Friday, June 09, 2017

UConn game reminder of how bad the AAC TV deal is

UConn announced the start time and TV schedule for our game at Fenway. The game will kickoff at 7 PM. That's good. CBS Sports Network will show the game nationally. While not the challenge it once was, CBS Sports Network is a minor league TV outfit. It is also a reminder of how bad the UConn's conference situation is.

TV deals are mostly about money. I know many ACC fans would gladly partner with any company if it meant more money for our teams: "Al Jazeera's ACC Game of the Week!" Because of the lack of tradition, consistent TV draws and fanbases, the AAC was not a hot property the last time they went looking for a deal. So they ended up with CBS's cable sports outlet. Among recruits, CBS Sports Network feels small time. This then becomes a vicious circle of UConn and their conference mates fighting for respect.

Even if the eventual ACC Network looks terrible and has limited carriage, it will mean something positive. Hopefully BC and the other ACC school leverage that opportunity.

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