Friday, June 30, 2017

Landry getting big media push

If media attention is any indication of future success, Harold Landry is going to have a big year. 

SI thinks he ranked him as one of the ten best players in the country

Fansided thinks he is a first-round draft pick.

The ACC Network compiled Landry's best plays from last year.


CT said...

He could have left and been late first. Much better than Taco. Looking forward to seeing him crush it.

Knucklehead said...

Good for him. I would like to see him played at weak side linebacker a bit to show he can cover a TE and make tackle in the open field so he gets drafted as high as possible.

They should think about letting him run the option once in a while as well.

Max said...

He should be playing LB more this year to see if he is a good as people are saying. He is too small to play head up on line in NFL. It will also allow him some freedom to make more plays. Sacks are nice but a good chunk came against weaker opponents. And they don’t win games as last year shows.

Anne Marie Gahring said...

Can he Catch? If Yes run him a few plays at tight end .

Chris said...

Landry will be fun to watch this upcoming season. One player I hope gets a chance at quarterback is Tate Haynes, very impressed with his ability. He has Tyler Murphy speed and could end up being a star. On ESPN is says Tate Haynes runs a 4.8 forty yard dash; that's wrong, Tate Haynes runs a 4.4 forty yard dash.