Wednesday, March 15, 2017

News and notes from practice

The big news of the Addazio's first practice media session was his declaration that Wade heads into Spring the starter. It was much more clarity than he even offered earlier in the week. You could be cynical and think that it is all a ploy to keep Wade happy, but according to reports out of practice -- Wade looked good. Brown also got plenty of reps in practice too. But let's remember it is only the first day. I just want someone to step up this fall.

Based on the roster update, Jack Cottrell, Joel Rich and Drew Barksdale are not getting fifth years and are off the roster. Good luck to all. Not surprised that they didn't get fifth years. All were Spaz recruits who have never been major contributors. I can see why Addazio would rather bring on new players with greater upside than three guys who are there purely for depth.


Shabby1011 said...

Optimism abounds with the start of Spring practice. I am going to take the glass half full stance this year (at least until the ND game) that we have a good team, we are older, our D will be good again, our OL will be better and we will get a couple breaks to go our way this year which hasn't happened much in the past few years.

I think naming Wade the starter is a smart move and hope that he can hold off Brown. Having an older QB who knows the system and does have some experience is Daz best bet to have a good season.

knucklehead said...

Starting the best player is his best bet.

If Wade is better than Brown and Perry fine. Dazzler likes the seniority and maturity stuff. I get the feeling he is starting Wade because he is older.

Doesn't really matter because he is going to get hurt anyway.

They were lucky last year that the Kentucky guy was a bear and could take hits. Wade would have been broken if he took that hit from the Clemson linebacker(white trash)last year.

mod34b said...

Wade threw for only 100 yards last year. Daz gave him very little in-game exposure.

Too bad, because he needs it. He only connected on 47% of his passes and still lacks a good feel for being the on-field leader.

Wade as QB is kind of a combination of Rettig and Murphy. He runs like Rettig and throws like Murphy. Could be ugly.

Let's hope for an ACC-competitive team!

knucklehead said...

If he is a combination of Rettig and Murphy we are much better shape at position than most people think.

The offensive line remains the primary issue with this program. Program because the line-coach is a lacky stiff and the current players are not very good(with the exception of Baker).

mod34b said...

I guess you missed the joke

knucklehead said...

Tom Crean is on the market. Best years were at Marquette. Father Leahy would love him and he would be a good fit. He is not a total dirtbag.

John said...

ND 2017 is USC 2014. ☺️

You heard it here first!

Go Eagles.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Yes - Crean got fired today. Tremendous overall record.