Wednesday, January 31, 2018

BC wastes crazy comeback in loss to VT

As excited as I was by BC forcing ovetime with seven foul shots, I still feel frustrated by the loss to VT. BC exchanged baskets with the Hokies in OT, but then fell into bad habits (allowing open 3s and forcing bad shots) that led to the VT win. 

Robinson put up 32 and had some incredible stretches. But he also had seven TOs. Bowman finished with 22 and missed a lot of 3s. Chatman had an off night.

Even with the OT, Christian didn't use much of the bench. Reyes actually made a decent stop and moved well, but remains a problem on the offensive end. 

The team has now lost three in a row and needs a win Sunday against VT. 


Edward Griffith said...

Just 15 days till Coach Gambino and baseball Eagles start in Santa Clara. How about a
double header on Saturday?

IS the basketball season slip sliding away. Ga. Tech a must as is game at Pitt also
revenge against that wretched bas Boheim and Syracuse.
Injury to Deonate Hawkins has certainly made task much more difficult.
Our big men are just sad. Would not even make most ACC rosters.

mod34b said...

A glimmer of hope appeared this year, as it did in Donahue’s last year.

But it is now gone.

Time to get a new coach.

This will be a good test for the quiet man - Jarmond. Is he a leader? Does he have solid contacts in the basketball world? Can he bring in an exciting coach? Or will Jarmond do nothing ?

The hour is upon you Mr Jarmond.

Shabby1011 said...

Poor effort defensively, VT came into game as one of highest scoring teams in country, plays at fastest tempo and attempts almost 30 3's a game. We were constantly unsettled in transition defense and too spread out defensively. Generally you want your help defense to be tight but in a game like VT you have to hold your position and stay closer to your man. Instead we were constantly over helping and then in poor rotations all night.

Not a great game plan or players didn't follow thru. That being said VT forced their style on the game and controlled tempo throughout. They didn't shoot it great (12-35 from 3) but got far too many easy baskets in transition and off turnovers.

Seems like we are wasting a 1st Team All-ACC year by Robinson. He has been spectacular all year. Our depth, or lack of, is clearly killing this team and is more evident now as we get into dog days of late January/early February. The Hawkins injury is just too much to overcome and really a shame for the player and team. With him BC record is probably flipped, 6-3 in league instead of 3-6. The other area that is really showing is lack of guard depth. Chatman is very good in his role as a 1st guy off the bench instant offense. We are going on a couple weeks since he played effectively.

To the team's and coaching staff credit the team continues to play very hard, does not give up, plays the entire 60 minutes and has basically been in every game other then UNC and Cuse in the league. However you are judged by your record and currently BC sits at 3-6 in the league.

BC has GT, @ND, Miami, @Pitt and ND at home. These are all winnable games, ND and Miami have injuries to best players and Pitt might be worse then BC two years ago. GT is a must and might be biggest game for team/staff in past 4 years.

Unfortunately unless we got 4-1 in this stretch any bubble talk is unrealistic. 3-2 keeps us in the NIT and possibility for good seed. 2-3 and we are trending in wrong direction quickly and 1-4 or 0 wins and MJ may have to reevaluate the program.

Fans seems to be behind the team and program but you have to win games that you can win. Tough business but it is what it is. Hopefully the eagles get back on track with a big win on a huge Boston sports day.

knucklehead said...

Like I said after the Syracuse loss the team is a tease.

Bowman hasn't improve Dover last season. He did have a serious injury, if I recall accurately. If Robinson is getting 32 or high 20's nightly then Bowman should be getting mid to high 20's. Those 3-5 points are key. They would have won the game last night and the Clemson game.

knucklehead said...

Christian is getting another year because of his recruiting.

Did the Illinois ST guy get another season?

downtown_resident said...

The lack of depth really hurts this team. That late first half lull in which the lead went from an eight-point BC advantage to a 7-point VT lead at the half swung the game, and those are the minutes in which you would typically play your bench players.

My milepost for this season was 16 wins and the first non-losing season since 2011. If we can get there, I'm OK bringing back Christian especially with Hamilton and Tabbs coming in next year.

What I would really hate to see is another long losing streak to close the year. There are some very winnable games (GT, @Pitt, NDx2 (assuming no Colson), Syracuse) left on the schedule, and BC needs to win them.

John said...

I agree, DR.

John said...

It would also be great if this team could get a few breaks and win some of the close games. Their efforts have really been impressive and I hope they don't get disheartened.

JBQ said...

With "downtown", there is no depth. Seven turnovers is a lot.

John said...

If all of our starters return, Hawkins gets another chance and with Hamilton and Tabbs coming in - and some further bench player development - this team could be a real factor next year.

I think Christian gets one more shot.

Bravesbill said...

Bowman has been killing BC recently. Lots of turnovers but more problematic is his shot selection. There's no way he should be chucking up 20+ shots a game.