Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Not much news out of second Signing Day

National Signing Day used to be a big deal across College Football. Not so much anymore for a team like BC. Addazio locked in most of his class during the Early Signing Period in December. Wednesday, the school only made one other player official: New York Defensive Back Tyler Days.

As for the other players who verbaled to BC over the last month...we don't know. BC can't comment on a preferred walk-ons. BC also can't comment on grey shirts. So someone like JV Dayne could still be an Eagle, but we won't know until he either enrolls, or gets a scholarship. BC had a similar situation last year when Matt McDonald committed but didn't have a scholarship to sign. BC made him official over the summer when a spot opened up. Perhaps that is the play with Dayne.

It will be interesting to see if Addazio continues to lock up his class early. It would seem to make sense to lock in most of the class and leave a little room for another player or two who might be playing multiple schools against each other. We won't really know the best strategy until we see these players on the field.

Good luck to all the new Eagles and I hope BC recruiting continues to upgrade the talent on the field.


mod34b said...

Well here some news: BC’s class is the worst in the ACC and # 69 in the country.

Lower than Rutgers, Syracuse The second lowest in P5 We recruit like a MAc team

“I hope BC recruiting continues to upgrade the talent on the field.”.

Maybe you should hope for for significantly improved recruiting. TOB had some top 30 classes so it can be done. #69 is a disgrace. Something is not working on the recruiting trail.

BC must improve it’s recruiting. Yes BC has some better individual players now but Daz remains unable to recruit on a team wide basis That fail is reflected in a lack of depth so that one injury can change the season for the worst. And also reflected in our mixed bag of starters (Eg OL and LBs)

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I'm reading that Antoine Smith will be named as PP's replacement from an off field job at BC. I think his last coaching stop was at HC -

Also read that this guy will be our new linebackers coach as his job at the Lions has been taken by Al Golden:

Heights said...

WE are crushing it at BC!!!

knucklehead said...

The recruiting rankings complaint again? Jesus Christ.

Ryan Day was a loss for Boston College after all the years of bitching about him.

knucklehead said...

Rutgers, Syracuse, Virgina, NC State, Duke, North Carolina, Pitt all wish they had BC's roster next season.