Saturday, May 13, 2017

Opponent previews

CFN has been posting their Spring recaps and season previews. It is a useful tool to get up to speed on BC's future opponents. Here are their summaries of a few of the teams on BC's schedule.

-- Notre Dame
-- Northern Illinois
-- UConn
-- Louisville


Knucklehead said...

2017 Boston College Schedule
Friday, Sept. 1             at Northern Illinois W
Saturday, Sept. 9        Wake Forest* W
Saturday, Sept. 16      Notre Dame L
Saturday, Sept. 23       at Clemson* L
Saturday, Sept. 30      Central Michigan W
Saturday, Oct. 7          Virginia Tech* L
Saturday, Oct. 14         at Louisville* L
Saturday, Oct. 21         at Virginia* L
Friday, Oct. 27            Florida State* L
Saturday, Nov. 11       NC State* W
Saturday, Nov. 18        at Connecticut (Fenwy) W
Saturday, Nov. 25        at Syracuse* L

Geezer eagle said...

Seems about right, Knuck.

John said...

Getting tired of losing to Syracuse.

Geezer eagle said...

Also getting tired losing to ND.

JBQ said...

Don't sell No. Illinois short. Until an off year last year, they were in the MAC Championship game six years running (in Addazio terminology). That is a "trap game" much like the one against Colorado State several years ago when BC got cocky and lost on a desperation pass with seconds remaining. Central Michigan has also shown considerable improvement and if BC takes them for granted, they could be surprised. If BC just stands around to let the defense carry the load with no offense, it will be a long time for watching the leaves fall.

knucklehead said...

They could lose the first and second games, with a new QB, or any of the games really(except UConn they really suck).

If they lose either of the first or seconds games and end up with 3-4 wins Dazzler better hope he ends up with a top 20 recruiting class because that is the only thing that could save his job.

mod34b said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
knucklehead said...

Specifically have has hyper negative. Actually have said it repeatedly. Reading comprehension again.

knucklehead said...

Simply. Negativity is fine mod. Incessant negativity is not fine.

Guido said...

One thing is for sure !!! UCONN is absolutely terrible and anyone who ventures to Fenway Park is totally out of their mind !!! BC will beat them like a Wagner ( possibly worse )

mod34b said...

Knuck. Are you the supervisor busy-body now ?

Knucklehead said...

More unnecessary negative BS.

TGS said...

Quite possibly the dumbest post in the history of this board by Dickhead the Nazi sympathizer.

"Negativity is fine mod. Incessant negativity is not fine."

A new low in stupidity, even for shit for brains.

knucklehead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
knucklehead said...

Your "son" is going to Providence College. Sure.

knucklehead said...

. . . Liar. No son.

knucklehead said...

There is you and your "son" Rosenberg. Wait for it. 38 seconds in. You and your son. The PC frosh.

Unknown said...

I think they'll beat Syracuse and finish toilet bowl eligible. 6-6. Other then that, it should be about mediocre season.

Unknown said...

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