Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reaction to 2018 Football schedule

BC and the ACC released the 2018 Football schedules Wednesday. Here is BC's:

September 1 -- UMass
September 8 -- Holy Cross
September 13 -- at Wake Forest (Thursday night game)
September 22 -- at Purdue
September 29 -- Temple
October 6 --  at NC State
October 13 -- Louisville
October 26 -- Miami (Friday night game)
November 3 -- at Virginia Tech
November 10 -- Clemson
November 17 -- at Florida State
November 24 -- Syracuse

While we have known the opponents for months, this is the first time we are seeing the order. Here are my initial thoughts.

1. Addazio can't plan for a late-season run again. The past two years have seen BC stumble in September and early October, only to rally towards bowl eligibility during the latter parts of the season. I don't think he will have that much wiggle room this year. BC closes with Louisville, Miami, VT, Clemson, FSU and Cuse. Even though BC beat FSU and Lousville this year and even if you assume Miami takes a slight step back, that is a tough, tough stretch of games. If BC truly has ambitions of being a Top 25 team, they need to go at least 3-3 during that stretch.

2. The bye week is well placed. BC gets their bye right in middle of October and before the Friday night game against Miami. I know they don't have control over that, but it did work out. Hopefully the rest will help with injuries and the team gets plenty of time to prep for Miami.

3. Year 6 will really depend on the Wake-Purdue weeks. Although Addazio keeps pushing back the timeline a bit with regards to when the program will be "ready," there are no excuse in Year 6. This team should be a Top 25 squad and the schedule comes with three wins baked in (UMass, Holy Cross, and Temple). The difference between a Top 25 season and another middling 7-6 effort will really come down to back-to-back road games against Wake and Purdue. Both were surprise teams in 2017 and both will probably be tough wins in 2018. But BC should have more talent than both next year. It is up to Addazio to harness that talent and come away with two wins. If he doesn't, we'll be praying for 7-6 again.


CT said...

Gotta put the hay in the barn early next year. Gonna be a tough back half.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm going to re-post some of mine on this newest thread about the schedule.

CT is right.

We would have to win all 4 OOC games - quite possible but at Purdue will be tough.

We will have to win one of these - Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech or FSU.

I don't know what to think of Louisville, but I'll count it as a win.

And then win the rest, of course - NC State, Wake Forest and Syracuse.

I heard that Clemson will visit the Heights on a Friday night. Might be an opportunity there, crazy as it sounds.

Let's discuss.

CT said...

But at least it gives Daz an excuse I can already faintly hear...something about the toughest stretch ever...blah blah blah...which will be really good for blogs, since no one outside of Chestnut Hill knows we play football anymore.

CT said...

I think the Canes come in on Friday.

Big Jack Krack said...

There's a short turnaround from Holy Cross to Wake Forest on a Thursday night. But that will give us a little more time to get ready to travel to Purdue.

Okay - so looking at the schedule - at Wake Forest (9/13) and at Purdue (9/22) are the 2 critical early games.

I'm glad that Wolford is gone, but who Wake's QB is next year is unknown, maybe. I think Hinton is pretty good. Newman is a big QB and might be a guy who wins out. Bowers out of PA is a strong potential as well. So, we had better be ready. I think I'm glad this is an early game.

Concerning Purdue, Junior David Blough and sophomore Elijah Sindelar split time at quarterback before Blough suffered a season-ending injury in early November last year. How that shakes out next year is unknown - but they are both good QBs. Head Coach Jeff Brohm is an up and comer for sure - so this will be a tough game. Purdue will be a team that can put some points on the board.

Wouldn't it be great if the Eagles could take all games in September? What a change a strong, fast start would be.

We can win in Raleigh, but it's always tough and a sold out, all-red atmosphere. For those who haven't been to that venue, it's a good trip. Some really nice restaurants in Raleigh too.

Saturday, Oct. 6 at NC State* In order to go 9 and 3, this is a must win.

I'd love to paste Petrino in Chestnut Hill.

Saturday, Oct. 13 vs. Louisville* In order to go 9 and 3, this is a must win.

The stretch from October 26th to November 17th is what it's all about!!!!!!!! Unbelievable challenge and opportunity.

Will this be the Red Bandanna Game? This one could be unbelievably crazy for Boston College and Boston on prime time TV.

Friday, Oct. 26 vs. Miami* (This will be a night game) In order to go 9 and 3, We will have to win one of these - Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech or FSU.

Pay back time opportunity in Blacksburg.

Saturday, Nov. 3 at Virginia Tech* In order to go 9 and 3, We will have to win one of these - Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech or FSU.

Depending on how the season is going, this could be one whale of a game and huge opportunity for Boston College on prime time TV.

Saturday, Nov. 10 vs. Clemson* In order to go 9 and 3, We will have to win one of these - Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech or FSU.

Don't let down guys - punch them in the mouth early and often.

Saturday, Nov. 17 at Florida State* In order to go 9 and 3, We will have to win one of these - Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech or FSU.

What can I say - eff the Orange!!! :-) Stomp em.

Saturday, Nov. 24 vs. Syracuse*

Go Boston College Eagles.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Great lineup. The Boilermakers and VT are the least important games on the list. One is non conference and the second is non division. Win the Wake and NC St. road games plus roll at home and you are in the title hunt. A ton of talent returning so 2018 should be a real opportunity to compete for the top spot. 2. So much for the recruiting experts. Athlon rated BC the number 14 recruiting class in the ACC last year. It clearly wasn't producing two first team all American freshmen. Hope this year's are as good.

JBQ said...

Actually, it all depends on "what the meaning of 'is' is". There is absolutely no doubt that the key is AB. If he is damaged goods, you fight for 7-6. The talent of Perry is open to argument. However, he has no experience. Since they pulled his redshirt, he should have been given a few snaps here and there. I don't know what brought the grandson of one of Ara's stars into town. You thank God for the love of a woman which doesn't make sense.. Just like that love, if the Dazzler misuses the product, both will be gone. He is definitely NFL material and could transfer after his sophomore year and make millions after sitting out a year and winning the Heisman. Of course, he is that good.---I don't think that Daz can handle either the "king or queen" of the prom. If only, if only, if only, TC would be in the mix even as an adviser, BC could win the whole shebang. Instead, we are left with mediocrity and already xeroxed press releases sitting on the table to celebrate "what might have been".

Knucklehead said...

What is Anthony Browns health situation?

John said...

I read somewhere recently that it was a broken leg. But it was a non-contact injury, right? Thought it must have been a torn ACL or something.

So we're all waiting to hear for sure.

Edward Griffith said...

Less than one month till Coach Gambino and Baseball Eagles open at Santa Clara. A good
place to start. WCC has 2 other Jesuit foes for future San Francisco and Loyola
Marymount. Also worth visiting Peperdine (Malibu) and SanDiego.
Two other very worthwhile good team ,good weather challenges Rice and Dallas Baptist.
Go BC back to NCAA sucess of two years past.

UU last row said...

Could it be possible to start out 6-0....and end up 7-5?

knucklehead said...

If he starts the season we win 8 regular season games. Lock.

Good thing for Perry is the first two games are a fucking joke which should gives us 2 wins and him confidence going into the game against wake forest.

Their stupid QB is gone so we should beat them.

The key is Dazzler having some confidence in a back up RB to give Dillon a chance to survive his sophmore year. I think someone will emerge, the senior stiff going to Rutgers leads me there.

dixieagle said...

I heard from someone who should know that Brown tore his ACL and had surgery.

John said...

Oh boy. Thanks Dixie.

downtown_resident said...

Again, 9 wins or bust. No excuses for Addazio. It's his sixth year-- if he doesn't have a good backup quarterback, that's on him.

mod34b said...

Clemson Miami. FSU VT - 4 loses

Wake Purdue NC State Louisville At least 2 losses

3 ooc. Wins.

Syracuse - who knows.

6 wins and a cloud of excuses is what I expect

knucklehead said...

Typical walk off a cliff comment. Bitch.

mod34b said...

sadly, knuckle it is pretty clear that Bullying is big part of your life.... probably as victim and aggessor

were you called "bitch" a lot. I'm thinking you were You say taht alot.

Were you told you had "reading comprehensions issues" at lot? Were you oftern called a moron.

someone did a number on you.

I think you can start the healing process by checking out this government anti bully website.

honestly, please check it out.

Pretending to be a bully (your terrible at it) and pretending to be a BC grad is no way to go through life..

Lighten up dude or leave. No want to read your insults every day. Boring. unclever, and stupid.

knucklehead said...

Another negative comment.

knucklehead said...

Nobody in their right mind looks at that team and that schedule and has that thought, except a bitch.

knucklehead said...

. . . Mod. The only person who gets flack. . . And whines about it.

knucklehead said...

Actually add TGS to that short list.

Aquila said...

Keep CRUSHING IT, knucklehead.

Mod34b can't handle the CRUSHING!!!

mod34b said...

knucklehead, Nobody asked you for your opinion about my opinion so STFU.

You are not the Sheriff of ATL.

Seriously you are a very creepy dude with big issues, including your love of the word 'bitch.'

The less I see and read from you the better. GTFOOMAM

EL MIZ said...

we beat FSU last year pretty handily and they have a new coach and staff. that is a winnable game.

@ WF and @ Purdue might be tricky if Brown isn't healthy. Brown went down November 11, assuming surgery was the next week, that gives him 8.5 months to be ready for practice in August. need at least one of those wins.

other 3 OOC games are W's. that gives us 4 W's. Louisville at home without Lamar should be a W, that's 5. Cuse at home should be a W, that's 6.

that leaves Daz needing 2 wins out of @ NC ST., Friday night Halloween weekend at home v. the U (should be best crowd of the year), @ VA Tech (likely L), home v. Clemson (likely L), and @ FSU (tough but i think winnable).

we should win 8, we'll probably win 6 and make the Sun Bowl.

what's the ETA on the indoor practice facility for football? Jarmond has been telling folks that he'd like the new facilities to be built prior to making any football/basketball hires. regrettably, that might buy Daz another season if he wins 6/7 again.

mod34b said...

Miz. You realize Daz will be coaching next year.

FSU is loaded with talent - always - and has exciting new coach. L

working rich said...

the real question is not what Anthony Brown's injury was but why the news blackout ?

Maybe the Alabama Qb is looking for a gig next year ?

knucklehead said...

Foul language, mod. Come on. It is a new year.

knucklehead said...

Your incessant whining is sad. Never seen a positive post from you ever, female dog.

dixieagle said...

I just saw the official Senior Bowl roster; Harold Landry isn't on it. Isaac Yiadom is on the North team, but that's it. Kamrin Moore had accepted,, but is still apparently injured.

mod34b said...

Fuck off knuckle. Creep.

knucklehead said...

Hypocrite, female dog.

Six wins. Wrong.

mod34b said...

ATL. Please get this asshole outta here

CT said...

Landry doesn't need the Senior Bowl. He's a slam dunk top half 1st rounder. Who knows? The game is in...2 weeks? Extra time to train and get right then crush the combine. Despite what some on here think, guy has nothing to prove. His ceiling is huge.

I see Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield are playing. Allen had a crappy year when he played. Huge disappointment. Redemption tour. Mayfield has huge doubters. Guys who are middle rounders can catch NFL coaches' eyes. The Falcons have drafted off of it because the staffs get to know the kids-how they would live in the community. Non-measurable stuff that doesn't get uploaded onto the internet. Very important given the suspension policy in the NFL. Unless you're a NE tight end. Then it really doesn't matter.

dixieagle said...

The word down here is that Landry does need the Senior Bowl to boost his stock and prove he's fully healed; he was, as of December "fully committed" to it, though that may have changed. My husband was at a Senior Bowl press lunch today and they had two Boston College duffel bags ready and waiting for him and Isaac Yiadom. If he's not coming, it seems to be a very recent decision. We'll see. Too bad Kam Moore is injured.

knucklehead said...


Napolean Bonaparte said...

I suppose Brad Bates thought playing Holy Cross would create interest in our program by bringing back memories among those alums who fought in the Civil War. But Holy Cross' record in recent years in the Patriot League and overall has been dismal. What good can possibly come from playing this game? A total waste and not in the best interests of anyone - especially the overmatched Holy Cross kids.

Georgia Eagle said...

I was a freshman in 1970 when BC played the Cross at home for the last time. The rivalry was still exciting but even then the game was a mismatch.
PS, I fought in WWI, not the Civil War, thank you very much.
Still, I would rather play them then Maine or UMass. There is no tradition to those games and really yawners.

bceagle91 said...

BC hosted HC in November 1985 (and won 38-7). I'm not sure how much later we played them or if that was the last game.

downtown_resident said...

I believe the BC-HC series ended in 1986. I don't get the complaining about the game-- everybody plays an FCS school and HC is far more interesting than Wagner or Howard. I'd get HC, Villanova, Georgetown and Fordham in a rotation. But it's not worth getting fired up either way about the FCS games-- just win it and move on.

dixieagle said...

Hey GE - we were evidently classmates. I'm A&S '74.

Agreed re: HC rather than Maine or even UMass.

AlbanyEagle said...

The BC-HC series wrapped up in '86 at HC. That was the year HC was touting Gordie Lockbaum as a Heisman candidate. I think HC was having a great year - - until the BC game. Seemed like their entire fanbase was wearing purple "I Hate BC" T-shirts. They were all pumped up to finally regain the glory from ancient times. The Eagles blew them out by 40 or so. It was fun.

Craig Yeaster said...

khead is the ultimate bitch, don't worry about him.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Does "everybody" really play an FCS team? Maybe I'm in the minority but I'd prefer a bottom dweller from a major FBS conference or one of the stronger MAC teams - at least some competition and a better stage to evaluate our kids.

Knucklehead said...

No Yeaster. I am not you.

CT said...

We should play a home and home with North Dakota State. How cool would that be? 6 of the last 7 FCS titles.

bceagle91 said...

CT, we'd have everything to lose and nothing really to gain. If we win, we're supposed to. We're a mediocre Power 5 team and they're the dominant FCS team. Michigan is probably still kicking themselves for scheduling Appalachian State a few years back.

CT said...

That was 10 yrs ago. Both have moved on.

I guess my problem is with that attitude. Not a personal thing against u. Everything to lose? Ok. On to Holy Cross. Got it. No threat. Great.

If we’re supposed to win, then win. No one at the FBS level should be concerned with an FCS school. Unless you are concerned. Then you have program issues.

Georgia Eagle said...

Dixie, Yep. A&S,74. Hi, sister.