Friday, October 27, 2017

The crushings continue: this time BC wallops FSU

My depth of BC knowledge -- where I remember specific games, moods, and swings in a season -- only goes back to the early '90s. In all that time, I can't remember a team took such a dramatic leap in performance. In the three games since I said "fire Addazio" BC has won three ACC games with an explosive offense and practically shut out two ACC teams. Florida State was just the latest victim on the Addazio revenge tour. This was a complete game. BC looked great in all areas. If not for a few drops and a missed field goal, this team might have scored 50 points.

This is all a lot of fun and now I am thinking BC has a real chance to run the table. Wow.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up Sunday.


BCAlum2000 said...

Who is this team? Im flabbergasted. Like you ATL, my memory of BC football goes back to the early 90's. I can never think of anything like this. How a team can look so completely different in the course of one season. I have to say it, kudos to the coaches. These players had the potential and they finally unlocked it. WE ARE ... BC!!!

eagle1331 said...

Twofold answer:

Daz does not trust underclassmen. The playbook was limited with Brown, Petrula, et al. With his job on the line officially, he realized he had no choice and opened it all up, which he only did once before.. when his job was on the line last season. Maybe with the transfer QB.

He committed to players. Bill would know best, but the rotation of WR and RBs as well as OL seems to have simmered. We have a core now.

Daz should still be fire (sorry, not sorry). He is coaching like this because his job was on the line. He is still weak (see 20+ running plays to endthe game), givingFSU chances to come back. We need a coach committed to winning big all season to make BC "back," but at least the emotional high is nice.

John said...

Different time, but 1974 Eagles crushed everyone after losing to Texas, Temple and Pitt - including West Virginia and Syracuse.

8 and 3, including last 6 in a row and 7 of 8 didn't even get you a sniff at a Bowl Game in those days. There weren't enough of them.

But these turnarounds are few and far between.

BC 86 said...

Good win

Knucklehead said...

The lines have swung dramatically the last three weeks. Huge swings. Biggest swings I have ever seen one team get and it has happened three weeks in a row in the same pattern.

Something smells.

The game tonight definitely looked fixed.

Knucklehead said...

. . . You know those Ohio State strings run deep. Ask Miami. They haven't been the same since.

CT said...

I thought the line was BC+5 this afternoon. Which means Vegas has no idea what will happen.

Never bet the gray area.

Great win. You can get pressure on those guys. Blackman will go first read. Nice job all around.

Kinda called the last 3 games but whatever. We have a real chance to nab the next two.

Congrats all around. Loeffler is my 2016 Kyle Shanahan. Get me to the promised land then yank it away.

CT said...

Oh and Dillon has changed everything. A QB’s best friend.

mod34b said...

Great Job all around. Especially the D Look at Louisville. Gave up a zillion yards. Now they have really improved. It's infectious.

Held FSU to low yards. Sure, FSU is terrible at O this year. But still. They have massive WR and RB talent. D -even with out Landry - did great.

Props to Daz, and Lefty. Daz must be close to 100% hands off the O. It's a whole new feel. If Daz stays as chief cheerleader, hat is a good role for him.

Last, talk about coaching WTFs. Jumbo going it in 4 and 1 from the 28 (near?) . And fsiling. Pure stupid coach turn over. Astounding to watch a HUGE coach do that. Jimbo can't even motivate his team for a national TV games. Brats.

FSU brat players are just like their brat fans. I checked out the FSU tomahawk nation comments. The FSU fans never once gave BC credit. Just whiny classless brats.

Geezer eagle said...

Who are these dudes? They're possessed by football demons. They could have scored 50 if Daz didn't return to his old conservative three runs up the middle policy.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Football is fun again. They are playing like kids - the way it should be played - it's a kids game. Creativity, energy, confidence and will. Looking forward to NC State - a huge challenge - should be fun.

bceagle91 said...

GE, I can't believe I'm typing this, but Daz going conservative late struck me as him trying not to run up the score. I think the Eagles ran the ball the last 20 or so offensive plays. And FSU still had some trouble stopping the run.

FSU has turned into a dumpster fire. Like mod34b said, I was shocked when Fisher went for it on 4th and 1 inside his own 30. That reeked of desperation. Or it just reeked. 3 weeks ago, we were calling for Daz's head. I'll bet Jimbo is feeling some heat now.

Unknown said...

Scott Loeffler $ 350,000 Raise

Jim Reid $ 300,000 Raise

Ricky Brown $ 125,000 Raise

DAZZLE-NOT COULD NEVER DO THE JOB THESE men are doing. About two years ago with the worst
offense in Div 1 we really couldn't buy points. If we spend the money and keep these 3. WE
can win IN SPITE OF DAZZLE NOT> Hopefully we will spend the money to do it. Think of saving all the money keeping by DAZZLE NOT. GO BC THE ECHOES RING AGAIN. T.J. Hurley

BC fan since the 1960s said...

I am beyond speechless. Have always thought Addazio was a terrible game day coach but you can't fire someone after what they have done. Dillon will play in the NFL, over the next few years Brown has the potential to be one of the top college QBs, and the defense has really stepped up.

I am 63 and to state the obvious - Boston is a pro sports town, always has been during my life and always will be. There are many big sports fans who couldn't care less about BC and never have - EXCEPT in the Flutie years. I was talking to someone even older than me the other day who is a huge sports fan but couldn't care less about BC (doesn't care if they win or lose). He reminded me that the Flutie games turned into "events" during Flutie's final two years. People who have nothing to do with BC turned into big fans and people would host parties built around watching the BC game if you younger people can believe that. The TV schedules were much different then, there was no Internet, and a relatively small number of college football games were on TV each week - but BC may have been the most sought after team for prime time games when Flutie was a junior/senior, the most amazing of which was early in Flutie's senior year when they played AT Alabama, fell behind 31-14, and came back to win 38-31. While I can't imagine the BC team ever attaining that level of interest again, it is good to see them be relevant - maybe even more than relevant. If they win, if they are entertaining they will attract much more attention. I just wish the ND game was ahead of them instead of behind them but clearly they have a good chance to win out (especially with NC State coming here)and go 8-4. Congrats to the team and coaches.

Geezer eagle said...

Eagle 91, I loath FSU. How many years have they humiliated us and run up the score? I wanted pay back last night.

STL_eagle said...

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? I’m not so sure. Daz has not become “new coach” in just three weeks. The big change has been the emergence of a star RB in Dillon, improved Oline play and the fact that Daz became willing to take risks and open up the playbook with his coordinators since his job was on the line.

The big question is whether Daz reverts to his “old dog” behavior as he becomes “safe” again or whether he embraces this new philosophy that is creating success.

While I am not convinced that Daz will change, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Someone said it well earlier...Daz is a good cheerleader. If he stays in his lane and continues to recruit well, this momentum could be sustainable. For the time being I will enjoy the ride and hope that they run the table. Go BC!

BCAlum2000 said...

I think the OL has been the key. This looked like vintage BC last night. They just kicked the crap out of the FSU defensive line. By the 4th quarter, they just wanted to go home. When you have an OL that dominates and a RB that hits the holes hard, then suddenly everything changes. Brown didnt have his best passing day, but he was serviceable. THat pass to Sweeney that he dropped in the endzone was a spectacular pass.

JBQ said...

Really satisfying. Before criticism, let's savor the win for a week, watch NC St this afternoon at ND, and enjoy the off week. The only caveat is in regard to Sweeney. He has the hands of a "brick mason". He needs to have someone throw footballs at him until he develops blisters.

Geezer eagle said...

Agreed. How can BC receivers continue to drop so many passes? Frickin disgraceful.

John said...

It's bewildering for sure.

The drops will haunt us before this season is over, unless the receivers can turn it around.

There we're probably 4 clear drops and one or two others that should have/could have been caught.

#89 can look so good, and also look so inept. The TD that should have been - the throw hit him right in the numbers at the goal line. I think that's the one that resulted in the missed FG.

So receiving players are the next part of the team who need to step it up.

Come on guys - do your part.

From #9's great TD catch, we have the #18 drop while WIDE OPEN.

So plenty of room for improvement. #32 missed several catchable calls.

So TEs, WRs and RBs all have to improve their catching.

As JBQ says, apart from regular practice - challenge these guys with specific drills. You can't leave until you catch - IDK - pick a number - 25 straight.

Go BC.

Danny Boy said...

I agree in general about the drops, but I think Sweeney gets a pass on the first TD drop. The pass was deflected right before it got to him, the ball ended up hitting him in the face.

But he had another later in the game and hilliman and Thad smith both had some questionable drops as well. I would have liked to see Levy thrown to more out of the backfield. He seems to have good hands.

But it's nice to be able to critique the little things after a win. Just need to maintain momentum and attitude through the bye week.

NYCEagle said...

We’ve got 2 weeks to prepare for an overrated NC State team who’s about to battle 2 of the best teams in the country Do your homework gentleman, come in with a game-plan and execute at home, hopefully in front of a sellout crowd. These are potential program changing games. Recruits are watching. Hopefully we stay focused and the young guys get better everyday

Tim said...

Wake is pounding Louisville right now.

John said...

Atlantic Division is interesting this year for sure.

Tim said...

Does anyone know why the Bc students don’t wear Superfan shirts anymore?

Big Jack Krack said...

BC cops target them for underage drinking.

The shirts are an age giveaway.

I think that may be the reason, Tim.

Tim said...

Thanks, Jack. Whatever the reason, it’s a shame. The student section always looked great on TV and it was a neat tradition for the last 20 years.

Big Jack Krack said...

The enforcement effort before, during and after games has really hurt the "Game-day Experience".

Maybe we were never real good at the school color thing, but to snuff out the super fan shirt tradition because of the assumption that those wearing the shirts and who were drinking should be hassled because they were probably underage is too bad.

I'm not in favor of underage drinking to drunkenness, but it's college and drinking will happen.

BC cops have the reputation of being big pains in the a$$

knucklehead said...

Not sure if you were watching the game, with regards to Sweeney. He was covered on the early quote drop. He also caught a short pass with his hands and ran over the Florida State criminal defender who looked like a bitch on the play.

Again not sure anyone was watching the game.

Big Jack Krack said...

I was watching and I wasn't sure if the potential TD pass was tipped slightly. I guess it was, and that explains the drop. I said on an earlier thread that he redeemed himself for sure on the "run over and through" the defender.

Great play, knuckle.

Unknown said...

If I may humbly offer a thought: Three/four weeks ago (and before) talk of Addazio's future dismissal was legitimately warranted. No one should second-guess or regret their justified questioning of why and when that would happen. Today, credit to him, his bold (and at the time seemingly desperate) prediction things would become "beautiful" has become real. To call for dismissal now would be just so much negativism. For my part, I am enjoying the ride too much to engage in that now. Boston may be a pro sports town, but we tend to be terrific fans of winners at every level. all us frontrunners if you must but, we've had a lot of front runners to run with over the years ... and it is beautiful.

Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

Ghost of TOB come back to haunt BC in the second half. You know what I mean. BC is cursed playing conservative O. The O felt so conservative my girlfriend gave birth to the next Jesus and banned abortions in the entire state in only the second half.

Unknown said...

DAZZLE-NOT recruited them credit him with that.

THOSE responsible for the turn around are named LOEFFLER, Reid and BROWN be under no
illusions about that.

IF we want to continue the success we MUST give them DRAMATIC PAY RAISES or you will see
the real DAZZLE-NOT once again emerge.

Keep Loeffler on board for two years and get rid of the BATES-LEAHY give away and make
him head coach.

harada57 said...
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