Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Why national awards matter

It is national awards time in college football and BC has been in the mix for a few. Some were expected and others a pleasant surprise.

-- AJ Dillon made the 247 Freshmen All-America Team.
-- Defensive Backs Coach Anthony Campanile was named 247 National DB Coach of the Year.
-- Lukas Denis made the Walter Camp All America Team.
-- Dillon was also named the ACC Rookie of the Year.
-- Dillon and Petrula made ESPN's All Freshmen Team.
-- Nine players made All-ACC teams.

For a 7-5 team, this was quite a haul. The biggest surprises were Campanile's award and Denis getting a nod from the Camp selectors (which tend to pick "names"). While I would rather have wins than awards, the awards can impact future wins. BC can now sell how great the staff is. BC can now tell recruits, "we turn unheralded players into Camp All Americans and turn elite recruits -- like Dillon -- into stars." 

Addazio spends a lot of time talking about recruiting momentum and buzz. Clearly perception is starting to change. Now he needs to win the bowl game to keep the momentum and positivity going.


mod34b said...

very impressive haul by Daz - yes that guy

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hopefully the assistant coaches stay, unfortunately BC has had trouble keeping assist coaches and coordinators.

JBQ said...

@Chris: Ou-rah!

Edward Griffith said...

The coordinators Loeffler, Reid , Brown asst coaches have to be payed good -very good salaries
especially Loeffler and Reid very good all others we want to keep good.
It seems Dazzle-Not has some recruiting skills but he has proven his other abilities are
very questionable.
DO WE WANT TO WIN then pay the coordinators and assistant coaches.

Knucklehead said...

Campinale and Zukauskas have save Dazzler job. They need to find a way to keep Campinale no matter what it takes.

EL MIZ said...

"They need to find a way to keep Campinale no matter what it takes" - besides just a raise (which he deserves), I wonder if Campanile should get some sort of upgraded title like Co-Defensive Coordinator or something. he is currently the defensive backs coach and Reid is the DC, but Reid is 67 and I wouldn't mind grooming Camp to replace him in another year or two. the DBs were our best unit this year.

JBQ said...

Hooray for number 21 Lukas Denis. His 7 interceptions and tied for the national lead is indeed impressive.

ObserverCollege said...

The problem with the honors for these people is that there is no "I" in team. Everybody knows that Coach Addazio was responsible for these things, not the individuals mentioned above. His vision. His scheme. His tactics. His coaching.

The Lukas Denis and Campinale honors are particularly suspicious, as it means they have been engaging in unauthorized campaigning and have not given proper credit and adulation to Coach Addazio.

There are some who think that assistant salaries are something of a "market opportunity", in that paying above-dollar there has a better return on investment than simply adding to the Head Coach's salary and benefits. This of course is incorrect. Coach Addazio is the face of the program. Recruits want to know that the Head Coach is extremely well-paid and has a 15-year rollover contract. That's just how it is. It's time for Boston College to reward Coach Addazio for his tremendous performance on the sidelines, particularly in halftime adjustments and clock management, and give Coach that 15-year rollover.

John said...

OC - "you the man!"

Knucklehead said...

Confused statement from Observer. I completely understand the shtick.

The school is employing high level assistant coaches. Pasqualoni, Loeffler,Reid,Ricky Brown... They all have back grounds at programs on par with BC and mostly better.

It is obvious that the school has made a conscious decision to provide Dazzler with every resource he requires.

This is not 1984 or even 2010 when the only reputable coach on the sideline was the head coach.

Are you arguing that there has not been enough investment in assistant coaching or merely they are paying Dazzler too much?

When did anyone say he was being renewed?

Knucklehead said...

Reputable is debateable too.

Big Jack Krack said...

OC uses ironic or satirical remarks that seem to be praising someone or something but is really the opposite - even taunting or cutting.

While sarcasm can be used to hurt or offend, hopefully my reading of these posts is that OC uses these for comic affect.

I think that we all want more investment in assistant coaching so that we can retain these coaches.

If we beat Iowa, I think it's reasonable for Addazio to get a bump in pay as well (as distinguished from another extension).

Next year's results will dictate the extension issue.

Go BC - beat Iowa.

Knucklehead said...

I understand the shtick. Well done usually. Not sure what is being insinuated. Pretty much the highest paid and known staff the school has had in 30 years.

I'd like to see them use Perry at QB in this game so we can what we have at QB before next season starts. Dazzler won't have it though.

mod34b said...

jack. a bump in pay for Dazoshit? NO. he gets paid too much as it is.

you give more pay to retain your 'hot' coach. If Daz sniffs for raises and does not get one, does anyone care if he walks? I doubt anyone cares. Frankly, i'd cheer. Right now Daz is a ~.500 coach who should thank his lucky stars he was not fired mid-season

Pay/Term increases are for successful coaches.

knuckle.... after all these years you are still fooled by Observer College. oh my.. hysterical.

Knucklehead said...

No. Jesus Christ. How many times do I have to say it? His chatter is flawed.

Smartass is getting called on it.

Literally, I am invoking the lord. I said the same thing over and over and it still doesn't reasonate.

If I write it in espanol or Latin will (you) comprendes?