Saturday, December 16, 2017

RIP Len Ceglarski

Former BC Hockey coach Len Ceglarski passed away Saturday. He was 91.

Ceglarski coached BC for 20 seasons starting in 1972. He won over 400 games at the Heights.

Although he got BC far into the NCAA Tournament numerous times, he never won a National Championship as a coach. He was part of a National Championship team as a student at BC.


perkindc said...

It's too bad Ceglarski never won as a BC head coach. He ran an excellent program at a time when the NCAA was just beginning to develop elite world class players. Ceglarski coached quite a few of them: Brian Leach, Craig Janney, Kevin Stevens, Marty McInnis, Steve Heinze. That puck could easily have bounced our way 2-3 times over his tenure and we'd be looking at 2-3 more Ships. RIP Len Ceglarski. Go Eagles!!

I was in Albany (or was it Buffalo) when BC won in 2001. I think Kolanos buried the game winner. I'll never forget... my dad looked at me and told me he could die in peace.

BCballer said...

Great stuff perk, it was Albany. I was there too. Great night.

bc65 said...

K beat the defense wide and buried it...the trip back on the Pike that night was a victory parade

dixieagle said...

Len was the coach my last 2 years at BC. Excellent coach. RIP.