Tuesday, December 26, 2017

No Landry in Pinstripe Bowl

According to Addazio and BC, Harold Landry will not play in the Pinstripe Bowl. He is still expected to play in the Senior Bowl. While I am sad that we won't see Landry play one last time, I think this is probably best for him.

BC has played nearly 75% of the season without Landry and when he did play, he didn't seem healthy. We can and should win this game without him. We generated enough pass rush after his injury and shut down Offenses even when he wasn't the focus of the opponent's attack. I don't see this game coming down to one defensive play. If BC can't win without Landry, I don't think they were going to win with him.

If Landry is not 100%, there is no reason to risk further injury to play in an inconsequential bowl game. He took a risk by returning to BC for his senior season. It has not paid off because of his ankle. Yet he is still listed by many as a 1st Round Draft pick. The upside of playing -- moving up higher on Draft boards -- does not outweigh the downside -- further injury, falling Draft stock.

Some might doubt the sincerity of Landry's injury given he is still expected to participate in the Senior Bowl. If he and his family think it is best for him to skip the Pinstripe and are using the lingering injury as their excuse, I don't blame them. He is about to get paid from the NFL. He will get nothing for playing in the Pinstripe. Plenty of players skip bowl games. Until the current model is corrected, they all have every reason to do so. Good luck to Harold.


bceagle91 said...

With very cold weather in the forecast, I imagine the field could resemble the (John Facenda voice here) Frozen Tundra of Yankee Stadium. Footing may be an issue. With a balky ankle, sitting out makes sense.

Good luck to Harold and good luck to the Eagles tomorrow!

dietmrfizz said...

83% of people in the ESPN Bowl Mania picked Iowa to win..

No respect I tell ya

Geezer eagle said...

Kick their corn-fed asses!

John said...

Good luck, Harold. Get your degree and thank you for all you did for BC.

Fans attending the game - "it ain't a fashion show" so dress appropriately so you can stay around and support the team. These guys deserve it.

Certainly long underwear, or two pairs. Cordoroy pants heavy socks and good winter shoes/boots. On top, long john silky tops as a base and several layers, plus a turtleneck sweater and heavy coat. Stocking cap, muffler and ear muffs over the stocking cap even - and good gloves.

Well duh, that's obvious, Jack. Well yes it is, but many won't heed the advice.

Let's go, BC fans - be smart, dress right and stay the distance.

Dear players - be smart and wear long sleeves under your uniforms. Don't be "heroes" and try to look like the cold doesn't bother you.

Best of luck and beat Iowa!

knucklehead said...

TGS is heading to the game in his work clothes . . . A Mall issued Santa costume. No shame in it TGS.

"Son" goes to Providence College...

knucklehead said...

If Dillon survives the 40 carries he is getting today and Wade throws less than 2 ints then we win.

downtown_resident said...

All six prognosticators on cbssports.com picked BC to win. Personally I get nervous whenever BC is viewed as the favorite.

Big Jack Krack said...

Go BC - beat Iowa.

I'll be out and about in Hawaii during the game, so won't be blogging.

I'm going to watch the game after it's over and will not check updates at all from 12:15pm Kauai time (5:15pm NYC) until I watch the game tonight.

That will be tough, though. But - it's 75 degrees and sunny at the moment.

Let's survive this game and NYC weather - and beat a tough team from the B$G.

Geezer eagle said...

Hawaii? I hate you!