Wednesday, January 24, 2018

BC looks bad against Syracuse

Before the game, BC fans were talking about this being an important road win for the resume. After the loss, BC fans (or maybe just me) were wondering if we've really progressed at all. The D was terrible. The roster looked real limited when injuries and foul trouble hit. Heck even blast from the past Ervins Meznieks got some minutes. Once he missed a wide open layup, you quickly remembered why he has been buried on the bench.

We can't play 40 minutes of basketball. It is often that simple. As dynamic as some of our players are and as clever as Christian might be drawing up a play or two, we have way too many defensive issues. We have a point guard who turns the ball over a ton. It's frustrating.

Now it is about regrouping. The team is off for a week. They can rest and get better. Because if this ACC schedule falls apart, then you have to question if the early success was just a fluke.


Edward Griffith said...

Losing Steffon Miller early certainly hurt. Popovich and big men need to work with Danya
Jim must make the move. Bigs must contribute 16-18 points a game. Grab rebounds.
BC notorious at carrier dome.
RE-GROUP for wins Ga Tech and Va. Tech at Conte and mark Feb 28 for revenge against
one sadistic nasty man Boheim who has taken great pleasure not just in beating BC but
smashing us. TIME FOR PAY BACK. Next two wins back to 5-5 in conference.
JIM must get another 2-3 star Big.
Hopefully Jarmond is in pursuit of Ivey or Ralph to resolve the woeful women's bb situation.

knucklehead said...

Team is a tease.

Joe said...

Cuse has injuries too and played 3 players all 40 minutes, one played 38 and one played 35. No excuses on depth or fatigue there

Deacon Drake said...

Syracuse length was a problem... no Mitchell hurt too. Pop dragging over to the inbound before the half cost us Bowman's 75-footer (which was fucking awesome).

There were times that the dribble penetration resulted in an open baseline cut, but the Cuse zone had every other outlet covered. Usually the offensive glass is open, but our guys always spread for the kick out.

No comment on the defense... Syracuse eFG% was 67... that's insane. They are one of the few teams that is flat out bigger than BC across the board. Not surprising, because the Dome has hell effects. 2 winnable games (though neither easy) on deck... one at a time. Improvement is there, but Cuse just has better resources on the floor.

knucklehead said...

Need to get the ball into the freethrow line and have someone there who can hit an 18 footer whole their back line is under the basket. That or be able to drive and dunk over their backline. Wee have neither.

The fatigue line is bullshit. They are 20 years old and play two games a week for 40 minutes with 20 timeouts.

There are not enough home games left for them to get to 20 wins on the regular season.

BigEast94 said...

Fire everyone.... maybe ww can hire Billy Donovan or John Calipari. Theyll be able to recruit the kind of talent ww need and call the right plays

Lenny Sienko said...

BC looked like they had never seen SU's 2-3 zone. The commentators stressed that they had been to BC's shoot around and Coach Christian had repeatedly emphasized getting the ball in to the "ACC" logo at the SU foul line. The problem with that strategy was that once in to our guy on the "ACC", there was little to be done with the ball in the face of a 7'4" shot blocker.

Check the stat sheet; but I did not see many made baskets off a penetration by BC guards. Going in amongst the BIGS got them rejected numerous times. The refs were also reluctant to call fouls on SU BIGS once they had successfully blocked the first few attempts at layups.

There were times when all five BC players were out at or above the foul line. BC did not match up well with SU's height advantage. We were not capable of dealing with the 2-3 zone.

Why was Miller limited in minutes? Injury?

knucklehead said...

Lenny you have seen about 50 years of Syracuse zones.

Lenny Sienko said...

Khead...yup, and because I live halfway between SU and Penn State, I hate to see BC lose to either of them.

Lets hope the week's rest will help the team get back to winning.