Saturday, September 30, 2017

BC takes care of CMU

When you've struggled like BC has this year, it is natural to second guess a coaching staff. There was plenty to nitpick in BC's win over Central Michigan, but it was still a much-needed victory.

I was not at home, so there was no Periscope for this game. I will try one some time this week.

I will try to have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


Jazzyg said...

If daz was truly interested in building for the future wouldn't he have opened up the play book and let the freshman wing it a bit, especially with the lead? He averaged 4 yards per attempt and6 yards per completion. He didn't mind pounding his freshman rb straight ahead 25 times tho. There is no future with daz.

FakeShalomTfree said...

How bad is Kansas is that they lost this C Michigan team by 18 pts! Apparently we're not the worst Power 5 team

Knucklehead said...

VT looks beatable.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

They defeated a clearly weaker opponent due principally to CM's poor QB and special teams play that gave us good field position. It would have been a major disaster for this staff had we lost. But you still got the feeling that our offense would have been stuffed against an ACC defense.

Evora11 said...

Yeah, but not BC terrible!

Geezer eagle said...

Dazoshit is an unimaginative oaf. I predicted 4-8 and stand by it. we beat UCon and one ACC win. If we had a decent coach this team was capable of ,6-6.

dixieagle said...

I was at the game but didn't watch as closely as usual as we were catching up with friends. But my sense was one of typical, conservative play calling and some sloppiness. Hilliman had a good day, with his 3 TDs, and Dillon is the real deal. Each had a fumble, but it was a wet day. I hope Dillon's injury isn't bad; took him a while to get up. We then headed to the BC Hockey exhibition game: exciting and great fun. Have to pack as much BC into our trips up here as we can. 2 wins in 1 day was more than we expected.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

The only two wins have come against MAC schools.

CMU only beat URI by 3 points.

Conservative play calling does not hurt the team against MAC schools but is lethal when they play a team that has superior athletic ability (ND, Clemson and VT).

BC has shown enough flashes against Clemson and ND that they should be a decent team. Someone said in a prior post that VT is beatable and they surely are - but for BC to beat them the play calling would have to be significantly more imaginative than it is. The current coach will, as always, play not to lose instead of to win and in the process will find ways to let VT beat his team in the second half.

What is amazing to me is that unless the coach has been told by the new AD that his job is safe beyond this year he has every reason to take chances when he plays the stronger teams - yet he does the opposite. Mind boggling to me.

JBQ said...

As "Napoleon" stated, the Chips quarterback was absolutely terrible and their punter put three touchdowns on a platter. Really bad coaching so it is hard to tell just how great was BCs win. CM played like Cow Chips. The upcoming schedule for BC will be a doozy starting with VT.---Actually the offense with Brown at quarterback is decent. Dillon and White are real talents. The offensive line is now not so offensive. Hilliman is being pressed and he is responding. The problem now is the defense and depth. Linebacker is becoming a real nightmare.---They are looking at 3-9 without blinking. UConn is worse than Central Michigan. The fact is that if the team is looking better, then there is justification to bring him back to see if the young players will produce a miracle. That is the scenario that looks right and heaven help BC. They just will not fire both major coaches.

Knucklehead said...

I like the Michael Walker move of running into the punt return. I don't recall seeing that done before. Advantage - The returner is at full speed going into the return. Saw the VT returner do it in the night game. It is catching on already.

Brown took a shot to the knee at the end of the first half that was the dirtiest cheapshot I have seen at a BC game since Kiwanuka/Brad Butler. That kid for Central Michigan is going to hell.

Dillion got a stinger on the last drive(that was 120 yards and 1 TD Bravesbill - pretty spot on prediction by me) or it would have been 35. The douchebag kicker Lichtenstein missed a FG or it would have been 31/38.

There wasn't much to complain about yesterday. What do want them to do that they didn't do?

Watch Ben Petrula at center. He was good yesterday and was the main reason for the good running game. The line is looking above average since Baker got hurt. He seems mis-used at center looking at what has gone on since he got hurt.

The Central Michigan QB is the worst college QB I have ever seen.

Unknown said...

Is not the opportunity of "running into the punt" dictated more by the nature of the punt than a controllable decision by the returner? If the punt is arced in a way that the returner has to camp under it, that would effectively remove the opportunity to catch it on the run. Much harder and riskier to time a running catch on a high punt due to the angle? Line drive punts are easier to time for that running catch. CMU's punter was not capable of getting both distance and height on his punts. Just wondering.

Bravesbill said...

Can't believe Daz gave that many carries to Dillon given his unjustified obsession with Hilliman.

Eagle Esquire said...

Did anybody catch the article in the Heights that was published two days again by an associate professor actually advocating against going to games. I'm flying up from Atlanta for Tech this weekend and talked eight relatives into going with me that would never go to the Heights otherwise. I've watched virtually every BC game since TOB's third year, but never attended the school. Do articles like this engender any frustration amongst the students or is there just apathy everywhere?

Eagle Esquire said...

Two days ago*

STL_eagle said...

As stated this was a should/must win and BC delivered. It is important for BC to win some games to provide a foundation for next year. In all likelihood that will be with a new coach as I doubt they win more than 4 games total and it will take a 7-5 season for Daz to show "progress" and keep his job. By now I am sure that Jarmond knows the ceiling is about 6 wins per season with Daz and change is needed to get back to sustained success.

TGS said...

Where do I start with the always inane Khead. In the span of two posts he:
1) says having your star RB carrying the ball with a 20 point ead and less than a mintute left is actually a good idea.
2) opines that after 140 years of college football games, the 20 year old punt returner at BC has figured out a new way of doing it. Ya right, no one has ever got a running start before on short kicks. Idiot.
3) feels BC has a great chance to beat VT.
Khead, how can we miss you if you won't go away.

knucklehead said...

You tinglingly yearn for every new KHead comment. It oozes from every critique of my input that you spend hours trying to find fault with. You love Khead. LOVE.

Name the punt returner you have seen consistently take a running start into their punt returns. Get back to me with your results.

How is your "son" liking Providence College? Providence College? The kid(there isn't one really) couldn't get accepted into the Rhode Island School of design.

You don't know anything about sports and contribute nothing here of any value.

I ruin you on a weekly basis but you don't realize it . . . denial.

I officially consider you done. You're FIRED.

Geezer eagle said...

Boys, boys, boys.

knucklehead said...

TGS is a douche.

Teresa Halminton said...

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