Sunday, July 30, 2017

Revisiting the Spring Game

Did you watch the Spring Game? Well these guys on Youtube have done us all a favor of cutting it down to 34 minutes with just action. Seeing it again is a reminder that our QB situation will probably be better than expected. Wade looked decisive in his snaps and made some good passes. Brown was less poised in the pocket but did show a good arm and good escapability. This was all against a talented ACC D  (BC's own). 

But as of Monday, the Spring Game starts to matter less and less. It will be up to one of the QBs to stand out and earn the starting spot.


JBQ said...

I watched the clip. I thought that Wade was mediocre to say it kindly. Brown showed flashes of brilliance but is very raw. He could see the entire field. Wade tips off with his eyes every throw. Fadule was useless. Perry looked like a high school player. The problem would appear to be the coaching. That would be Loeffler. If they play like this against North Illinois, they will get beat.---Davon Jones really looked good. Maybe, Wade should just hand it off to him fifty times per game. Wilson looked adequate. Hilliman didn't get the ball much and still appeared to be nursing his injury. Levy looked good in limited opportunities. The receivers Sweeney and Cardinal were good on short passes. Flutie appears to be developing. There were no long throws to Smith and it looks like Wade can't throw beyond 15 yards. Anything deeper looked like an end over end hand grenade.----The way it looks from this game, it will be the defense which carries the load. The offense will be just a throw the dice afterthought.

Anne Marie Gahring said...

Happy St Ignatius day in honor of the Jesuit community and especially in honor of

BC's GREATEST JESUIT Father J Donald Monan SJ

Anne Marie Gahring said...

JBQ : Got totally correct. Another year of horror from WRTCHEHED SPAZDAZIO.

LONG PAST TIME to send him packing and

Bring in Peter Carmichael Jr OR Ryan Day


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