Sunday, September 03, 2017

Herzy to IR and other links

On Saturday, the New York Giants placed Mark Herzlich on IR. That means he is ineligible to play for the Giants this season. Once he recovers, he could come off IR, clear waivers and play for another team. But this might be the end of Mark's NFL career. It sounds like the Giants are already planning a post-playing career for him as they want him working with players and still being around. I hope Mark gets one more shot on the field, but if this is it, it was truly a remarkable playing career. When his cancer was first announced, there was real question as to whether his leg would be amputated. Instead he survived, played again in college and then played in the NFL for six seasons. That is amazing. Good luck to Mark on all his future endeavors.

In other NFL news, the Lions picked up Brian Mihalik and the Colts picked up Ian Silberman.

Another remarkable BC athlete's story continues as Boston has declared September 5 as "Pete Frates Day."

The Field Hockey team swept Maryland.

Women's Soccer beat Northeastern.


JBQ said...

Of course, Markie Mark is a "knight in shining armor". Mihalik and Silberman are cut from the same cloth of dignity. You have to know that there is a deep cancer in football that is gaining strength. "Zeke" is now the hero of note from here in St. Louis John Burroughs. He beat up his girl friend for being pregnant and forced her to get an abortion. To many following this story, he is the victim.----Father Leahy has joined Father Jenkins at ND in what is perceived as "going along to get along" in order to keep the money conduit full strength. You can lay your leftover McGregor money on a near future high profile athletic scandal associated with Boston College. Once again, BC made a big mistake not bringing in Tommie C as a football consultant when they had the chance.---He squashed any intentions of signing Kaepernick on the part of his Muslim Midwest owner. The new BC AD made several immediate "social justice" hires which were controversial. There will be more. I hope that it works out. Nevertheless, I am with Monk the TV Detective. "I may be wrong but I don't think so".

JBQ said...

Sept 5 @Notre Dame: Lecture on "Land O'Lakes" (Wisconsin): Land O'Lakes and Its Legacy. Lecture and panel discussion with presidents of ND, BC, Fordham, Trinity, St. Thomas (MI). 50 year anniversary of call in 1967 by Ted Hesburgh to the International Federation of Catholic Universities. 1968, Kinshasa, Congo, "Catholic University in the Modern World".

Anonymous said...

Good for the Frates family.

Considering all the funds and attention he has helped create for ALS someone ought to cover his medical bills.

There was a lot of conversation in Boston a couple weeks ago when the Red Sox owner John Henry mentioned that he was considering changing the name of Yawkey Way. He should consider changing it to Frates Way.

Unknown said...

WELL DONE by women's lacrosse. Picking up where they left off after a BOW WORTHY season.
Nice to get revenge on Maryland.

dixieagle said...

Delighted about "Pete Frates Day"; few are so deserving as Pete.

I'd hate if this was the end of Herzy's NFL career, but won't be surprised if it is. It's great that the Giants may want to keep him around in some capacity; I can think of few more hard-working, inspirational players than Mark. I was thrilled to meet him down here at the Senior Bowl, and have followed him faithfully since. All the best to a true BC guy.