Thursday, January 04, 2018

The assistant coaching carousel

An ugly problem of College Football has moved up the calendar a bit. It used to be that many assistants didn't switch jobs until after Signing Day. This was so they could lock the kids into their previous employer and then move onto the new one. The recruits got screwed when their lead recruiter or position coach left, but the coaches took care of each other. The Early Signing Day now means more recruiting classes are locked in, so more assistants are free to leave. Former BC assistant Al Washington is leaving Cincinnati after one year to join Jim Harbaugh's staff at Michigan. This is a good move for Al and I hope he has real success there. Doing well outside of BC makes him that much better of a candidate to return to BC in a high level position.

As for BC's current staff, I haven't heard of any pending departures. Anthony Campanile is now a hot name and I could see multiple programs contacting him, but I don't know if he will leave for just any job and I don't see him getting a coordinator role at a Power 5.

Next week all programs are allowed to add to their official staffs, so we know BC will be getting at least one new assistant. Addazio has done a mix of internal promotions and hiring outside guys. I have no idea which way he will go now.

I also know that the administrative staff will get beefed up with some familiar names. I assume BC will announce that next week too.


Edward Griffith said...

Retaining Dazzle not for one more year means paying Loeffler , Reid , Brown, Campanile good-very good salaries so that we have another decent year and a bit better the 8th and maybe ninth win as D-N enters year 6 we certainly don't want to descend to the hopelessness of
a few years ago. D-N if he wants to stay should be required to contribute 250,000 of his
salary to the assistants to be matched by the University.
Paying him around 2.5 million is an outrage.

knucklehead said...

Why do we know there there will be at least one new assistant?

EL MIZ said...

would be nice to see Campanile get some sort of promotion in title like assistant DC or something of that ilk - Jim Reid just turned 67 so i can't imagine he has a ton of years left as our DC.

CT said...

The NCAA is allowing the addition of one new assistant coach position.

knucklehead said...

Is it a particular role or one more that can fit your need?

Thank you CT.

CT said...

Zach Allen is returning. That’s pretty big.

CT said...

Assistant can do anything wrt on-field coaching, practice, game day, recruiting, etc. Another “dude” among dudes.

“Analysts,” like the ones Alabama employ by the bunches, and which can be unlimited in number, aren’t allowed to do any of that. Technically.

Geezer eagle said...

El Miz, I'm 66 and have plenty of good years left in me. Don't be an immature douche.

MattBC03 said...

George Eagle you coach? Because that's what he was referring to.