Thursday, November 16, 2017

BC-UConn preview

This is a layup game. A gimme. A cupcake. I don't care who starts at QB, BC should win with ease. I feel confident. And I know that is the worst feeling to have. We know how this could end. If Addazio does screw it up, there will be Hell to pay with the fans, his new boss and obviously the blogosphere.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
I don't know if I will ever change my opinion of UConn. In sports, I have always found them insufferable. Even something like Women's Basketball -- where they have clearly been the best -- they come off like bullies and blowhards. The Big East lawsuits will always serve as a sign that they were the most jealous and petty school in the Northeast. I think Gene D. screwed up a lot of things, but keeping UConn out of the ACC (in favor of Pitt) will always be something for which I thank him.

Three Simple Keys
1. Don't let UConn's QB beat us with his feet. The Huskies made a QB change this week and the new guy Pindell can move. BC can't let him have big plays on the ground.
2. No mistakes from BC's QB. I know Addazio said he needs more than a game manager, but he also can't have someone who kills drives. So no INTs and no fumbles.
3. Get 200 yards from Dillon. If Dillon can pile up big yards, that means good things are happening. It will also help BC's D and control the tempo.

Gambling Notes
-- BC has never lost to UConn
-- Addazio is 1-4 at neutral site games while at BC
-- Addazio is 13-15 coming off a loss while at BC
The current line is BC-21.5

This will be BC's 77th game at Fenway Park.

Scoreboard Watching
Louisville could eliminate Syracuse from bowl contention this week and change the dynamic of our game with the Orange.

What I hope to see...
I want to see Levy get more snaps in the backfield. If you are taking Dillon out on passing downs, put in someone who will block well and pick up a late blitzer.

BC is in trouble if...
We allow UConn to score early. They are looking for any sort of momentum. BC can't let that happen. Take their team and the crowd out of it early.

I know BC is a heavy favorite, but I don't see the game being lopsided on the scoreboard. I think the weather and BC's QB uncertainty lead to Addazio going very conservative. I think we pound the ball and end up with a comfortable but not overwhelming lead.
Final Score: BC 31, UConn 17


Knucklehead said...

Who cares about the blogosphere. Cannot wait to fight my through Fenway Park in the fucking rain Saturday.

He needs to use Dillon early gets a 10-14 point leads and then split carries with Hilliman. Dillon doesnt need 200 yards he needs to stay healthy for Syracuse, the bowl and next season. If we score 14 on the first half we win easy.

Unknown said...

Christian has got to do far better recruiting to keep his job .

OTHERWISE time for Jared , Danya and Howard and watch the recruiting take off !!!!!!!!!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Agree with knuck - have to be careful not to run Dillon into the ground. They have to mix it up with Hilliman and a short passing game around the first down marker. Keep it simple.

mod34b said...

From UConn blog Boneyard.

If we can just win this one, the season was a successful one

Lol it must bother BC fans that they cant even get a home game in their own city.

I don’t know why he [Dillon] chose BC when we have put so many players into the NFL.

We could have gone 1-11 this year and as long as this is the 1.

this is great! Selling UConn gear in Boston's territory?! awesome. Not only is UConn in NYC, but we are now creeping into Boston!

Junior Joseph on BC: "They have no respect for us.”

Knucklehead said...

The Boneyard. Sounds right up TGS's alley.

Tim said...

I could care less about UConn. Now that UMass is DI in football, I have no problem using them as our annual New England punching bag. The game at Gillette a couple years ago was neat. And a little in-state rivalry is not a bad thing.

Tim said...

Plus, unlike UConn, UMass has actually beaten BC in the past.

Danny Boy said...

I want Dillon to rack up some impressive yards/TDs and then get plenty of rest. I want Wade (or Perry) to get plenty of reps at confidence boosting plays. Get them moving the ball, get them comfortable, get them ready for the remainder of the season.

This game should never be in question. No matter which reserve we have on the field, we should be able to exert our will on UCONN. If BC doesn't cover the spread, I consider it a loss. Lets go out there and give our guys some confidence and positive thoughts as we wrap up the season.

BCAlum2000 said...

I hate everything about this joke school. I hope BC runs it up and reminds them that they will always be an afterthought, even in New England when it comes to football. Despite playing their home games in the "house that BC built" ... those who are familiar with their BS lawsuit a decade plus ago will understand the reference ...

John said...

Let's hope that the field "plays safe" - especially the new grass covering the infield.

I understand that their QB can run. This will give us an indication maybe of how we will play Dungey.

Go BC - beat UCONN

Knucklehead said...

Richard Blumenthal, the litigious bastard, got himself served by Boston College.

You lost Richard.

Deacon Drake said...

Not worried about the defense... it has locked down better opponents the past few weeks. The offense, however, worries me. Wade, not so much. A week of 100% reps should make him ACC replacement level, but the staff needs to call plays with a little more authority and creativity. I'd hate to think we peaked with UVA/FSU. And as far as running the ball... Dillon doesn't need 30+ reps to win this... spell him early, then use him to shut the door in the third and fourth quarters.

Probably our most effective play against NCST was after a simple 5 yard power run on 1st down, the option was called and Wade it, going over right guard for 7 easy yards. The play-action boot left worked a couple times against NCST, but we weren't capable of "beating them" with it... only taking the 2-10 yards that were there. And if we get into a situation where we need to pick up chunks, the smart play is to leave Dillon in with a TE to at least give the illusion of a run. UCONN will blitz if we get into 3rd and long... exploit that.

dietmrfizz said...

I don't care who you are or what sport or what level of play. When the fans say "We could go 1-11 and as long as we win this one it's a successful season"

That's Michigan-Ohio St level of hatred in a rivalry. We should be playing these guys every year, 2 Home - 1 Away. We should also be playing them 1 home - 1 away in bball.

Feed the flames of hate, it's more exciting than playing Northern Ill even if they're a better team.

Tim said...

The “boneyard” blogger’s comments are not reflective of the overall UConn fanbase. No one cares about this game. It’s not even sold out.

John said...

Imagine if UCONN was ever invited to join the ACC once ND wakes up to the fact that they need to be in a league!

To balance the number of teams and create North and South Divisions. ☺️

Talk about hatred!

dietmrfizz said...


BC-UCONN game was the highest attended game at Alumni last year except for Clemson

Tim said...

Fair enough, but Alumni was still only 80% full for the UConn game. And being the second-best attended game in a home schedule that also included Wagner and Buffalo isn’t exactly a great accomplishment.

I exaggerated when I said that “no one” cares about this matchup. Obviously some people do, but I stand by my overall sentiment that Boneyard’s comments are reflective only of a relatively small subset of internet weirdos who think this is a big game. I think the average UConn fan (to the extent UConn football has fans) isn’t crashing the gate at Fenway tomorrow, and most BC fans are pretty oblivious to UConn football; they are focused on Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida State, etc.

In the meantime, good seats are still available for tomorrow’s game...

John said...

It could be a good game in the future. The definition of "good" would include the genuine distaste of each fan base for one another; less than 100 miles between the schools and stadiums (stadia) so the games are drivable; a UCONN upgrade so they could threaten to win and/or actually do so; they are not Wagner, Howard, Buffalo, or some (tough) MAC Team that no one cares about, etc.

Admittedly, things have to change - like UCONN gaining entrance into the ACC somehow.

If we were going to have a nearby FBS "Rivalry" game, I would prefer in-state UMASS, but I don't think they'll ever get their act together in terms of home field and their Alumni apathy.

So UCONN has the inside track regionally - whether we like it or not.

If they can elevate, we'll sell both stadiums out annually.

Just hope that someday CT fans can act better than Maryland fans (they throw batteries at you from the upper deck) or West Virginia (no one wants them) fans ( they throw beer cans at you and they're half full).

Go BC - beat UCONN.

Screw them!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We can't lose - I don't think my ticker could handle the meltdown of epic proportions that would occur on these Boards. I'd have to find a safe place where I could roll up in a fetal position for three weeks.

knucklehead said...

UCONN to ACC is not happening.

Vanderbilt will move out of SEC or Northwestern will move out of Big 10 before UCONN is admitted. The school sucks aesthetically, the sports suck(Calhoun and his players are gone don't care about womens basketball TGS), academics decent for students/ marginal at best for athletes and they are morally corrupt. League already has that with Louisville.

Dead and Co are coming on stage. Biiiitches.

CT said...

Ah, the Dead. That explains it.

Knucklehead said...

Stupid bitch comment.

TGS said...

So a few weeks ago the idiot known as Dick(K)head says he agrees with the Daz running Dillon up 20 points with two minutes left in game (he got hurt, luckily not too seriously).
Now the same turd wants to rest him against UConn and save him for Syracuse.
More nonsensical bullshit from the dumbest poster in history. Khead, get a girlfriend and give your hand a rest.

mod34b said...

So right TGS. And of course everyone but him is a moron bitch etc.

Feels like he was a victim of bullying at some point in the past and now tries to be the bully himself but is a joke at that too.

Knucklehead said...

TGS. Again trying to be tough and relevant. No sports knowledge just a failed critique. No wonder Mod34b agrees with you. You both have reading comprehension problems and the inability to understand that different situations require different approaches. I didn't say rest him. I said use him to get a two score lead and then split the carries. Two completely different situations. Keep trying though. Someday. Interesting when you get trashed back how you go to sexuality and relationships. You obviously have a problem with your relationships if you have any at all. Your "son" goes to Providence College. Pathetic either way.

No Mod, not bullying called reciprocation. The joke is you running away, then coming back with the blogger photo declaring yourself. Always playing the innocent victim.