Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yet another suggestion for ACC Divisions

No one likes the ACC Divisions, but that is all people agree on. When it comes to fiixing the divisions, no one agrees. This article gets into a solution and other issues of disagreement among the conference members. 

My simple solution remains, a division made up of old Big East teams + Virginia and nine ACC regular season games. 


Geezer eagle said...

I like it.but because it's so simplistic and logical, the ACC won't adopt it.

Max said...

Can we fire Daz at the same time?

John said...

I like the proposed realignment s lot.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

A little out of the box just to piss everybody off - just do an A and a B conference - put the best teams in A based on 5 year ACC W-L records. So you change it up every 5 years. Sort of like how they do it in the UK for soccer with the Premier League. Best two teams based on ACC W-L records (regardless of conference) play for the championship. You ignore strength of ACC schedule to avoid entrenchment of A teams but maybe you limit number of B teams that can move to A after 5 years to say 3 teams. You use OOC W-L records factoring in strength of schedule only to break ties in determining next 7 A teams or who plays in league championship.

Unknown said...

Two more strong and realistic candidates for football coach

RYAN DAY the offensive wizard who had ACC's 2nd offense 2014

Al Golden.

MAX Has a great idea FIRE DAZ aka SPAZDAZIO !!!!!!!!!!