Sunday, August 06, 2017

Allen media attention and other links

EJ Perry is hoping to earn the No. 3 spot on the depth chart. 

North Carolina shooting guard/wing Trey Wertz will visit BC this weekend.

More hype for Connor Strachan


JBQ said...

Re: E.J. Perry, This begs the question of just why Loeffler isn't producing. The defense hasn't missed a beat with the loss of Brown and the walking in of Reid. Who is calling the plays? Is it Loeffler or Addazio. I have to presume that it is Addazio.---At ND, Brian Kelly brought in a new "hot gun" young offensive coordinator in Chip Long from Memphis. He has pledged to let him call the plays. BC should do the same. It looks like Addazio won't let that happen with his job being on the line.---There you have the problem with the offense in a nutshell. This would be proven by the recent bowl game. The first half was wide open and BC was running amok. The second half slowed it down and they almost lost.---Whatever the issue, we will see what happens in three weeks against Northern Illinois to be followed by Wake. Both games are winnable and it will be the offense that decides the results.

NEDofSavinHill said...

In the Perry story it is noted that BC finished in the bottom eight in passing out of 128 in Division 1 the last three years. Two of those years BC had a fifth year senior at QB. How can a BC passing attack be so anemic? Is it the players or the coaches? Hope the optimism emanating from the coaches this year is justified. 2. The critical games for BC this year will be the three conference games at home vs. Wake, NC St. and VT plus at UVA. Take those and a solid season awaits.

John said...

Loeffler said they kept it simple last year on purpose. What a crock of $€!t. Same reason the previous season. This is college football, coaches. Fans want their team to exhibit exciting plays.

The passing offense has been terrible because the coaching has been awful.

Pick it up, Coach Loeffler. Another poor, simple year and you'll be booed out of Boston along with your Head Coach.

Go BC.

Anonymous said...

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