Thursday, September 14, 2017

Notre Dame Week Periscope

Another mid-week Periscope. Short, but interactive. Thanks for the questions.

I spoke a bit about how I think Father Leahy's disinterest in sports is not as big a deal as BC fans make it. I rehashed the Notre Dame interest discussion and how I think there are probably fewer casual Irish fans in Boston these days. They've all become diehard Pats fans the last 20 years. I also talk about how attendance at our games is not the recruiting obstacle some make it out to be.

As always, I appreciate the support and feedback. I will try to do another post-game Periscope after the Notre Dame game.


Unknown said...

ND 31 BC 6

Unknown said...

modest34b said...

Apt summary of ND v BC game at One Foot Down blog

"This year’s Notre Dame team is nothing to write home about, especially on offense. With that being said, their Eagles opponent tomorrow could be aptly described as incompetent so far this season, and I do not think even a Brian Kelly team will manage to lose this game"

can't really disagree.

TheFive said...

Fr. Leahy does care about BC athletics. He cares about keeping them out of trouble; and that's it. But every single decision is filtered through that lens. He is the ONLY decisionmaker on anything that matters at BC, and on many things that don't. Next time you're at a BC event, ask your fundraising contact who selected the color of the table cloths and the flower arrangements. The answer will be the same person who makes every material decision in our Athletic Department.

CT said...

That big a micro-manager?

He should worry about his Pontiff's focus on climate change over abortion. Oops. Bad choice. But he's Argentinian!

Don't Jessies take an extra vow of obedience to the Pope?

Stop donating. Even the Church gets that.