Thursday, November 09, 2017

BC-NC State preview

I've worried about the time off for two weeks. Now we are back to playing football. But will it be the explosive dynamic football BC played during the win steak or will all that momentum be gone? Addazio pulled out "must wins" when he needed them most. This game is not in that category, but it is a good measurement of this team's maturity and skill. NC State is reeling and BC is rested. A good team wins this game.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Some in the North Carolina media are wondering why BC has dominated this series in football (8 wins, 4 losses) since joining the conference. Much of this is luck and timing, but I do think TOB was a big factor. He lost to a really bad NC State team in 2006 with some terrible decisions. Then from 2007 until 2012, it was very important to Gene to beat TOB, so it became important to Jags and Spaz. (Remember Spaz even ran up the score on TOB in 2009. Addazio's dominance over Doeren (3-1) also has a TOB element. Addazio won the first two games when he took over Spaz's roster and Doeren had TOB's former players.

Three Simple Keys
1. Establish the run early. Notre Dame and Clemson both ran on NC State successfully. We should be able to run also. It will really come down to the OLine.
2. Great DB play. Finley is pretty accurate and will dink and dunk us to death if given the chance. We need good tackling. A pick wouldn't hurt either.
3. No mistakes from Brown. NC State will bring pressure. He can't chuck up the ball or take bad sacks.

Gambling Notes
-- Doeren is 1-0 at Alumni
-- BC leads the all time series 9-5
-- Addazio is 3-1 on Senior Day
The current line is BC+3

I don't know how much context this needs, but TOB's record at BC (74-45) was dramatically better than his record at NC State (40-35).

Scoreboard Watching
Wake Forest and Syracuse is pretty important to those BC fans who want a Pinstripe Bowl invite. The Orange need to win two out of three to get bowl eligible. Wake can do us a huge favor by beating them this week.

I hope to see...
A big turnout. This weather should be ok. The time slot is not a burden. BC gave the fans a great experience last time on the field. Let's follow it up with a nice showing in the stands.

BC is in trouble if...
There is no pressure on Finley. I don't want to blitz him Don Brown style, but the front four does need to make some plays and collapse the pocket. If Finley has time, he will pick apart BC's D.

Even before BC's turnaround, I liked our chances in this matchup. If you include how both teams are entering this game, I like it even more. I think BC establishes the run early and breaks NC State's spirit.
Final Score: BC 28, NC State 16


NYCEagle said...

Like you said, so much of this game hinges on the ability of our oline to win the battle in the trenches against a talented dline in NC State. If Dillon is running through holes untouched to the second and third level, NC State is in for a long day. If tackling a 240 pound back who runs a 4.5 hurts under normal conditions, it’ll hurt even more in 30 degree weather. Most of these NC State players have never played in these conditions. Let’s show them some late fall New England hospitality

Knucklehead said...

Parsing. However, BC has not had luck and whatever else in their wins over NC State. We just beat them rather consistently and convincingly. The only luck I remember I'm this series was when TOB beat us on a bomb late in what if I recall accurately was his first year at NC State. No other luck or flukes etc. Just us beating them.

John said...

Hit em hard in the cold air. 🙂

Unknown said...

I want to see further explanation from Georgia Eagle about how if BC wins this game they will magically go from no votes to 25th in the country.

NYCEagle said...

According to Sagarin rankings we are already 36 in the country. With a win against a ranked opponent added to our resume we should jump up to the low 30s

Geezer eagle said...

Okay. I got carried away with excessive exuberance. Still, if we do beat ncstate, that means four straight ACC wins and one of the hottest teams in the country. Counts for something.

John said...

I agree, GE. I really hope we win tomorrow. I'm at the point where I'm back to my old self rooting for our team.

Go BC - you can do this!!!!


Why not us?

Danny Boy said...

I hope Brown’s shoulder had time to heal. We need him will and able to run and throw accurate balls.

I never thought this would be the pivotal game of the season, but here we are. Keep the excitement going, keep playing like we have been, and keep beating the Wolfpack.

Bravesbill said...

Not entirely sure how NCST is "reeling" given that they've lost two games in a row to top 4 teams in the country.

CT said...

The idea that kids get up for or play differently or coaches coach differently versus old coaches is just fan-speak.

Once the ball is kicked, it’s about execution. Yeah, let’s coach harder against an old coach. Let’s run faster, wrap up better, have that back block that blitz.

That emotional crap goes out the window once the game starts.

eagletix said...

If temps in the 20's with wind chills even lower is the OK weather that will fill the stands, then BC has truly turned the corner with the fandom, but I doubt it.

BCAlum2000 said...

I agree. Its going to be freezing in the stands tomorrow. Bad for fans, but probably good for the team as NC St is far from used to that kind of chill. I also agree that BC has beaten NC St consistently since joining the ACC not because of luck or revenge or anything besides just being a better team. NC St is not a good football program. Why does everyone over-hype them every year?

Knucklehead said...

We were reeling after it happened to us.

Nobody is selling their games out. Ohio State didn't two weeks ago. MSU didn't against Penn State. Not really concerned about that as being a BC problem anymore.

CT, the expert moron.

Knucklehead said...

27-17 eagles- assuming their QB doesn't run well(which he hasn't in the past). I don't see them playing for pride as they are going to a middler bowl no matter what happens in this game.

CT said...

Think OSU was over capacity vs PSU.

Keep it classy, champ.

Knucklehead said...

Watch the beginning of the game with your eyes and not what the internet says. Stadium was not full. 90% full not sold out. You wouldn't know class if it was staring you on the face. Tone.

Bravesbill said...

Sorry KHead. You lose. CT is right. Stadium capacity is 104k. Official attendance was 109k.

Knucklehead said...

You people have trouble with the reading comprehension. Like I said. Watch the game and not the internet. 90% full for Ohio State. Upper corners of the stadium not filled in. I am literally surrounded by fucking retards here.

STL_eagle said...

NC State should be a good match up. Much like BC they have won some good games but have lost against the top ranked opponents. The difference is that BC lost early and NC State lost more recently so BC would seem to have momentum but the reality is that both teams will come to play and only one will win.

The headlines will either read: BC continues hot winning streak or NC State gets back on track with a win.

My sense is that one or two big plays and turnovers will drive the outcome. I hope BC is on the favorable side of those two factors and if so I predict a BC win 31 - 24.

Knucklehead said...

Here internet retards. Look the game up on YouTube. They show a birds eye right before kickoff(not the Penn State people to the right idiots the empty seats to the left) and right before the second half.

It isn't late arrivls or people getting frosties at the half because the rest of the stadium is full.

Unknown said...

Hopefully Loeffler , Reid and Brown have our guys prime for ACC #4. Do it "FOR BOSTON"

We will start to learn whether Christian GOES OR STAYS.

IF he goes time For JARED , DANYA and Howard and Malcolm OR



Bravesbill said...

What part of a sell out do you not understand KHead? Of course there will be no shows anywhere, no matter what sport, what level, or what team. Sell out refers to tickets sold, not people who actually show up. Someone has a comprehension problem but it seems to be you.

Knucklehead said...

No. You missed the point. Not no shows when there are sections/ chunks / pieces of the stadium with people missing. Those are not no shows those are no sales. Look at the stadium and look at the numbers. No matter how you slice it attendance was not 100%. Attendance was not 100%. Attendance was not 100%.

Knucklehead said...

He is an analogy for you. The Indians had "sellouts" for 15 years on 90s . . . That was because the team was buying the extra few thousand seats and saying they were sold out.

Knucklehead said...

Brilliant group here.

Geezer eagle said...

The pertinent question is how many empty seats will Alumni have tomorrow?

Knucklehead said...

That is my point. Answer. Who cares. If Ohio State and MState/PennST don't have full capacity then it is an issue everyone is dealing with and not just Boston College.

Geezer eagle said...

Are you saying college football attendance is slipping, similar to the NFL? If so, what's behind it?

Bravesbill said...

Knuck, no shows have been happening for decades everywhere. The official attendance is based on tickets sold. You have zero proof that OSU bought thousands of tickets up because they didn't need to for that game. This is not a recent phenomena. When people discuss college football attendance issues, it's all based on tickets sold because that's the only official number that comes out. You're conflating two different concepts neither of which really support your conclusion. BC has the worst of both worlds: no one buys tickets and no one actually shows up.

Geezer eagle said...

So if BC wins out, is excitement generated for next year? Do the students, alumni, and, perish the thought, the people of Boston and Mass actually sell-out Alumni Stadium? One can only dream.

knucklehead said...

Empty areas of the stadium are not no shows. Get it.

Don't care about the history of whatever and whatever else is conflated blah blah.

Bottom line Braves for me. If Ohio State and Michigan State aren't filling there stadium then no one is filling their stadium and it doesn't matter to me whether we do or not for me after see the actual physical attendance at those games with my eyes. Not what ESPN is reporting Ohio St says was there attendance number. It wasn't accurate.

knucklehead said...

Disputing visual facts is insanity Braves. Have a great weekend. Jesus.

mod34b said...

BB, talking to Knuckle is just a waste of time. guy is an absolute asshole.

but you are obviously right

from WIKI attendance at 104,000 capacity Ohio Stadium

Largest attendance
Rank Date Attendance Result
1 November 26, 2016 110,045 #2 Ohio State 30 – #3 Michigan 27 (2 OT)
2 October 28, 2017 109,302 #6 Ohio State 39 - #2 Penn State 38
3 September 9, 2017 109,088 #5 Oklahoma 31 – #2 Ohio State 16
4 November 21, 2015 108,975 #9 Michigan State 17 – #3 Ohio State 14
5 November 5, 2016 108,750 #6 Ohio State 62 – #10 Nebraska 3
6 November 29, 2014 108,610 #6 Ohio State 42 – Michigan 28
7 October 17, 2015 108,423 #1 Ohio State 38 – Penn State 10
8 September 16, 2017 108,414 #8 Ohio State 38 – Army 7
9 September 27, 2014 108,362[9] #22 Ohio State 50 – Cincinnati 28
10 November 7, 2015 108,075[10] #3 Ohio State 28 – Minnesota 14

knucklehead said...

The computer said it Mod but it isn't true. Try to make sense of it.

You folks are fucked in the head. Watch a few minutes before each half. Not full capacity/soldout. Not even close.

CT said...

Wow. This is quibbling obviously. But I can't argue facts when someone has...

CT said...

You mean it wasn’t 109,000? Only 104? Because people were tailgating without the BCPD kicking them out? The game was over booked. You. Moron. Have a friend. Ask.

Story of the week. Khead our man exposed. Read this one. You guys will get a kick out of it.

If that link doesn’t work, just google deadspin and catfishing. The best quote: “ If you’re going to make up an entire false identity, why would you make yourself into a shitty person?”



Unknown said...

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Tim said...

Coverage map

knucklehead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
knucklehead said...

CT. What are you trying to say?

The entire section on the top left of the stadium was tailgating. So everyone in the worst seats in the stadium was tailgating but everyone else was in their seats? No. They were tailgating right before the opening kickoff and right before the second half kickoff? No. The game was overbooked? No.

You really are a fucking idiot. Fucking idiot(read it again so it sinks in).

I don't need a deadspin article to speak for me. I can say to you what I want to. You are too much of squid to do the same.

knucklehead said...

The fact you read a deadspin article, thought of me and then took the time to post it is bizarre. You need a therapist or even better practice as you preach and get a friend. Don't ask me to be it either. I don't have time.