Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The most telling quotes from Connelly's BC preview

As expected Bill Connelly's extensive preview on BC was not positive. He expects a 4-8 season, explaining that the tougher schedule will make the great D/terrible O less successful this year. Connelly is not unique in predicting BC's struggle, but he does inform his preview with some fresh angles and issues. For example, how many BC previews would put such a focus on attendance?

Here are some of the most valid points or opinions:

Wins only matter so much if you’re hurting your fans’ eyeballs. Because BC still had an efficient defense, Eagles games featured a non-stop barrage of three-and-outs. At least, as long as they weren’t playing somebody good. In four games against S&P+ top-20 teams, BC got outscored, 202-24.

He's right. Fans have not really returned after Spaz. I think that is where Daz's utter failure in Year 3 will prove so important. There is an underlying skepticism to his coaching that won't go away with 7-6 seasons.

S&P+ gives the Eagles a greater than 32 percent chance in only five games this year. To reach another bowl, they’ll have to win every semi-winnable game and at least one big upset.

This is where I generally have more belief than most national guys. The schedule is tougher than last year, but it is still not that tough.
BC’s offense has been so awful that it’s almost jarring to remember the Eagles had a Heisman finalist not even four years ago. In 2013, Andre Williams powered an attack that ranked 30th in Off. S&P+; in 2014, without Williams, the combination of quarterback Tyler Murphy and freshman grinder Jon Hilliman kept the Eagles at 50th.

In 2015, BC fell straight to the bottom. Three different freshman quarterbacks struggled, Hilliman got hurt, nobody caught more than 17 passes, and the Eagles crashed.

Sensing a problem, Addazio brought in Loeffler, which makes you wonder if he understood the problem.

I think we will look back on the Day/Brown coordinator combo and realize that they both made Addazio look batter than he was. The failure of the O since Day left is mostly on Addazio for not having the right approach, the right coaches or leveraging the talent he had on the field.


knucklehead said...

Sorry ATL. This is one of the toughest schedules in the country.

Geezer eagle said...

The one-two disasters of Spaz and Daz has set BC back years - a disaster of epic proportions. The fans won't come back to see wins over creampuffs or thirty point blow-outs by top twenty teams.

Unknown said...


Proof positive SPAZDAZIO must GO !!!!!!!! The Figures don't lie.

Time to make the echos ring again "FOR BOSTON"

Return to 25 years of greatness.

Geezer eagle said...

Anne Marie,
I applaud your enthusiasm but nothing is going to happen until at least half-way through the 2017 season.

notfadeaway said...

I cannot believe this man still has a job after the last two seasons. He is the weather man of college football. Always wrong / terrible / underperforming / dissapointing but yet still somehow has a job. FireDaz. Make BC great again. Drop the mic.

TheFive said...

Good thing Addazio is a classy guy who is good to his staff and other members of the University community. Oh, wait...

The Tall One said...

The problem with attendance and season ticket sales is that - we were willing to tolerate a few creampuff games, because we knew we would be competitive, and likely win many of the harder games against ranked opponents.

Today, we will still beat the creampuffs, but we're going to get SMOKED by any team that is sniffing a top 25 ranking (let alone the FSU and Clemson teams that are regularly in the top 10).

No one wants to watch the "best wins" coming against crappy teams, only to get blown out of the stadium by the rest. It's boring and it's a waste of a day.

Unknown said...

If BC only wins 3-4 games then hopefully BC can make a serious run for Chip Kelly. Their have been rumors that Chip loves the program, hopefully it runs deep. If Chip Kelly coached at Boston College, home attendance would jump back over 40,000 again. More reason to root for a bad season, I think the new AD is young and out to make a name for himself.

Unknown said...

If BC started serving alcohol at the games, then they could get their attendance back up as well. I never understood why it's a dry stadium.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

What will be will be - it is what it is - my breath stunk but I kept my funk. Daz isn't going anywhere until the end of the season. Can't schedule crappy OOC games and lose to nearly everyone else and expect fan enthusiasm and solid ticket sales. This really isn't too complicated. Daz and his staff are fortunate to have another season to show substantial progress. They need to get their kids ready to play. If they get solid results (as in a decent offense and 8 wins) - they deserve another year. If not - then it's hard to believe the new AD will want to extend the malaise. Daz knows this as well as anyone and so does the team. Have to hope for the best. They absolutely need to come out firing on all cylinders for the NIU game and Wade and Landry need to take charge. Cannot wait for the season to start.

Unknown said...

Chip Kelly , Tom Coughlin We need to go for broke.

Either one is our ticket to TOP 20

JBQ said...

I don't think that Wade has what it takes. As Monk the detective would say, Brown is the guy. Wade is a lot like Zaire including throwing left on a broken leg. ND moved on from Zaire. BC must move on from Wade.

EL MIZ said...

Tom Coughlin is 70 yrs old and has a cushy retirement job in FL with the Jaguars. last year there were only 2 coaches over the age of 70 - Snyder at K State and Solich at Univ Ohio. he might be good in an advisory role, but he's already in one and in the NFL. i don't see it.

have said for the past couple years BC should back up the Brinks truck for Chip Kelly.

what does Off. S&P+ mean? sad that Mod 34B is gone - he and i used to go back and forth on whether those Ryan Day offenses were any good. apparently this statistic said they were in fact in the upper echelon of offenses in the Andre and Murphy years, which lines up with the eye test those years (although we didn't score a ton of points or rack up a ton of yards, which Mod used to trot out endlessly to "prove" Day was inept).

the most typical BC/Daz year would have us start out 3-6 (wins over Northern Illinois, Central Michigan and Wake), be walking dead going into Halloween, and then win the last 3 by the skin of our teeth (NC St., Uconn, @Cuse) to eek out 6 wins and a "bowl appearance." sounds just good enough to convince the Powers That Be (i.e., the people above Jarmond) to stick around for another year of Daz.

that would also put Daz's career ACC record at 13-28 after 5 full seasons.

Daz is signed through 2020, so if the school can convince itself he is worth the 2018 season after another "successful" 7 win campaign, they'd only have to buyout 2019 and 2020. would be painful to sit through another 2 years of this junk though.

Max said...

I would not let Daz wash my car.

How he leads young men for a proud University is a crime.

Nothing but a self serving used car salesman

knucklehead said...

Brian Kelly. Not Chip.

Danny Boy said...

Why on earth would you want Brian Kelly? Other than one year, he has show zero ability to do anything great with the caliber of players that ND attracts, what do you expect him to do with BC guys? Not to mention the academic issues his players have, the sexual assaults his players commit, and him sending a GA to his death. What about any of that makes it sound like Brian Kelly would be a good fit for BC?

John said...

NCAA rule formerly.

knucklehead said...

I expect him to do what he did at Central Michigan and Cincinnati.

ND is screwed up. Nobody has been able to win there the way they should for 20 years. Prima donna recruits who don't want to work. Brian works better with kids that respond to tough coaching and those are the coaches that have been the most successful at BC(TOB and Coughlin).

He would have BC back in the top 20 at the end of his third year.

Geezer eagle said...

ND sold its soul as an elite Catholic university so it could become a football factory. Ironic and satisfyingly how miserably it has failed.

EL MIZ said...

knuckle - Chip Kelly would have BC in the top 20 at the end of his 1st year. the guy is an elite college coach. 46-7 @ Oregon. Brian Kelly is 59-31 at ND.

also, Chip is unemployed.

Georgia - ND is still an elite catholic U. its football just stinks. sad!

knucklehead said...

Chip would be a good option except he quit the Oregon job because of issues with the NCAA. He isn't getting hired by BC.

Brian Kelly is a nasty little bastard, kind of like Coughing, who make it his annual mission to beat ND and prove them wrong for firing him(he will resign before then though). Then Chip can go to ND and deal with the bluechip recruits and Brian can coach the Eagles back to top 20 relevance.

Again The MIZ, Chip is not getting hired to be the BC HC because he is not the right fit.

knucklehead said...

. . . The high profile coach who is a legit fit for BC is Tom Crean.

Start shaking the moracas for him.