Sunday, July 02, 2017

More looks at the new turf

Astroturf is pretty proud of the work they did at BC. Here are some of their pics taken during the install.


JBQ said...

The original AstroTurf of Monsanto St. Louis was terrible. It was nothing more than a rug over concrete. It drew heat and gave it off as well. I ran on one at a baseball tryout at Busch Stadium. This one is supposed to be "state of the art" using micro fibers with a sand base. Hopefully, this is so and there won't be any significant injuries or "turf toe".---The football stadium in St. Louis sans Rams is sitting on a significant suit from Reggie Bush. He ran out of bounds and slid and fell on the concrete which surrounds the field for all purposes ending his career. Hopefully, BC read that news and the surrounding areas to the field are safe as well.

John said...

Seems as though they change this every couple of years now.

knucklehead said...

Player safety