Thursday, November 23, 2017

BC-Syracuse preview

Because his terrible Year 3 derailed any concept of a steady, program-building progression, so many Addazio games seem to serve as tests. This season we wondered "could he beat one of the big ACC teams?" or "could he finally get the offense to click?" or "could his home grown QB excel?" This Syracuse game is key step to an even more basic question: "can he ever be more than a 7-6 coach?" We know we are bowling, but the difference between 7-6 and 8-5 is enormous at this point. To get to 8-5, he needs to win this weekend.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
I don't speak to every Syracuse fan, but I do know a few pretty well. What's interesting is how closely they associate Addazio with Pasqualoni. They view him as Paul P 2.0 and are quick to point out the many similarities. Addazio is quick to mention Urban Meyer (he did it this week when talking about his Thanksgiving schedule) but I don't think any BC fan thinks he's the next coming of Meyer. I think it is fair to say he's Coach P with a little more personality.

Three Simple Keys
1. Force turnovers. Like last week, I think giving Syracuse many looks will lead to INTs.
2. No Field Goal attempts. I know it is indoors and presumably easier to convert, but why risk it? Treat everything as four-down territory.
3. Complete at least 15 passes. We were lucky to win with so many drops and bad passes. That can't happen this week. Give Wade some easy throws and keep the ball moving.

Gambling Notes
-- Syracuse leads the all time series 30-19
-- Addazio is 0-2 in the Carrier Dome
-- Addazio is 1-3 vs Syracuse
The current line is BC-3.5

Spaz is the only BC coach with a winning record (1-0) in the Carrier Dome.

Scoreboard Watching
Florida State-Florida is important to BC. If FSU gets to six wins, they will be a more desirable team than BC. A 'Noles loss would help BC's bowl options.

What I hope to see..
Perry get to make a real contribution. His redshirt is burned and we can't go back. Let's give him something to do.

BC is in trouble if...
This becomes a shoot out. Even without Dungey, Syracuse is built to score and score a lot. BC is not. That's why the ground game is so important this week.

After 2004, I will never take a Syracuse backup for granted. Regardless of who starts at QB for the Orange, I think they will move the ball. I think BC will control the tempo with the ground attack and hold off a Syracuse drive in the 4th to win the game.
Final Score: BC 28, Syracuse 21


STL_eagle said...

Some of the most disappointing BC losses I have experienced have been against Syracuse. A win today would be great even if it gives Daz another year which might happen even if they lose so might as well push for 8-5. Would love to see BC open a lead so Perry gets some playing time although I expect a close one.
Final score: BC 31 Syracuse 27

John said...

With all due respect to Perry, what makes some of us think we have a better chance of beating Syracuse with him than with Wade?

Will Perry do better than Matt Ryan in 2004? What happens when the Eagles fall behind with an inexperienced QB? It didn't work out very well in 2004, and BC was a better team.

I think our best chance to win Saturday is with Wade having a smart and strong game. EJ can still get good experience for later (maybe the bowl game) just knowing he's one snap away from getting on the field. He'll be very engaged and focused.

Go BC - beat Syracuse.

STL_eagle said...

I agree that Wade is the best choice to start given his experience and familiarity with the game plan as well as the emergence of an effective run game with Dillon.

I am only thinking that it would be nice for Perry to get some game time experience now that his red shirt was burned over a few handoffs last week should the opportunity present itself.

Lenny Sienko said...

I cannot agree with your likening DAZ to Coach simple reason--record:

Pasqualoni's 14-year record with Syracuse was 107–59–1. His only losing season was in 2002 with a 4–8 record. Most seasons of his tenure saw Syracuse competing in the Top 25 in the country.

Coach P was a successful coach at SU, with an unbelievable work ethic (he slept at the office during the season), and an option attack that featured quick strike capability. I would not mind seeing some of his offense adapted to BC's playbook...of course, Dononvan McNabb might help, too.

John said...

Absolutely if the opportunity presents itself, ST_eagle.

John said...

Favored Mississippi State is finding out what happens when your QB gets hurt and you have to rely on a true freshman to beat your rival.

This is exactly the type of scenario I fear - no malice towards Perry. It ain't easy!

Go BC - beat Syracuse and the Carrier Dome curse. Go Mr. Wade - lead us to victory!

Unknown said...

Have faith Eagle fans, have faith. Watch the Louisville Cuse highlights...Syracuse has no rush and no run stop defense. Addazio is smart enough to figure this out. Dillon and Hilliman will combine for 300 yards rushing and Wade could get 100 yards passing off play action. BC wins this game in the same manner Wisconsin has been winning games. Ball control, TOP, heavy power run game, expands its lead in second half. The game will be boring to watch but BC comes home with a W 24-17 BC on top. A 7-5 regular season record is more than I would have expected this season.

CT said...

Addazio is smart enough to figure this out.

Congratulations. Those words have never been thought or typed before.

Wade could get 100 yds passing? Shoot for the moon!

We’re not playing the ‘85 Bears.

Bravesbill said...

I wouldn't even go out on a limb and say that Daz is smart enough to tie his own shoes every morning.

Geezer eagle said...

Dazoshit is the worse field general in the history of BC football. His lack of imagination, skill and risk taking costs us 1-2 games per year.