Friday, October 06, 2017

Friday picks

Bad to worse...that's how my picks are going. I am hoping for a rebound this week.

Picks in Bold

Boise State-7 at BYU

Temple-2 at East Carolina

Duke+2.5 at Virginia

Pitt+3.5 at Syracuse

West Virginia+13 at TCU

LSU+2.5 at Florida

Miami-3 at Florida State

Notre Dame-15.5 at North Carolina

Alabama-26 at Texas A&M

Michigan State+10 at Michigan

Last week I went 2-8. For the season I am 23-25-1.


Boston said...

Man, I should quit doing this. It's getting embarrassing. 1-8-1 last week for 9-19-1 overall.

Boise St. (-7)
Temple (-2)
Duke (+2.5)
Syracuse (-3.5)
TCU (-13)
Florida (-2.5)
FSU (+3)
North Carolina (+15.5)
Alabama (-26)
Michigan (-10)

JBQ said...

Alabama is unreal. @Vand 59-0 over a decent team. 66-3 over Ole Miss, a traditional rival. This is a professional team in every sense of the word. How did Clemson beat them last year even with Deshaun? Florida State is still pretty decent. They will beat Miami at home. On O27, they will cruise into BC like Hurricane Harvey.

BC 86 said...


eagletix said...

Hey, Atl., hang up your prognostication schtick.

knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...

Spreads are tough business. Over/under is a lot better.

VT 32
BC 16
Over the 46.5

The VT QB is not very good. He doesn't throw well. 7-8 in the front to keep him from running and 1:1 with the corners will lead to 1-2 ints.

Let Brown run the Colin Kapernick throwing plays like he did against Clemson and run Dillon off of Petrula. Look for the Matt Ryan patented throw back pass off the Brown/Kapernick throwing plays at some point. Look for VT to play dirty with Dillon. People should be starting to realize he is our best player(better than Landry) and getting him off the field makes us impotent on offense.

I think Loeffler goes all out tonight with the offense - if Dazzler wants to get a win that can save his job.

Tonight puts the new selling beer idea to the test both in terms of supply/demand(they ran out of beer at half time of the ND game) and crowd control.