Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bills draft Milano

The Saturday of the NFL Draft is a quick event. Picks start flying and suddenly a round is over. Guys can get overlooked like that. Fortunately it wasn't a problem for Matt Milano. BC's star will be playing for Buffalo this season. He was selected in the 5th round, the 163rd pick overall in the draft.

The good news for Milano is going in the 5th round. The difference in pay from a later round isn't high, but the odds of making the final roster are better. Teams expect production out of the 5th round. Milano is a versatile player. Hopefully he can get some quality playing time this year.


mod34b said...
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EL MIZ said...

any word on Willis and Rouse? i wonder if they'll land as unsigned free agents for special teams. also surprised Gutapfel hasn't landed anywhere yet as a FA.

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