outside firms to do all of its coaching searches, there is no reason we cannot find a new HC before Bates technically leaves.

Jim Christian does not deserve to spend another day on campus. Neither does Bates. Frankly, neither does Father Leahy anymore if his actions - or inaction - are making the school a laughing stock, whether it be in academics or athletics.

TeddyE said...

I've said it all along. Its nothing personal on JC. But what worries me is just like football, that we have a long list of excuses and they ring similar to each failure of a program. 6 wins in 3 years in the ACC. Come on BC, wake up. Maybe I'm just not the basketball expert, but I don't see this trending towards an NCAA tourney bid. Why should anyone think that?

1) If he says we need a big inside presence, its his fault and no one else's that we don't have one.
2) The lack of Defense is mostly coaching and effort. That should fall upon JC and his staff to fix.
3) We are not even close to sniffing the NIT. Making the NIT used to be a fire-able offense in its own right.
4) Seriously, does it look like players improved throughout the course of the year?
5) When you are terrible and have no shot at any post-season tournament and still use 5th year players at the expense of trying to either develop or figure out if a kid is any good (Reyes and Sagay come to mind) the coaching staff doesn't get it.
6) It seems second half adjustments are non-existent or the players are not in shape or both. How else do you explain these poor second half performances.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of BC Athletics.

Georgia Eagle said...

I've never seen members of this blog so united in their disappointment in BC basketball, its coach, the lack of progress, and apparent indifference of the administration and board of directors. Disgraceful.

mod34b said...

7) BC last in Free throw percentage - another coaching issue

eagleboston said...

Depressing. I was critical of both TOB and Skinner as they could not take us to "the next level." I would take both back in a heartbeat. I learned my lesson. Be careful what you wish for!

curranac said...

Our RPI is #211. Yikes.