Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday picks

A little better last week. I am going to avoid UMass this week, since I clearly don't have a good handle of their team.

Oklahoma State-13 at Pitt

Northern Illinois+13 at Nebraska

UCLA-3 at Memphis

Tennessee+4 at Florida

Central Michigan+10 at Syracuse

Purdue+7.5 at Missouri

Kansas State-3.5 at Vanderbilt

Georgia Tech-2.5 at Central Florida

Troy-7.5 at New Mexico State

Clemson-3 at Louisville

Last week I went 6-3-1. For the season I am 12-7-1.


Boston said...

I'll give this a shot:

Oklahoma St. (-13) over Pittsburgh
Nebraska (-13) over Northern Illinois
UCLA (-3) over Memphis
Tennessee (+4) over Florida
Central Michigan (+10) over Syracuse
Missouri (-7.5) over Purdue
Kansas St. (-3.5) over Vanderbilt
Troy (-7.5) over New Mexico St.
Clemson (-3) over Louisville

Georgia Tech - UCF has been cancelled.

JBQ said...

Central Michigan has been looking good against mediocre competition. We shall see with Syracuse if they are a threat to BC in two weeks.