Saturday, June 03, 2017

More opponent previews

CFN keeps rolling out their team previews. Here are a few more for our upcoming season.

-- Syracuse
-- Clemson
-- Virginia Tech


JBQ said...

CFN Spring preseason football rankings 1-130: BC (63): FSU (3), Clemson (6), Louiville (19), ND (25), NC St (27), Virg Tech (32), Syracuse (44), Wake F (61), Virginia (72), UConn (99), No. Ill (102), Cen Mich (105).

Geezer eagle said...

Could be a long year. Best case scenario is 7-5. Worse case: 4-7. My prediction: 5-7.

TGS said...

Best case 0-12, then bye bye Daz.

Knucklehead said...

Stupid and wrong. Again.

Geezer eagle said...

Tgs is just a shit stirrer.

John said...

7 and 5 probably means that we need 4 wins out of 9 ACC/ND games.

I'd love for us to beat ND.

What are the 4 best chances to win against our 2017 ACC opponents?

Probably WF, NC State, Virginia and Syracuse.

We need to step up a lot to once again beat or have a chance against VATech, Louisville, FSU and Clemson.

7 and 5 would actually be a good year (I hate to say it) realistically, given our 8 year slide - especially if there are no blowouts.

4 more blowouts and I think the new AD has to cut his losses and send the Dazzler packing.

Go BC.

Geezer eagle said...

Totally agree

Heights said...

I agree, 0-12 would be nice and goodbye Daz!

cventner said...

6-6 looks about right. Daz's future depends on whether we beat a team ranked at or above 32 (Va Tech, ND, L'Ville Clemson or Fla St.)