Thursday, September 28, 2017

BC-Central Michigan preview

There's nothing like having a must win game against a MAC team five weeks into the season! But that is where we are. I don't think Addazio would get fired right after a loss, but like we've all been saying, he needs this win to keep the season from falling apart. Maybe that pressure and facing a MAC team will finally get him to take some chances.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Earlier this week I mentioned that a friend (and major Addazio critic) sitting among BC players' families and coaches' families at Clemson felt that the mood was still positive. Since then another friend who was at Clemson and spoke with some players' families said his/her story was different and there are signs of frustration. Could both be right? Sure. Last year when I went to the Wake Forest game, I saw and heard some parents openly critical of Addazio and others who were still happy. My concern with all of this is that when you lose your locker room or coaches' room, the season can fall apart quickly. (Look at Spaz's final two years.) While I think Addazio has lost majority of the most passionate BC fans, it does seem like there are still plenty of players and coaches on board. They have their respective playing and coaching careers in his a lot more skin in the game than the typical fan. Let's hope their trust and faith pays off.

Three Simple Keys
1. Keep Brown healthy and productive. There is talk that Brown might not be 100%. (And given how Addazio dealt with Callinan, I don't expect a straight answer.) To win this week, he needs to play well, be given easy decisions and needs to stay healthy. It wouldn't hurt if he tried stretching the field a bit more.
2. Stop the zone option read. Every QB this season has run on us. That can't happen this week.
3. Do not punt from CMU territory. BC needs scoring opportunities and can't waste possessions. I am sure Addazio can rationalize punting against Clemson, but you can't this week. I also think playing ultra-conservatively against CMU will upset the home crowd.

Gambling Notes
-- BC leads the series 3-0
-- Addazio is 14-3 against non-Power 5 while at BC
-- Addazio is 16-20 coming off a loss while at BC
The current line is BC-8

The last time BC started 1-4 was in 2012 (Spaz's last year.) The fourth loss was the embarrassment to Army.

Scoreboard Watching
Florida State-Wake should be very telling. The 'Noles have been hit with injuries and a hurricane-based schedule change. Even though they haven't looked great all the time, Wake is standing at 4-0. If they can beat FSU, it will serve notice that they are for real. It will also mean that Florida State is really broken down.

What I hope to see...
Some explosive plays. BCI touched on this earlier this week, but it is incredible to me that we don't make big plays. The talent passes the eye test. They look bigger, stronger and faster than previous BC skill guys, yet we can't seem to generate big plays. Either our talent is highly overrated, or our coaches are really misusing them.

BC is in trouble if...
The OLine looks sloppy. Last week they were very, very good. This week's nagging injuries might mean more shuffling. If they do move guys around, those guys better adjust quickly. A sloppy game will be bad for us.

Despite all the injury concerns, I still think this game is going to be fairly uneventful. I think BC controls from the start and unlike our previous win, the game does not get close late. Instead I see BC closing the deal with a fourth quarter score.
Final Score: BC 27, Central Michigan 17


dixieagle said...

I hope you're right, as we're going to be there. The last game we made it up for was the Wake Forest debacle a couple years back.

Just heard that Connor Strachan is done for the year, via ACC Digital. Bad luck for him and for the team.

JBQ said...

Central Michigan is no good. BC romps at home 34-7. Sorry about Connor. He is a warrior and represented the university well.

CT said...

Not related but a fun piece on Mike Leach on I know his name has been brought up more than a few times on here.

I don't see how families aren't frustrated. This is year 5.

Anyway, nothing new can be said about the situation. When just being competitive for three quarters gets you kudos, you're in bad shape.

EL MIZ said...

is it likely both Baker and Strachan get medical redshirts and come back for the new coach next year as 5th year seniors?

dixieagle said...

I'd also heard that, Miz. Let's hope it's with a new coach, but I'm not holding my breath.

dtrain1234 said...

Should be a solid 2 touchdown win on the way to bowl eligibility (28-14)

Unknown said...

BEATING NOBODY will not stop a season collapse. Other Possibility.
Road a head BLOW OUTS other ways to lose. Other Wins no shot under MR ATROCIOUS.

YEAR 5 ZERO for the ACC Bates -LEAHY reason for an extension confusing

ACC for CYO great football knowledge NOT those two wizards of the gridiron.

campy said...

The quest for 1—11 continues. Cupcake 10, BC 3.

knucklehead said...

How can the families be frustrated or why would they be frustrated? Their children are on the team and the team sucks. They are half the problem.

If the o-line plays well again that will be 3 weeks in a row of adequate line play.

I foresee Dillion running for 125 and 2 TD's this weekend.

If this team wants to be respected then they do to Central Michigan what has been done to them the last two weeks and they steam roll with the run game and score TD's every chance they have no matter how late in the game it gets.

We are due to beat someone down.

31-13 Eagles.

Danny Boy said...

If I'm Anthony Brown's family and Daz came into my living room while recruiting and touted how he's going to open up the playbook and let Brown really sling the ball around only to have Daz call nothing buy 8 yard routes, I'd be frustrated.

If I'm any of the young receivers' parents without the last name of White, I'd be frustrated since the receivers don't seem to be doing much, yet my kid still isn't seeing the field.

If I'm Landry's parents, I'm wondering why I didn't suggest my kid enter the draft last year as I watch his draft stock fall while he's being held out on 33% of the plays. It hurts his future and it hurts his team's present.

There are lots of things for parents to be frustrated with, not to mention the inevitable thought that with a different coach we'd be doing a lot better. I'd want the best for my kid and his team. All of these kids have experienced some level of success in the past, and now they aren't. The coach is what changed (so did the level of competition, but its easy to point a finger at the coach).

I do like the idea of just stepping on the throat. BC needs win for their spirits. They need to show that they are capable of running and throwing. We better not let off the throttle all game.

Alas, I bet we will 28-17 (with a defensive or special teams TD).

Knucklehead said...

If the parents don't see that their sons are not winning and folding as soon as they get behind then they would complain about whatever they are rumored to be complaining about.

Geezer eagle said...

Dtrain, are you delusional or just kidding?

Bravesbill said...

Don't see Dillon getting more than 50 yards on about 10 carries. Hilliman might get 50 yards on 20 carries. BC wins another nail biter.

STL_eagle said...

The Wake loss was a disappointment but if they beat FSU tomorrow it looks less discouraging. The loss to ND was likely and the loss to Clemson was expected. Tomorrow is an expected win and BC must deliver to hold the season together. I see the team letting off some steam with a convincing win 31 - 10 but it will only serve to create false hope and the team will revert to its losing ways against V Tech and Louisville. Next potential win is against Virginia but they will be 2 - 5 by that time and a winning season will be beyond reach. Hasta la vista Daz.

dtrain1234 said...


I think 5-7 can get a team to a bowl these days...wins over UVa and Syracuse should get us there.