Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Moving up computer and human polls and other links

I didn't mention this earlier in the week, but BC keeps climbing the ACC's Power Rankings. That's pretty subjective. But what is a little more interesting is that BC climbed to 40th on the ESPN Football Power Index, which is an ESPN designed objective formula. If we beat NC State, I think we might start receiving votes in the AP Poll. 

The North Carolina media keeps mentioning that BC's backcourt came from the state and was ignored by the local hoops powers. 

BC hosted many local recruits during the Florida State game. Here is what one 2019 WR had to say.

If you haven't already noticed, the ACC is putting up condensed versions of the conference games. It is actually a pretty useful tool if you want to revisit more than just the highlights.

The ACC named Field Hockey players Ymke Rose Gote and Frederique Haverhals the 2017 All Conference Second Team.


Geezer eagle said...

If,IF, BC beats NC State, we should be around 25th. Four straight ACC wins deserves consideration.

Unknown said...

Dramatic Pay raises should be given to LOEFFLER , REID and Brown for the next two years
so that when the great BATES-LEAHEY give away expires Loeffler can be elevated to HEAD COACH
with REID and BROWN as top assistants.

Believing if given 100 years DAZZLE-NOT could come up with this offense is to believe
in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny etc.

Look what occurred when Michigan grabbed our defensive coordinator.

knucklehead said...

Have to win and then beat UCONN. Excuses will be made for NC State losing. Especially if the RB is out - who doesn't fucking matter at all-day but never the less we will need the additional W against CT.

Tim said...

Most of the ranked teams are undefeated or have only one loss. A few ranked teams have two losses. We have four losses, including an absolute beat down by lowly Wake Forest. We are not top 25 material.

If we win out, we may squeak into the polls.

JBQ said...

Actually, "Tim" has it right. No reason for "delusions of grandeur". Let's go one game at a time. NC St is next up with two weeks to get ready. Let's concentrate on the Wolfpack. It is not time to start comparing ourselves to Ohio St.----Daz has obviously stopped calling the plays. Kelly of the French School did the same. Let's see where this all plays out. Except for that 3 year extension, Daz would be gone under any circumstance. Sadly, how can you throw away 7.5 million dollars? BB has to be laughing about that one on some golf course somewhere.

knucklehead said...

Johnny Carson could be doing stand up comedy and Brad Bates wouldn't laugh. Brad was an idiot. Like TGS.

Big Jack Krack said...

In this day and age, it's very important to compensate top performing assistants properly.

Anne Marie is correct about that, and hope we get it right.

Reid left way back when (90's [maybe under TC]) when BC wouldn't give him a raise, or maybe more precisely, give his daughter tuition remission. Something like that.

Unknown said...

Wow, Georgia Eagle is really fucking dumb.

Big Jack Krack said...

Tim - concerning lowly Wake Forest - you may be right that they are simply another middle-diddle team. But they will capitalize on your mistakes. I think our game needs to be put into context, but first.......

They played at Clemson without Wofford and lost 28 to 14. Down 21 to 0, they didn't quit and played tough in the 4th quarter - unlike Boston College. They kept playing hard, they kept competing, and that's a good habit. They also missed two FGs earlier against the Tigers, and it could have been closer.

We'll see how they do against ND this weekend in South Bend. ND may put up 40+ on them, but they're currently rated #3 (Hard to believe).

When WF came to Chestnut Hill for the 2nd game of the season, we had just lost Baker and Petrula played in his first ever college game in a new position as a true freshman. With Brown still brand new at QB, I think Loeffler kept the Offensive Plan pretty basic - probably per Addazio.

We played badly as WF forced 4 turnovers for 21 points, and that's about it.

Boston College turnover at its own 25-yard line = WF TD.
Interception - a pass slipped through a BC receiver's hands, and it was returned 30 yards for the score with 1:36 remaining in the half. WF TD
Interception - Brown was picked off and it was returned to the BC two-yard line. Cade Carney punched it in from there to make it 31-10 with 4:23 to play in the third. WF TD

I think if we played them now, it would be a whole different story.

I do believe that the Eagles are improving each week as we go, and NC State is huge for us. It's a good sign when a team improves along the way.

Go BC.

Geezer eagle said...

Tony A didn't even go to BC. You aren't qualified to comment, so butt out, troll.

Eagle Esquire said...

Tony Retardo needs to get a life. How’s the University No Class Tar Heels been doing pal?

John said...

NC State looking good against Clemson.