Sunday, April 16, 2017

Baseball wins their first ACC series of the season

After a rough start to ACC play, the Baseball team finally won a weekend series. They won two out of three against Duke. Unfortunately Sunday's loss meant that it wasn't a sweep. While the little momentum is nice, BC has just three ACC wins so far this year.

The team takes on Dartmouth next and then resumes ACC play next weekend against NC State.


mod34b said...

I bet BC basebal wound be more fun for all at a club level or a regional New England level

Geezer eagle said...

Agreed. Downgrade baseball. We simply can't recruit and compete at the ACC level. Put more resources and effort into lacrosse and soccer.

John said...

More fun in some other (northern) league, at least.

Baseball and softball out of ACC, I day!

John said...

I say.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Why is BC building a baseball stadium instead of a basketball practice facility?

JBQ said...

Earth to "mod". Mars to "GE". Has it been that long ago when BC won the Oxford Regional in the NCAA 2016 Tournament? They then went to a third game in the super regional against Miami. In anyone's book, that is impressive. You can't do that every year but 2016 is in the books. You can't erase reality and the 2016 great success reminds one just who the Yawkey Center was named after. The concept of "Athletic Department" appears to be beyond your wishes. A university can't have an athletic director for two men's sports. That would be a czar of Barry O fame. The "pay for play" wants to have two super sports and be treated like Snow White while the rest of the dwarfs get throwaways. The only way that you can do this is through semi-pro and university sponsorship of club programs. You have to know that this is where this is moving replete with UNC "paperless" classes and Louisville "hookers" instead of "sluggers".

mod34b said...

JBQ. We all know success for baseball is not sustainable. DOA It was nice they had a moment in the sun

FakeShalomTfree said...

"Reminds one just who the Yawkey center was named after"?

You mean a racist who was reluctantly the last owner to field an integrated team?

mod34b said...

Boston College President Father William Leahy is expected to choose from a list of three finalists as the next BC athletic director. Barring a last-minute snag, that announcement could come by the middle of the week. Sources familiar with the process say that two of the finalists are associate ADs from Power 5 conference schools, with an emphasis on football and basketball. In the middle of last week, Mike Vollmar, a senior associate AD at Tennessee announced his resignation to pursue other career opportunities. Vollmar’s resume includes almost 30 years of administrative jobs at Tennessee, Michigan, Alabama, Michigan State and Syracuse. ALL of them revolved around overseeing or being connected to the football program. Vollmar wants a job and has almost three decades of experience at the highest level (Big Ten, SEC, ACC). Do those dots connect? -Mark Blaudschun, TMG Sports, Blauds.

BS ? Or not. Hope BS


mod34b said...

And even more from blauds. Bs or not??

The rumors started circulating on Saturday and gathered strength over the next few days.

On Monday, following an Easter weekend of reflection, Boston College President Father William Leahy reportedly was leaning towards former Red Sox executive Mike Dee as the Eagles’ next athletic director. Sources at BC say that if there are no snags an announcement could be made as soon as Wednesday.

Of the three finalists that Leahy was presented by the BC search committee, Dee is the “outside the box” candidate, with no experience in college athletics.

But the overall management portion of his resume is impressive with two stints with the San Diego Padres, as well as the Red Sox and the Miami Dolphins. Dee was also President of the Fenway Sports Group, which has had considerable dealings with BC. His dealings with the Fenway group and a familiarity with Father Leahy were regarded as major assets.

Another huge plus was that Dee has extensive fund raising experience, something regarded as essential for a new BC AD.

Dee was fired as fired as the CEO of the Padres last year and when the BC athletic director position opened with the resignation of Brad Bates, Dee expressed an interest and interviewed for the job.

He was always a wild card choice because of his absence of any experience as a college administrator. As the list of candidates was trimmed down, Dee remained in the mix.

And now all indications suggest that Dee has emerged as the front runner, although nothing is official until the deal is finalized, which could come as early as Tuesday.

mod34b said...

Sounds like an a-hole.

John said...

Cut the shit.

John said...

Not Mod - people saying that Dee is the front runner.

Fenway Sports Group? Cut the shit!

mod34b said...

Sounds like an unpleasant choice who will be looking out for himself and Fenway group.

But maybe he actually has those management skills to get BC back on track.

Something different is needed - bring on Dee-Ball. (And if he falters Dee-Bag)

knucklehead said...

Dee has a crummy track record and no college experience. 5 years here, 3 years there etc. He lasted 7 years with the Sox but that was during their heyday(Great teams and great fans so success in any job would be relatively easy. $$$ coming in from everywhere after 86 years of losing). You shouldn't be bouncing around high level positions every 4-5 years unless you are a turnaround guy and he isn't. He failed in his last two jobs. He isn't going to work-out here.

The Tennessee guy sounds like he is a do-er. He has Power 5 experience. Similar to what I have called for in the past. He has to have a good idea of who can coach and who cannot after working for big schools in "big" conferences.

We need someone who has hired successful basketball and football coaches. We need our teams to be good again. That is it. We are sound financially and the important infrastructure projects are already underway(approved). Those are distant 2nd and 3rd issues but paramount to Leahy unfortunately.

Of the two mentioned the Tennessee candidate seems like a better option.

Something tells me the hire has not been mentioned though. Seton Hall, Memphis, VCU, Tennessee and the red sox weirdo? Sounds like the folks who didn't get offered had their names leaked.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Sounds like they loved him in San Diego -

Napolean Bonaparte said...

mod34b said...

Nap. A quick read of your 2 links - thanks - clearly SCREAMS Mr. mike Dee is not for BC. Bad judgement on hiring talent and bad judgment of media messsging.

Blauds - the source of this biz - is just reading EO boards are calling them sources. It has got to me complete bullshit. Or is it?

EL MIZ said...

none of the candidates mentioned sound good.

Dee reminds me of Addazio - any time a prior fan base is head over heels thrilled to have a guy leaving it is NOT a good sign. we saw it with Florida fans when Daz was their OC - blogs and youtube videos chronicling how bad he was. Dee has the same - do some digging like Napoleon did and there is plenty of stuff in the SD fan universe, all of which universally loathes this guy. not good. also bizarre that he was fired for reasons unknown.

the process being a failure only confirms what we all already know - until Leahy is out as President we are doomed.

knucklehead said...

The weirdo might be on the short list as a "solid" for Fenway sports group. Like I said it sounds like the people who didn't get the job have had their names leaked.

It is apparent from his resume and other links that he was fired because he is disorganized and ineffective. Nobody wants to cross the Lucchino mafia so they didn't trash him on the way out(Dee is a Lucchino lacky). Ironic since Lucchino smears everyone he cuts/fires from the Red Sox including the best manager in team history.

JBQ said...

@FakeShalomTfree: The issue was the great support by the Red Sox for the BC athletic program. You could very well be right about the historical stuff. However, Catholicity is replete with evolvement from racism into sanctity. So, would you burn down the Yawkey Center just to spite your face or would you take the good that he did and expand on it? ------------If you want to dig into facts from a Jesuit history major, then look at "racist" Boston. It was stable and the radical liberals went after the Irish. The public school system was destroyed in the name of equality. As someone from an Irish background, the Irish have always hated the Brits. Don't you think that might be justified? ---------- To move vast numbers of underqualified minorities into stable Irish neighborhoods was unconscionable. A prime example is the BC experience with Patrick Ewing who is Jamaican and who came from Latin Prep which is one of the better public schools. He couldn't pass BC admission standards. ------------The point is that Yawkey was from another time and was a product of his environment. He was a good Catholic in that day and time. He supported a Boston College in another day and time.---------The BC of today is still struggling with the racial subtitle of your comment. The education standards are very high with a school ranked 30th in the country. Black athletes can't pass muster with their academic credentials. Does that mean that BC is still standing in the shadow of a racist Tom Yawkey? ---------If you want to get specific, Tom Yawkey died in 1976. His wife, Jean, was the president of the Red Sox till her death in 1992. I would presume that she was the one who donated the money and had a great love for BC. --------I don't believe that the Center is 40 years old. Therefore, your comment is historically challenged. The Yawkeys and the Red Sox did great things for BC and Tom Yawkey is irrelevant unless the Red Sox did not integrate until 1976 when the wife took over.