Saturday, October 07, 2017

Might as well fire Addazio

UPDATE: I just watched Addazio's post-game presser where he said the investment is coming and it will be beautiful. There is no reason to believe him now. I do believe this team has promise, but he has not shown that he can unlock that potential. If he goes 3-9 in Year 5, he does not deserve the chance to unlock that potential. It would just be wasting it.

I am against mid-season firing, but I think we might as well get rid of Addazio. If he is going to approach every game against a ranked team as a "L" why do we need him? The loss to VT was more of the same. We are so conservative -- taking no risks on 3rd down, he either doesn't get it or doesn't believe in his own team.

Anthony Brown shows he has some wheels? But we don't run him much. Wouldn't want to get him hurt! Instead let's have him in the pocket trying to throw accurate passes.  But Brown is not the real problem. Our whole offensive approach is. As Hoffses pointed out, Addazio is averaging 10.6 ppg in his last 19 ACC games. You can't win that way.

I feel for the D. They played well and kept the Hokies out of the endzone. But you can't win when you don't score.

The Post-Game Periscope is below. I will have grades and second thoughts up late Sunday.


BourbonEagle said...

I'm really looking forward to when he completely snaps in one of these press conferences. He was close tonight. It will be beautiful.

STL_eagle said...

This is one loss closer to having a new coach. When the total hits 7 then Daz is toast although I think they will wait until the day after the season ends. Hopefully we win a few more games so that there is something to build on for next year. With Louisville up next another loss is likely and you will start to hear talk of "winless in ACC games". Let's hope we avoid that distinction.

Unknown said...

This is necessary. It's time. I'll try not to just repeat my post on BCI (Eagle in ATL and BCI are my two go to's). But to accept and enable this behavior anymore is laughable. Prove some level of accountability. Accept the fact that although you are new as A.D, that Addazio's track record is not going to be tolerated and change is needed now. Recruiting is bad. Attendance is bad. Record is bad. His attitude and behavior are both bad. The entertainment level of the product is bad. Worst losses in BC History and awful ACC record are the only facts we need. This is year five! Can we all get a chuckle (it's not really funny) about his five year plan to compete for ACC Championships. Time to get rid of this blowhard.

Without his removal this season at some point, its just time to leave the ACC (I know not realistic) We are blatantly stealing ACC Money. Unless you are a student or coach or a fan of Ice Hockey at BC, lets be honest, who wears their BC apparel anymore? You'll get a token Flutie comment and that's it. I just cannot take this any longer.

My old Graduate Student Advisor that was active in the Athletics Programs at Temple absolutely hated Addazio. Said he was a condescending loud mouth that was disingenuous. He could not thank BC enough for taking him away. Guess we did not check his references at Florida and Temple?

CT said...

The funniest comment on a previous post by a regular douche was about letting the OC go all out tonight.


Great talk.

BC 86 said...

Just got back from Boston, have been to 4/6 games this year, no Chicago or central mich, I have never seen our stadium so empty and never been so embarrassed to take my VT nephew to this game , I am done. Our players have heart but our coaches dont

ObserverCollege said...

I wish you people understood college football. Coach Addazio just went .500 against a nationally ranked superpower. He did that with a bunch of underclasmen who Spaziani-recruited teammates haven’t infected. He did that while managing Brown so that he can keep him on the field getting reps and experience.

modest34b said...

We are 0-3 in ACC play. Will Daz go 0-ACC.? Yes he will.

The ESPN "match predictor" computer generated odds says that is the most likely scenario. Also just common sense: LV, FSU, NCSU are much better than BC this year and UVA and Syr are away games against somewhat better teams.

ESPN Percentage chance of wins

@louisville 10%
@uva 33%
FSU 10%
NCSU 18%
@Syr 28%

Chance of beating @Uconn = 85%

Looking at a 3-9 season

6 games to bowl eligibility seems impossible (even semi eligibility at 5 games is not happening)

Napolean Bonaparte said...

You are what you allow yourself to be. Normally I would be very much against a midseason firing. But in this case - I don't see any major downside compared to the upside of sending an important message to the dwindling fan base, students and alums. Right now BC's telegraphed message to thousands of people is that it has absolutely no pride or minimal standards for performance. Leahy has gone from looking fair and loyal - to looking ridiculous and wholly incompetent. In the real world - this situation would have been addressed ages ago and a lot of senior people from the AD, to the coaches, to the Leahy level would have lost their jobs.
If Jarmond knows what he is doing - he is currently paving the way. And if Leahy is resisting - Jarmond should resign.

JERZeagle said...

i have a feeling that if you fired addazio now, morale would improve within the team and by the fans. alumni would be more packed with people watching the future, rather than the shit show that we have now

Unknown said...


IF you are still trying to figure whether he has an upside you are as clueless as he is.
The tip off how bad and dumb he is when after striking gold with Tyler Murphy he continued
to bring in stumble bum quarter backs.
Tyler Murphy had passing problems. On the Heights who would get to work with him????
How about the obvious Doug Flutie.
Time to return to 25 glorious years initiated by Father Monan.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

The program is in shambles.

Go back and look at the scores vs. strong teams under this coach and then compares those scores vs. how the much maligned Tom O'Brien did against the top teams when he was here. It is an amazing contrast.

I wasn't a big O'Brien fan and everyone thought BC could do better than him - but now? He looks like Vince Lombardi compared to what they have now. I can't believe the inept play calling and game management.

They should send a signal to everyone in college football that they intend to clean up the mess. Get rid of the coach today, appoint an interim coach for the rest of the season, and while the string is being played out look for the next guy while keeping your fingers crossed that you don't make a fourth straight mistake (Jags who was only here in the hopes of becoming an NFL head coach, Spaz, and Daz).

Big Ern said...

Who do you name interim? Loefler?

Guess it would go to Paul P. Reasonable interim as he is past his prime and even if he turned things around somewhat he wouldn't be real contender for full time job.

Eagle1331 said...

One can only hope by the end of this day there is a 2nd update saying he is fired.

There is no reason not to.

If Jarmond doesn't have the wherewithal to do it today, and is going to create some BS excuse to let him keep going or end the season, then we are in a worse situation then we realize.

Every day we don't have a coaching vacancy we are losing time to find the right fit. Every other job that opens up will decrease our pool of options. We need to be the first in line at the buffet so we get the best selection.

Every time over the last 2 decades we have waited. Every time we have ended up with clowns as coaches.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Knucklehead said...

Loeffler wants to play fast and Dazzler wants to run. So what do they come up with? They play a hurry up run game? The purpose of the run game is to knock around the opponent and run clock. Never seen anything like it.

Since they got Campanelli(spelling) to recruit they have signed some good players. That is why it was a shame let Al go. You could can Dazzler and put in Al who could do something with the better players. Since everyone on the staff now is a Dazzler binkie you have blow up everything and start over. Which means another 3 years min of rebuild.

We could have won that game.

At a minimum the OC needs to be fired this week.

JBQ said...

Ahmad Brooks was one of the announcers. He evidently played d back at Ohio State. He is bright and articulate. Mike Corey was the other announcer with Roddy Jones on the field. I liked the give and take.---Brooks evidently talked with both Addazio and Jarmond. He was upbeat about Jarmond and had lots of nice things to say about him. He then went to Addazio and stated that the team has lots of promise with good young players. He stated that Daz should be brought back with a win total of five.---The spin obviously now is that the team has made major progress with young recruits and that Addazio is just a tad away from turning the program around. The fear is that Jarmond will buy into the hype and bring him back for one more trip on the merry-go-round.---Peter Markell is the new head of the Board of Trustees. He is a vice president with a health conglomerate. This bleeds compassion.---John Fish was a cold blooded realist who ran a top construction company. He was not allowed to take out the ax. As stated, Father Leahy appears to like Addazio as furthering the social justice mission of the university.---The real issue is the extension with 3 years @2.6M per. I say that sadly he will spend all winter on the Heights selling apples at St. Ignatius on Sunday hyping his social justice credentials and will then suit them up in the Spring.

Unknown said...

Amen to this post and two preceding ones. So glad I didn’t succumb to the temptation of season tickets this year after multi year hiatus.

Peter A ‘72

Unknown said...

Oops. Someone sneaked in a response ahead of me; sb Amen to three posts before the last one.

Peter A ‘72

BC fan since the 1960s said...

Bringing the coach back because "the team has lots of promise with good young players" would be insanity. Based on five years of watching this guy you could give him the Alabama roster and he probably wouldn't win the ACC - he is a terrible game day coach. My guess is that if he was coaching at BC from 1981-1984 no one would ever have heard of Doug Flutie. He never would have been on the team and if somehow he was he never would have seen the field.

The guy can't coach so it is a moot point as to how good the talent is. His record against good teams since he has been at BC speaks for itself and the scores in those games puts an exclamation point on why they should move on.

Knucklehead said...

You are a complete asshat. If Dazzler wanted to win the game then they would have let the OC go all out. Didn't say that is what they were going to do.

Your reading comprehension and attention to detail is abjectly pathetic.

Keep taking notes though. Maybe you will get it correct next time.

curranac said...

Bill, is there a campaign to flood Jarmond's inbox and twitter account demanding a firing? Paul P would be a great interim coach. His d-line is the only thing saving us from 50 point loses this year.

BC 86 said...

Agree with BC fan 60's. In the stands we predicted every play in every repetitive series of 3 and outs. No guts , no chances, no fun...

modest34b said...

Knucklehead is a piece of shit.

Yesterday he was rooting for career ending injury to VT qb.

"Knucklehead9:53 PM
I hate VT. I hope Jackson tears his ACL on the new turf."

Knuckke. this blog and BC are about sportsmanship and decency. GTFOMAM MR UMASS-hole

Geezer eagle said...

I would give anything to be a fly on Jarmond's wall right now. If he is as fed-up as we are, Daz will be gone in days and not November.

Knucklehead said...

Section D the crybaby who likes to lose.

Knucklehead said...

Section D, ACL injuries aren't career ending you drama queen

Knucklehead said...

Section D, you telling on me to the message board for saying something you don't like. Bitch.

Knucklehead said...

Section D, you probably didn't watch the game. On here to find someone to vent on because you don't have the guts to do it in real life.

Knucklehead said...

Section d, you don't come across with any monacome of decency. You are the worst type of hypocrite.

Knucklehead said...

Take your lazy acronym s and go home. If you have one of your own.

Knucklehead said...

Section d, what does UMass have to do with? Can you explain that?

Knucklehead said...

Seems like you are saying people from UMass are assholes, for some reason, but I can't say that I want the VT QB to tear his ACL? Illogical at best. You lose the rationality test. But as previously stated you are comfortable losing.

Unknown said...

Here’s my take: we’ve read recently where Jarmond is spending his time mostly learning the BC culture and talking with donors. These are two critical things he should be doing. If he finds the larger donors who are as tired of losing as alums and fans are, he can solicit their support and secure the funding outside of the University to buy out Daz’s contract. He can then go to Leahy with a net neutral proposal to terminate Daz and start over with a new coach and staff. Just a thought...

UU last row said...

I agree it would be really interesting to know what Jarmond is thinking about his head football coach.

I was at the game and estimate that Alumni was half full at its peak and half of those in attendance where VT fans. What was also interesting is many of the of the "luxury box" seating areas where occupied by VT fans.

On a Saturday night with beautiful weather against a top 20 team, hopefully that is a message received.

JK said...

Really? It's Year 5. How many Spaziani recruits would have dealt with Addazios underclassmen?

modest34b said...


Why do I know you are not from BC ?

For one , "monacome" is not a word. Not a spell check or Siri error. "monacome of decency" are the words of a man with a poor education

Modicum is the word you sought. But you have probably not seen it in writing before. No BC grad would make that error.

Only a vulgar slob like you would find joy In seeking that a young man be seriously injured. No BC grad would ever seek such an outcome

dixieagle said...

I was on a hotel shuttle bus in Atlanta this morning. The driver saw my BC luggage tag and said, laughing, "What? Does Boston College even have a football team anymore?"

I am sick of this. Fire Addazio yesterday.

Knucklehead said...

Section D. You are a fraud and a hypocrite. I will remind you of it going forward.

STL_eagle said...

Firing Daz mid-season may help appease the fan base but it would likely create more disruption with the players and recruits. By now Jarmond knows that he will be hiring a new coach and is already quietly developing his short list. Almost everybody that he would hire is currently working so there is not a big advantage in pulling the trigger early unless they lose to UConn and then it becomes a necessity. Otherwise I see the announcement coming the day after Syracuse.

Knucklehead said...

Section D, your forensic analysis of my posts is completely wrong. I am certain you are used to hearing that. If you want to compare resumes or anything else for that matter you are going to lose. You like to lose though.

Just remember you are a complete hypocrite for using the language and vitriol ( did I spell it correctly tool?) That you do.

You are pathetic.