Wednesday, September 13, 2017

BC Basketball hype pops up amidst ND talk

Wednesday saw a tweet flurry from CBS's Jon Rothstein after sitting in on a BC practice. Combined with other media gossip and there are plenty of College Hoops writers expecting BC to make a big leap this year. Back in the Skinner days, I would take these sorts of leaks as a sure thing. Now, I have my doubts. Even with added talent, I don't know if there is enough for BC to break through and even be a middle of the pack ACC team.

What I did find interesting from Rothstein is the idea that BC might go with positionless basketball

This is not a new concept, just new to BC. Plenty of college and pro teams basically play with wings, big and a ball handler, many of whom can be interchanged. The challenge BC will have is with regards to D. If they put their best five out on the court together, who will guard the other team's big, inside players? Positionless basketball will work against less talented teams, but against the elite teams with size, we better hope BC makes a ton of three-pointers.


knucklehead said...

I smell some consulting from Brad Stevens.

Unknown said...

Let us hope the reports are true and Christian can come up with seven or eight ACC wins as
"WE sing our proud refrain "FOR BOSTON."
IF not Jared , Danya , Howard , Malcolm time has arrived.