Thursday, January 11, 2018

Christian lands his biggest recruit yet in Jairus Hamilton

While the talent level has improved under Jim Christian, the program still lacks depth and elite talent. The elite talent is about to change as consensus Top 100 recruit Jairus Hamilton committed to BC Thursday.

The 6'8 Forward is a 4-star with all the services and selected BC over Maryland and Mississippi State. He also had offers from Duke, NC State and Kansas. He's another North Carolina prospect to go with our two current Carolina stars. Christian and his staff's ability to get Tobacco Road players to leave the state is encouraging. One of the ways BC landed Hamilton was by also offering his brother Jared, who just transferred to BC. Jared comes from Georgia Southern and is not an elite player, but sometimes you've got to play the game and if Jairus wanted to play with his brother and we have the room, why not offer them both?

If Hamilton lives up to the hype, BC will have enough talent to compete in the ACC. Let's hope this year ends on a high note, so we continue to generate interest from elite players.


Edward Griffith said...

BRAVO JIM Grab one more and the future indeed brightens.

Women's BB Sarah Behn Brown head coach BC GRAD.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I gather Chris Cheeks was the primary recruiter. Nice work - 80% of success is attributable to good recruiting.

NYCEagle said...

Watched this kids highlight tape. I’m not sure BC has ever been able to recruit an athlete of this ilk. He’s big and strong yet quicker than anyone who matches up with him in size. Needs some work on his jumper and on defense but he’s good enough to start and make an impact TODAY. I am ecstatic

knucklehead said...

Raji, Walls, Gaudreu (many hockey examples).

In and out of sports BC has alot of families with multiple graduates.

This is very important for the program.

Seems like a content person also.

BCEagles2014 said...

If Robinson stays for his 4th year (which I think he should to improve his draft stock) and Hawkins somehow is granted a medical redshirt, BC will have something special cooking next year. We'd have 5-6 bonafide studs on that roster and would be a major player in the ACC.

Hopefully JC can use all the good hype surrounding BC basketball to snag a good center via recruiting or grad transfer. Size continues to be an issue which bigger teams will exploit, as we saw in the UNC game.

downtown_resident said...

Robinson isn't anywhere on the current mock draft charts (first or second round), nor is he listed in the top 100 prospects on, so I don't think we need to worry about the NBA calling. He could always forgo his senior year to go straight to Europe, but it's hard to imagine anyone doing that when the BC team looks pretty good next year and he's an American who almost certainly grew up dreaming of playing in the NBA.

In short, I think all the fears of him turning pro are vastly overblown.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Edward - trust you are suggesting Sara Behn Brown for BC's WBB HC. She was a huge player at BC - but her coaching record thus far is not nearly as stellar. See We clearly need to replace Johnson asap - but I think we need someone with a stronger W-L record and demonstrated recruiting abilities. They never should have fired Inglese but her record at URI was horrible and she's now a low level assistant at Fairleigh Dickinson. Not sure what happened to her at URI.

Shabby1011 said...

Huge get for staff. Next year's team will be legitimate mid to upper ACC team and NCAA Tourney threat. Hope JC is smart with schedule, load up on wins, 1 or 2 top OOC games and then focus on wins in ACC.

Let's not give up on this year though we are not trending as well as maybe a couple weeks ago. We have 14 games left and hope tomorrow is a chance to play well and get some confidence back. We are 11-6 (12-6 after tomorrow) and 2-3 in ACC w/ 13 to go.
vs. FSU - biggest game of year, they win and are right back in picture (W 13-6; 3-3)
@ Ville -Tough game but beatable (L 13-7; 3-4)
@ Cuse - Dome always hard, they are better then last year (L 13-8; 3-5)
vs. VT - good on offense but small, hope our guards better then theirs(W 14-8; 4-5)
vs. GT - must win (W 15-8; 5-5)
@ ND - no Bonzie but hard to win in South Bend (L 15-9; 5-6)
vs. Miami - have quite lived up to hype but NCAA tourney team (W 16-9; 6-6)
@ Pitt - should match BC futility of a couple years ago, 0 for ACC (W 17-9; 7-6)
vs. ND - Bonzie might be back but game BC can win (W 18-9; 8-6)
@ NCST - new coach coaching them up (L 18-10; 8-7)
@ Miami - tough end of year game (L 18-11; 8-8)
vs. Cuse - must win, BC crushed them last year (W 19-11; 9-8)
@ FSU - could be as important as game in Boston (L 19-12; 9-9)
ACC 1st Round game - BC needs to win 1 in tourney (W 20-12; 10-9)

Coaches preach one at a time and mostly live by it but as fans we can project. Key is to win out at home and beat Pitt. Obviously this is best case but honestly think it is doable. Wins vs. FSU, VT, Miami and ND to go along with Duke win and 1 ACC tourney win gets them to 20 wins and I think in the tournament or #1 seed at NIT. Swap out a road Win at Cuse or NCST and loss at home vs. FSU or Miami and I think they still get in.

Being in the ACC and having a #1 Duke win means there is still alot of basketball to be played. I am glass half full and this is best case and a bit head in the clouds but also think it is realistic. They can do it, just have to get Pop back going and Chatman out of his funk.

CT said...

Length-wise, that post wasn't too shabby.

knucklehead said...

Professor Shabby. Teaching Schedule Analysis 101.

knucklehead said...
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EL MIZ said...

sad to see the kids in this day and age complaining about a 100-word response being too long. maybe knuckleball can get the audio version downloaded to his iPhone.

great analysis Shabby - sweeping the home slate would be bigly and very doable. it has seemed like the crowd at Conte has been a lot better. they get loud at the right times and really get going when one of the guards is cookin.

going dancing this year would be real nice experience for next year's squad.

Knucklehead said...

The Miz,
Where did I say the post was too long? I called him a professor. Idiot.

NYCEagle said...

For a 6’8” he can really move his feet and elevate. I’d love to see some pick and roll action with him and Bowman next year. Would also love to see us add a real bruiser late in the process. A kid 6’10” and up who can bang down low. Doesn’t need much on offense with the guys we’re gonna put around him. I’ve come to the conclusion Popovic just isn’t good enough to be that guy

1661_Comm said...

HUGE GET. Robinson and Bowman must be a draw, and this kid will get plenty of minutes out of the gate, unlike at a Duke / UNC.

That said, 4 - star is no guarantee, however this guy seems to be a in a different class than past BC recruits and hopefully it is a good fit for him, like it was for Dudley, Smith, Barros, and not like for some of its mostly highly touted recruits of the past.

The only 4 star recruit I can recall is Michael Reese from the early-mid 90s who lasted a year. Other highly rated prospects that might have been 4 star - Rakeem Sanders, Brian Edwards, Sean Williams, Chris Herren - all but Williams never really produced at BC, and Williams struggled off the court.