Sunday, February 04, 2018

OT goes BC's way against GT

There were plenty of ups and down in BC's game against Georgia Tech. Like Wednesday night, they even had a chance to win it in the final seconds. But this time OT turned out a bit different as BC beat the Yellow Jackets 80-72. Like so many of our games this season, there were encouraging moments and times when I just shook my head.

The Good
-- Winning an OT game without Robinson. I wasn't expecting that. When he fouled out, I thought BC was done. Then we forced OT and I still thought being shorthanded would be a problem. But they got some good baskets and pulled away.
-- Positive minutes from Reyes. He provided some good D and was more than efficient on offense. It was a nice surprise.
-- Converting 3s. BC made 11-23. That can cover a lot of holes.

The Bad
-- Another flat first half. All the usual problems happened again. Imagine BC's record if they didn't have to overcome so many bad starts.
-- Turnovers down the stretch. BC crawled back and had a seven point lead with just over five left. But a few sloppy possessions and the lead was gone. 


Edward Griffith said...

Congrats to Jim and kids on great comeback. Why does the the game start usually so wretchedly?
Must beat Pitt and that Bast Boheim and the cuse at Conte we owe him many.
Jim must move heaven and earth to get another 2-3 star recruit who can help next year.
Feb 6 10 days till BC baseball opens on the left coast with Santa Clara.
How about a doubleheader on Saturday.
Danya would be a great addition to Jim's staff bopth for recruiting purposes and also
to work wih big men. Would miss him however with Meta on broadcast.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

You mean another 3-4 star recruit. And we just need to play the whole game more consistently.
No idea why we come out flat so often and have to fight our way out of a hole. I suspect that's something good coaches figure out how to fix.

NYCEagle said...

On a more positive note, by my count 8 of our 10 ACC matchups thus far this year have been decided by 10 points or fewer. After the last 2 years, I don’t think any of us would have expected even that. Now I’m not one for moral victories, but these are the type of seasons that teams look back on and say wow that was really the springboard. This is a young team learning how to play and win close games. We will likely not see a tournament appearance, but we may start to see a lot more of these close games go our way as we learn and mature

CT said...

Thoughts on PP leaving?

JBQ said...

The ACC is a tough basketball league. BC could be competitive and still be in last place. St. John's is developing a comeback program and just won their first ACC game after losing eleven.

JBQ said...

@CT: I would like to know more about PP leaving. That is significant.

Shabby1011 said...

A win in February, regardless of how it is won, is a good win. Ultimately because of lack of depth, every game is going to be a dog fight. Have to find ways to make one more play then the opponent.

Remaining schedule:
@ND - more of a winneable game then a month ago, they are really struggling
vs. Miami - tough game, Miami is good, would be huge resume booster
@Pitt - must win, Pitt worse then winless BC two years ago
vs. ND - must win, they could sweep the Irish
@NC State - tough game, Keatts could be Coach of Year, in NCAA mix
@Miami - toughest game left on schedule
vs. Cuse - must win, thought BC played really poorly up in Dome and Cuse shot the ball abnormally well, these teams are close and BC needs a win here
@ FSU - FSU will be ready for payback

Best case is 5-3 and that is going to be tough. That is winning out at home and sweeping ND. Not sure they have it in them to do that. 5-3 gets them on bubble of NCAA and lock for NIT. In the end 9 wins in ACC should get them a bid. Has there been a ACC team that hasn't made the tournament with 9 wins in recent seasons?

4-4 or 3-5 gets them in NIT and is more realistic. 7 or 8 ACC Wins with the injury to Hawkins would be a very good accomplishment and the team into the postseason.

On another note : hopefully no truth to rumor about PP leaving. Would be a huge blow to Daz and program

JBQ said...

After reading several postings on PP, I went to the internet. He mentored Matt Patricia and now is targeted as a leading candidate as DC for the Lions under the new head coach. Good for him. Bad for BC.

Gerry said...

Syracuse went 10-8 in the ACC last year, and did not make the NCAA tourney. BC's OOC schedule will almost assuredly keep them out with 9 ACC wins, and maybe even with 10.

Deacon Drake said...

My biggest observation is that, man, Chatman is a defensive liability. The bigs do their thing, and Mitchell is surprisingly effective against guys 3 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier, and Bowman/Robinson do a good job of extending the perimeter and forcing teams to take longer to get into their offense. BC gets crushed by teams that let multiple players put the ball on the floor and create mismatches against Chatman though. Poor footwork and balance, easy to drive past. It's like he played zone or post his whole life.

Impressive win despite Bowman picking up 4 fouls early and Robinson fouling out. Chatman hit shots when needed (though his post-shot mechanics are lazy- you shot, either crash or get back, this isn't a fucking spectator sport), and Mitchell picked his spot. Pop runs a nice pick and roll, but we don't set him up with the option to distribute from it. Everything is to the rim, and GT's athletic bigs were able to break it up at the rim, and weakside shooter is a non factor. Need movement away from the ball to give him a pass.

Notre Dame is getting healthy at the wrong time. It is imperative to sweep ND to even dream of an at-large bid. Need the road win (Type A, Quadrant 1, depending on whose metrics you use) get in the discussion.

Right now, the ACC is 5 tiers: The Locks (UVA, Duke, Clemson, UNC- for now), the Bubble Teams with bulletproof cases (Miami, FSU), the Bubble Teams with marginal cases, of which we have the weakest (Louisville, Syracuse (got their big win last night), VT, ND, NCST, and BC), teams that have no at large prospects (GT, Wake), and teams that might not win the MEAC or SWAC (Pitt).

Win the next 4.