Thursday, April 06, 2017

Spring injuries and other links

It is tough getting through Spring Practice without some problems. Addazio didn't get lucky this year. Two promising players went down this week. Elijah Johnson suffered a knee injury. BC isn't talking specifics but social media is saying it is a ACL. We will see how long he is out. The other loss is linebacker Max Richardson. He broke his foot. That recovery shouldn't be as long.

If Jared Dudley really does plan on coaching after the NBA, this season is another example of his instincts and ability to develop young players.

Former Eagle Ryan Quigley signed with the Vikings.


mod34b said...

Coach Dudley.

That would be awesome.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Duds is extremely basketball savvy - always has been. He's probably frustrated as hell with the mediocre state of the NBA game these days. I think he could become an excellent college coach and after his NBA days are up he should get an assistant's job for a few years at the college level under an experienced guy to learn the ropes a bit more as to recruiting and other off court demands. Then I'd love to see him at BC as a head coach.

JBQ said...

The insinuation is that he would make a good coach for BC. The recent "head butting" incident where he went after a Serbian player for setting a tough screen says otherwise. His aggressive instincts preclude his being a head coach at BC.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

JBQ - insinuation means an indirect or covert suggestion or hint. There was no insinuation - I think I was pretty direct! He'd make a very good coach someday for many reasons including his aggressive instincts.

downtown_resident said...

JBQ, go watch the incident to which you're referring. Dudley was protecting his undersized rookie teammate Tyler Ulis and confronted Jason Smith (an American born in Colorado) for a hard pick that knocked Ulis to the floor. He said he just meant to get in Smith's face and accidentally ended up bumping him with his chest and head. Dudley was brought back to Phoenix partly to mentor the young guys on the Suns (Ulis, Chriss, and Bender) on and off the court. My guess is most players would love to play with and for a guy who has the back of his teammates, and it's certainly nothing to make you call Jared's ability to coach given everything else we know about him.

I would argue that Jared is already coaching-- just read the story ATL linked-- and as a Suns fan I believe he's probably a better coach than the guy who actually holds the job right now.

Scott said...

Coach Al Washington was beloved for beating the crap out of the UVA lineman that went Kiwi's knees.