Sunday, February 11, 2018

ICYMI: Addazio and staff talk 2019 recruiting class

Even though Addazio already spoke about the majority of the recruiting class when they committed in December, BC still held a Signing Day show. If you understand going in that Addazio, Loeffler and Reid are going to rave about all the players, you can still gain a series of little insights from watching the show. You will hear about which staff member helped recruit each player. You will get an anecdote or two about most of the guys. You will see some tape. Addazio will also provide some updates on the health of current players and how they plan to use the Spring practices.

I understand that some of these new recruits won't pan out, but as a group, I think it was a solid class. I do think Addazio is finding talent and building the roster in the right way. Now let's just break through our win total.


mod34b said...

Malarkey !

“I think it was a solid class. I do think Addazio is finding talent and building the roster in the right way. ”

We were last in ACC.

Cmon AtL why the constant bs about Daz’s recruiting prowess. ??

Geezer eagle said...

ATL has always been a Daz rah-rah. It's getting old.

Edward Griffith said...

The Dazzle -Not mess can work if we pay to retain Loeffler , Reid , Campanile.
How about asking Doug to be qbs coach?

Four days till Coach Gambino and BASEBALL EAGLES


NEDofSavinHill said...

Athlon had BC last in recruiting the prior year. Yet that class produced two first team all Americans. Hope this class is just as bad. Daz has way more credibility on this subject than the National evaluators. But we will know for certain in ten months. I like Campanile's assessment of the talent on the team.

knucklehead said...

Bring back Ryan Day. He was a loss to the program.

NYCEagle said...

To Ned’s point, BC has consistently gotten production from 2 and low 3 star players who are undercovered by national pundits. I always take recruiting rankings with a grain of salt, especially when a recruits evaluation can fluctuate based on the offers he receives

mod34b said...

yes, Daz has obtained a few outstanding recruits.

But at 5 years in, he has not recruited a full squad with layers of depth and layers of competition at practice (very important). That's a big problem. Also, the quality of BC's starters is very uneven. Look at the OL. Very mixed bag, and very little depth. DL same deal.

So they fact that Daz can recruit a Dillon does not make him a good recruiter. It a good accomplishment, and very helpful for the program, but misses the larger failing of his recruiting

His class was #70 (or something close to that) TOB had classes in the 30s, even 20s.

And yes, the recruiting ranking system is very flawed, but it does provide a general metric about how a team is doing with recruiting. Compare BC's best teams with the level of recruiting a few year before. You can see that higher ranked classes usually do better. There is some correlation btw recruiting rankings and success.

So, Daz ain't the recruiter he was billed as. Largely a very bad recruiter, with a few bright spots here and there.

Guido said...

Let us remember that Dillon was not originally committed to BC , but to Michigan. So we got him on the rebound . Someone had told me that Michigan was leaning to making him a linebacker , rather than a RB since they had too many RBs at the time. That possibility was not amenable to Dillon. Who knows the true answer?? , but it could be true . Thank God BC football has Zukauskas (BC Grad) coaching at Lawrence Academy !!! It is saving Addazio "BIG TIME" in the recruiting game !!!!!!!!!!!!!By the way , I believe that BC is TOTALLY underrated in the Rivals evaluations of classes for 2018, but normally that site is pretty reliable. Only time will tell. BC should be an easy place to recruit athletes based upon so many factors - great City , education etc etc . The successful pro sports franchises and events like the "Marathon" ,Regatta each year on the "Charles " . Nuff Said !! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE DINO BABERS TRYING TO RECRUIT TO A CITY LIKE SYRACUSE ???? WOW - GOOD LUCK DINO who seems like a good guy .

Heights said...

Let's crush it.

knucklehead said...


Heights said...

Knucklehead, Ryan Day. That is all.

knucklehead said...

Too stupid to understand, Eagle/Mod.

Keep trying to crush it. While mocking people. Your warped version of crushing it. Dumb hypocrite.

Edward Griffith said...

DAZZLE-NOT has one very fatal flaw as a recruiter being able to recruit good-very good QBS
except for Anthony Brown . This is the best reason for ejecting him from "THE HEIGHTS"

Teresa Halminton said...

Thank you for sharing the news.