Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hugh Davis video and other links

Here is more video and analysis of BC's latest verbal, Hugh Davis. It is only drills in a highlight video, but the guy looks fast and explosive.

Sailing finished 4th at Nationals.

This is 247's Notre Dame site previewing BC.


JBQ said...

The ND site has very good pictures of mostly players for the Eagles on defense. They are nice pictures and are impressive. Linebackers and d backs have a lot of verge and vigor. The d line has no one other than Landry shown. If that be so, then teams will run away from Landry.-----The offense as seen from an ND viewpoint is another story. There are lots of question marks with a whole lot of inexperience. Hilliman, Wilson, Sweeney, and Walker are shown. Wade isn't viewed very positively. Brown is seen as a possible "gold chip".----It is interesting to see how a quality opponent will view key players on your squad. Once again, the spotlight will be on BCs offense. The defense is more than capable. The good draft of John Johnson is a real plus for BCs d-backs both for their motivation and future as well as forecasts for a good season.-----On the other hand, even ND knows that the offense is a mess. It looks like Brown is the guy and has lots of promise. The question is will he be given the coaching to develop into something other than an alternative running back. BC has to have and develop a diversified offense. Run, run, pass invites 9 man lines.

Geezer eagle said...

A very accurate analysis, JBQ. Given there are fewer cupcakes on the schedule, a winning record is a stretch. Hopefully, with player development, few injuries, and lots of luck, I could be wrong.

JBQ said...

That would be "verve and vigor". Hopefully, BC will have it. One of those absolute winnable games is already in doubt. The point spreads have been released in Las Vegas already for the first weekend. That would be at Northern Illinois who have been installed at this early date as a two point favorite. Uh-Oh.

Geezer eagle said...

Could be a long season

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