Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Midweek Periscope -- Wake Week

Below is a short, midweek Periscope I did Wednesday night. I apologize for the technical problems at the start. The Periscope app kept crashing on me.

Topics covered:
-- Kobay White's debut and what to expect. (Question courtesy of Chris G.)
-- Jim Christian's new assistant
-- Rumored tailgating fees
-- Anthony Brown talk

As always, I appreciate the feedback. I am still trying to find the right day and time for these other than postgame. Would early afternoon on a weekday work?


AlbanyEagle said...

I missed the Periscope last night and only had a few minutes to watch some of it this morning, but I really, really, really hope this question of charging for tailgaters is a miscommunication and not reality.

I've ranted about the game day and tailgating issues before and won't rehash it all, but suffice to say that tailgating on Shea Field is, frankly, borderline unpleasant already, and will be worse this year with all the construction.

Even if it's "only" $6 per person, if I am paying for season tickets, plus what I think is a pretty hefty donation to be able to park, plus tuition for 2 kids, plus my own expenses to tailgate in a cramped spot for very limited time, does it really seem right to now pay for people at my tailgate, which is predominantly my kids (students) and their friends (more students)?! What's next, paying to use the Port-a-John's?

Again, let's just hope this is mere innocent misinformation. I haven't received anything from BC about it. But if it's true it may well be the straw that breaks my back, particularly if the on field product doesn't show significant improvement. And let's be honest, from what we've seen that isn't likely.

Danny Boy said...

Realizing that we're talking about hypotheticals, but how would it even be enforced? Do they have tollbooths in front of each tailgate? Do you have to estimate the number of attendees as you go in and if a cop sees more people than your allotted amount you get fined? Would the people then have to disperse to other tailgates that have the spare "capacity"

Just from an enforcement standard, this has to be a miscommunication. I can't think of a conceivable way in which they could actually ensure that everyone at the tailgate pays a per-person fee.

The only option would be to charge each person who enters a tailgating area (kind of like the bracelets to get on Shea plan). But that, too, sounds virtually untenable.

CvegasEagle said...

BC aka Bring Cash

Shabby1011 said...

If this ideas has been even floated around at BC, MJ should immediately fire the individual(s).

I agree think it would be impossible to enforce, i for one would just simply not pay and what are they going to do, arrest you? It's too stupid to even think about.

MJ needs to drain the swamp and unlike DT actually do it. Anyone who has been in prior admins needs to go. Older loyal staff members reposition them somewhere in university. Flynn Fund staff needs to go, clearly idea would come from them as they want to milk ND game as much as the can

Saturday is wake up day for MJ. Beautiful fall day vs winnable ACC opponent and place will be a ghost town. He will see more empty seats then full. There will be no pre-game atmosphere and 15k when team runs from tunnel. 30k tops for crowd.

Monday should be hard day for everyone associated with game day operations

John said...

File that per person fee idea under the "You can't make this stuff up" folder.

The person who thought that up certainly appears to be an idiot.

What was it that they used to say? I have an ID, IOT problem!

This is becoming a FUBAR situation for tailgating this year anyway, with all of the construction.

They should also allow picnic-style tailgating (no grills, loud music) to take place anywhere on campus - especially on grassy areas. Fans could backpack their picnics in - and after the pre-game social enjoyment, check their backpacks at pre-designated areas prior to entering the stadium. No charge.


Go BC - square this away.