Saturday, February 17, 2018

Another rough day against the Irish

I think BC's bubble burst Saturday. Besides dampening postseason hopes, the lopsided loss to Notre Dame also had me questioning if Christian is a good enough Xs & Os coach to every be above average at BC. For the second time against the Irish, BC allowed a guy to go off from beyond the arc. Matt Farrell hit some tough shots, but too often he the D was to loose. Notre Dame shot 60% from 3 and 63% from the field. Horrible. Why are we so unprepared against recurring opponents?

Robinson had 29 points and would have been a bigger story if not for Farrell. It was a disappointing game for most of the other guys.

I don't think Christian is in trouble. This season and his recruiting have bought him time. But he needs to find an assistant who can better help with game prep. If not, we will be in holes over and over again.


mod34b said...

Jim Christian has never had a winning conference record at BC. In fact, his only winning conference records are with MAC teams

Steve Addazio has never had a winning conference record at BC. In fact, his only winning conference records was with a MAC team

Jarmond. Your coaches ceiling innACC is mediocrity. -and that’s in a good year.

You were hired to be a big time AD. Not a MAC AD like Bates. Get moving.

knucklehead said...

Christian is letting his players play the game freely. The players cannot allow an opposing players to shoot 8/8 from three in the first 15 minutes of a home game. After 3-4 in a row Louis Hinnant, Sean Marshall, Craig Smith, Troy Bell or Tyrese Rice(let alone ANY player from before 2000) would have knocked that little rat point guard off of his spot.

If you want to make the tournament the players have to want to win every game. These players don't want to win every game.

They are missing a good player, have a short bench and the season is getting on. None of those are good enough excuses to not play a competitive game on a Saturday afternoon at 4pm.

The team is a tease.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Not a good day for men's baseball either - we gave up 14 runs in the seventh inning to lose the game. How do you give up 14 runs in one inning?

JBQ said...

One more ditto for "mod".

Edward Griffith said...

Baseball's problem had something to do with 7 hit batsmen and another 8 walks.
The assistant who could work with the bigs and help recruiting his Meta's color guy one
of BC all time grat big men Danya Abrams.
ND performance makes me wonder if it is not time for Jared Dudley ,Danya and company
or Hurley of RI.

NEDofSavinHill said...

BC is a well coached team. The difference was the three pointer. Farrell was 10 for 12 from three and two B C guards were one for 10 from three. If Farrell shoots his average maybe he is five foe 12. If Bowman and Chatman shoot their average they are three for ten. That would be a 21 point swing and an Eagle win.

Bravesbill said...

Part of that has to do with coaching defense though Ned. This was the second game against ND when they went crazy from 3 point range.

knucklehead said...

If you need to be coached effort then you don't have the right mentality.

Guido said...

A good coach would tell them to pick up Farrell at half court and harass him. That is coaching !!!!!!!!!!!

Guido said...

I hope that Harold Landry is healthy and ready to EXCEL - can not believe that the Combine starts February 27th - Wow !!!!

John said...

Allowing free flow offense is one thing, and some actually prefer that to rigid play calling.

Defense is another matter and the coach needs to set the tone and make adjustments.

Knucklehead said...

I am not sure how he coaches the defense. It is hard to tell. When he gets pissed it is usually about the defense. He is usually comfortable with the offense even when they are playing poorly. I think he lets them play on offense under the pretense that they follow his defensive philosophy. So maybe his defensive coaching is not great or maybe they aren't doing what he wants. Either way the players are on the court. They should have self respect and get the rat off his spot. Forget the coach he isn't on the court getting embarrassed.

It is simple and frankly pathetic to blame the coach for everything that happens or doesn't happen on the court.

Did he call anytime outs in the first half or did he let them play through it? I bet he let them play through it hoping one of them would take some action.

The Illinois St guy would have done something if he were playing.

Team tease headed to the NIT final four.

ccw said...

Players did not adjust execution to recognize who the fact that Farrell was on fire. You have enough wiggle room to cheat in your assignment toward the guy who is torching you.

Deacon Drake said...

Watch Miami shutdown ND here in the first half shows how bad we need some perimeter defense... Robinson/Bowman tax themselves a lot at the offensive end, but the lack of depth exposes them at the other end. ND is pretty terrible right now and we put them back on the bubble, though it looks like they are going to crap the opportunity away.