Saturday, November 11, 2017

Not so beautiful

During the win streak nearly everything went right. Saturday, a lot went wrong as BC lost a very winnable game against NC State. The spin will be losing Anthony Brown to some sort of knee injury was the major reason for the loss. I disagree. Wade was frustrating coming off the bench, but Addazio did not put him in the best position to succeed. I also don't think Addazio did a great job in the final few minutes.

Dillon had another huge game, but the offense couldn't get enough going to capitalize. Overall the D played well, but there was still some bad tackling and way too many 3rd down conversions.

Now UConn becomes a must win and Addazio must figure out what to do if he is stuck with Wade.

I will have grades and thoughts up late Sunday.

Below is the abbreviated post-game Periscope.


eagle1331 said...

It is as if winning 3 games made all the Daz apologists come out of the wood work rejuvenated and stronger than ever.

I said he was lucky more than good during that streak and the flaws in his coaching were still evident, just disguised.

Today the luck ran out and his true coaching self shown through.

He could not get out of his way and his terrible game management was only overshadowed once again by his terrible roster management.

Don't point to the freshmen gamers as his success. It is year 5. He could have had these kids in years 1-4.

Instead, a freshman qb gets hurt and we are ONCE AGAIN in the Daz era with no backup plan.

How many years will people fall for the depth and injury excuse in a row?

Geezer eagle said...

What are the alternatives to Wade? The kid is awful.

eagleboston said...

I am concerned with the way the NC State game was coached.

1)On 4th and 1 in the first half, Addazio elected to forego the field goal and go for it. Then, instead of pounding it with your power running back, you elect to have a trick play with Hilliman tossing a pass?? That is a low percentage play. Mind-boggling! Those 3 points proved to be the difference.

2)Then, they completely fell apart at the end of the first half, with the botched punt attempt followed by the NC State field goal.

3)In the third quarter, punter Mike Knoll was run into, but rather than re-kick, Addazio declined the penalty. I think they could have pinned State deeper with another punt. They did not score off that drive, but who knows what would have happened if they were in worse field position.

4) Addazio burned a timeout in the 3rd quarter. How many times have I harped on the mistake of using a critical timeout in a close game? You always want 3 timeouts going down to the end. That proved to be an issue yet again in this contest.

5) On another punt, BC was called for an illegal formation. That is inexcusable! This late in the season, your players must know how to lineup. Instead of being pinned inside the 5, they gained 10 yards on the subsequent punt. Just a few plays later, NC State scored the winning touchdown.

It’s the little things that matter and it is vital that the coaches execute on those little things. In this game, Addazio and his staff failed. Granted, the players did not execute in several areas, but when a game is this close, you cannot add to it with poor coaching decisions.

JBQ said...

@eagleboston: very insightful. @Georgia Eagle: Brown will be missed. Agreed on Wade. Sad but true. @eagle1331: Also sad but true.

STL_eagle said...

I think most people on this blog were happy watching the team succeed but no one was saying that Daz was the difference maker.

I have been consistent in saying that 5-7 and Daz is gone and 7-5 and Daz will get another chance. Assuming a win at UConn the game at Syracuse will be huge. A loss would put the team at 6-6 and in my mind shows no progress over last year. Time for a change.

That said we can prognosticate all we want but the only opinion that matters will be Jarmond’s opinion. The Board and Leahy will support whatever their new AD decides since they have put their faith in him.

John said...

Alabama knows how to use the clock.

Most likely the National Champs.

Mario Rigatoni said...

@JBQ very insightful

bceagle93 said...

I was encouraged by how the boys were prepared to play over the last 4 games, but going to Alumni today really brought things back into focus: Daz is simply not the leader that the program needs. He cannot manage a game on the fly when a game plan needs adjusting or he is faced with adversity. Despite the recent resurgence, the stadium was empty — I mean end of Bicknell era, end of Hemning era, BC vs Wagner empty. No Superfans. No buzz. This game was a close game with an ACC foe, and people did not care. Sure it was cold, but I have been at Alumni in similar conditions with far less talented teams and seen more people there. It was not something beautiful. It was ugly.

I don’t know how you can keep a coach who cannot capture the hearts, minds, and spirit of players and fans. Clown show got to go.

Tim said...

Addazio is now 1-13 against ranked teams and 13-26 in ACC games.

mod34b said...

Tough loss. Hard to win without starting QB.

But before Brown went out, the team seemed to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

i am not a Daz fan, but Daz has created a good team vibe. He has recruited talent too. Lot of potential for next year.

NcSU’s Chubb. Was a beast. Very disruptive for BC OL. OL got weaker as game wentt on

Thought D played well.

GP11 said...

I laughed when Huard said late in the telecast something to the effect of, well I know Steve Adazzio won't use the QB injury as an excuse for the loss, but it really had a big effect... Uh, the guy will use ANYTHING as an excuse.

A real catch-22 for fans because Brown likely was the difference between a win and a loss. He finally DOES have a valid excuse. That said, most coaches would get the benefit of the doubt, but another day in the life for Daz. One thing goes wrong and no backup plan. Go very conservative, hope to keep it close, and use the postgame to talk yourself up and make it into a moral victory.

Jarmond will have a tough decision this offseason. One positive is that he should be acting from a position of strength as opposed to the firings of Jags & Spaz. The administration went into those coaching searches without much of a coherent plan (at least it seemed so from the outside). This time, he can test the waters and perhaps float the opportunity to a few choice candidates. If one of those preferred names bites, great, make the change. If not, bring Daz back for another year and see if he can really show progress.

Unknown said...

LONG PAST TIME to say good riddance to DAZZLE-NOT. Eject him from "THE HEIGHTS"

MOVE LOEFFLER UP along with REID and BROWN( Despite blocked kick) OR

OFFER the job to Peter Carmichael, a BC guy, offensive coordinator NEW ORLEANS SAINTS.

One of the fast backs is a converted qb how about trying to get him ready for the CUSE

to have a chance we will have to score more than 21.

eagle1331 said...

Brown going down is not an excuse. Daz is in his 5th year. How there is not a capable if not serviceable backup qb at this juncture that still allows you to execute your gameplan is inexcusable.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Wrong. Few in college football has a backup QB. Georgia is one. It isn't the NFL.

Most schools outside the top 30 don't even have a QB.

Look at Florida State. Season fell apart when the starter went down. Look at LSU, Florida, Texas . . . . none of them have had a good starting QB in 5 years or more. Let alone a backup.

By the way we do have a backup who is decent. Jeff Smith. Problem is Dazzler loves Wade.

ObserverCollege said...

Look, at BC about 6 wins is the best you’re going to do—7 in a 13 game season.

NC State is NOT COACH ADDAZIO’S FAULT. The PLAYERS lost this game!!!!!!

Coach Addazio guided a RB who can’t catch to 196 yards rushing. He guided a backup QB to 82 yards passing against one of the most nasty defenses in the nation (ask Notre Dame how they liked their first half against NC State).

Coach Addazio has to rebuild his whole offensive line after an injury. I don’t know how he was supposed to find time to coach up the special teams.

And how was he supposed to come up with offensive wrinkles to beat NC State when he had to spend all his time knocking the rust off from the bye week.

Jarmond needs to extend Coach Addazio NOW. Otherwise Coach has to burn the EJ Perry redshirt. Coach should go to the naysayers and say: “Nice redshirts you got here. Hate to see something happen to them”.

STL_eagle said...

Jarmond almost certainly came into the job knowing that Daz was a liability and after the first six games I would bet that he was ready to drop Daz. The last four games were better so it makes for a more difficult situation but I am sure that Jarmond is comparing what he has in Daz to who he can get to replace Daz.

I think the biggest issue is that the players actually seem to like Daz despite his coaching shortfalls so if Jarmond is on the fence he might be inclined to let it go another year.

I still believe that Syracuse should be the test. Even without Brown, BC should be capable of winning especially with two weeks to prepare with an easy warm up against UConn.

Lose to Syracuse = No Progress = New Coach

Big Jack Krack said...

OC - you're good and crack me up.

BC has really improved, but we must play just about mistake free in order to succeed.

While attending the Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech game, I watched some of the first half of the BC game on my phone. I saw AJ's TD run, NC State come back to tie the game and then I watched in horror as the last minute of the half unfolded.

Although different, it rivaled the WF 3 to 0 debacle as far as I was concerned. By reading the blog comments, I knew of Brown's injury and how we left a potential 3 points off the board by calling a weird play on 4th and 1.

Now Addazio somehow managed us into a bad situation resulting in an NC State FG.

There's a 6 point difference. So maybe their FG kicker should have hit two that he missed.

Now we're even.

With one good snap, we win the game with our QB down.

Still, watching the end of the first half, I had no confidence that Addazio would help the players win this game. It seemed as though he imposed his will on Loeffler and also mismanaged the clock, as usual. One thought was "You can't make this stuff up."

I chose to simply watch the scoreboard (always hoping BC would pull it off - I had all the fans around me rooting for BC as well) and enjoy watching GT complete a 60 yard TD pass and an even more timely 80 yard TD pass to win the game. They also missed (via slight overthrow) a pass that would have gone for a TD on the first play of the game.

Somehow a team not known for passing can spring receivers free against Bud Foster - wish we could.

I'm worried about the Syracuse game, because winning in the Carrier Dome has always been tough on BC. The Orange team has always been tough on BC.

I feel bad for our players, but many people thought NC State might have been an ACC Champion and CFP team. We came close to winning, and I'm proud of our players.

Did we lose because of Addazio's decisions? You tell me.

I'm hoping for 2 more wins for 7 and 5.

Toughen up, BC - you players deserve to finish the season with a victory over UCONN at Fenway and a big, important win over Syracuse in the Carrier Dome.

Eagle Esquire said...

This loss reminded me of the 2015 edition of BC football. The year that highlighted the damage Daz could do to a team. Defense was doing more than their share but you got a feeling they needed a big turnover to have any chance to score again. Even Huard said it in the third quarter. They get it. Then when they give up the big play in the fourth you knew it was over. I’m sick of watching games we’re down 4 and it feels like 24. This was a true WTF game. Botched field goal attempt, half back pass on fourth and one instead of giving it to Dillon. Botched field goal attempt. Blocked punt. Illegal formation penalty that takes the punt to the 2 away. Then they score.

This game was lost so many ways, but a competent special teams performance could have won the game. HOW MANY TIMES UNDER DAZ HAVE WE HEARD THAT! Just off the top of my head: Clemson 2014 (if we made a very makeable field goal we could have kicked the game winner), Duke 2015, maybe Wake 2015 (and if there wasn’t a special teams mishap that was a disgrace for several other reasons) Pinstripe bowl and Georgia Tech 2016
Not to mention the FSU game where he blew a huge first have lead in 2013. All this stands for the proposition that 7 maybe 8 wins is all you will get from this guy. HE CAN’T PUT TOGETHER A TEAM THAT IS SOUND IN ALL PHASES AND HE NEVER WILL!

Big Jack Krack said...

EE - it's frustrating for sure. When we line up for a winning or game tying FG, how many of us fans feel confident?

I couldn't find the names of the seniors who were honored on Senior Day.

I wish the team could have prevailed for them. I assume that the players were:

Darius Wade, Harold Landry, Kamrin Moore, Ty Schwab, Thadd Smith, Isaac Yiadom, Charlie Callinan, Noa Merritt, Mike Knoll.

I assume that Conner Strachan and Jon Baker will return next year, but I don't really know. Were they honored?

What about Gabriel McClary?

Does Max Schulze-Geisthovel have any eligibility remaining?

Thanks also to Jack Galvin, Jack Kenny and Marcel Lazard. If I am inaccurate, I apologize.

The goal going forward is to have many more seniors and red-shirt seniors (grad students) on the team. BC is much better with 25 to 30 guys who are 22 and 23 years old on the team than the small number above.

Go BC - finish strong, just like "Boston Strong".

Geezer eagle said...

EE, I feel your pain. All this time and Dazoshit can't recruit a competent fg kicker. Disgraceful.

eaglefn said...

I hope they keep Daz. I think the future is looking bright. Tough loss with AB's injury. But provided he comes back healthy we're in a position to look real good next year. To all those seeking to fire Daz, you're not going to get anyone better! And there's a real chance the next guy is worse. I'm not looking for another re-build. Have faith, next year we'll have the same core but better depth.

John said...

Watching the game now. One observation right away. That piped in music I'm hearing on TV really stinks.

If that's played at the Stadium ( especially on 3rd down) it's bush league.

Come on, BC - come on, Mr. Jarmond. We are better than that.

Tim said...

It is played in the stadium, and it is awful.

John said...

So we get the interception with 1 minute to go - 60 seconds first and 10. It was brutal clock mismanagement after that, as we know.


How can we at least not run out the clock?

Why was Knoll so close to the line of scrimmage! Mind boggling.

John said...

Wow - we could have won this game.

First down at NC State 20 and the play calls were not good.

Bad snap was unfortunate. That could have been a game winning drive.

Ok - ball back with 3:09.

No AJ Dillon. Bad play calling. Empty backfield. Commentators can't believe it and neither can I, now that I have seen it.

I think an argument can be made that it was bad coaching/bad play calling.

It's also clock mismanagement.

Too bad. It was a winnable game and we played a very good team tough.

Go BC - beat UCONN.

Unknown said...

ERIK JOHNSON women's basketball coach should join DAZZLE-NOT in departing . Hard to believe
the LOSERS courtesy of DIFLOPPO and Bates that have followed mega-winner Cathy Inglese
to the "HEIGHTS" Often in the NCAA and did beat Gino.
Cathy Ingelese was another of Chet's brilliant hires. (Big mistake Dan Henning)

John said...

When the going got tough, Georgia caved in; The Fighting French caved in; Michigan State caved in. Others (Ohio State, USC etc) caved in earlier.

Those fans are probably still yelling and screaming their displeasure.

If Addazio is retained (maybe a good chance) he must produce next year. We have talent now and there will be more depth and experience.

Especially if our injured players are able to come back in good shape - Anthony Brown in particular.

We can discuss this later, but if Perry and McDonald make progress, we'll have good depth with two very good freshmen coming in as well. We'll have "Passing QB" depth and an experienced team.

No excuses next year.

From what I have now seen, we could have won 4 in a row, probably 5 and a good chance for 6 in a row and a bowl game. That would have been something.

If we can win the last 2, we'll still have the momentum for the bowl and next year.


Knucklehead said...

Did the kicker snap the ball to himself

Bravesbill said...

Playing for a fg when you know your special teams is a joke is amazingly stupid. Snap aside, how many people actually think Lichtenberg would have made the kick? Not many.

Bravesbill said...

The play calling on BC's last drive was incompetent to put it nicely. The offense game plan the entire second half was cowardly. Way too many things wrong coaching wise to give Daz a pass.

BC 86 said...

Cowardly is a good summation

BC 86 said...


John said...

Our players want to win and they genuinely like and support each other.

They seem to like their coaches too.

Ok team, demand an offensive game plan that is better than yesterday's. Demand better attention to detail and clock management of the coaches and each other. Demand better TO management - we waste too many too often. It seems like every game that's close, we waste time outs.

Drop back 15 to punt instead of 12.

Little things make a big difference and what makes a big difference is coaching kids who want to win, have the eagerness to win and the ability to win to do just that.

Play to win rather than playing to keep it close with a chance to win.

Go BC.

Tim said...

Butch Jones got fired from Tennessee after going 5-15 against ranked teams in his five seasons coaching there.

That means he was five times more successful against ranked teams than Addazio (1-13).

mod34b said...

Butch was costing them real money

Report: Tennessee football ranks as No. 2 richest program in country

By Matt Jennings SEC Country staff
May 9, 2017
Tennessee football has the second-richest program in the country, according to the most recent numbers available.

The Vols brought in the second-highest revenue in college football in the last full fiscal year, according to Penn Live’s David Jones. According to documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Education, Tennessee earned $107.1 million from July 2015 through June 2016.

The only program with more revenue than Tennessee in that span was Texas at $127.5 million. The Vols ranked ahead of No. 3 Alabama ($103.9 million), No. 4 Notre Dame ($98.5 million) and No. 5 Michigan ($97.1 million).

Knucklehead said...

Braves. You were calling for the jump pass again I bet

Bravesbill said...

Go back and look again KHead