Monday, March 19, 2018

Basketball roster talk

Many of the various BC sites are speculating on the Basketball team's roster for next year. With two incoming freshmen, in theory there are no open scholarships. However, that's not really how college basketball works anymore. Transfers are inevitable. Some player currently on the roster will probably want out. Playing time, issues with the coaches, homesickness, fit, whatever. It happens. I don't know who it will be, I just know that a current player will leave. But BC can benefit from the transfer market too. Good players are out there looking for a good shot on a Power 5 team and BC seems very active on that front.

As for other roster questions: it doesn't seem like Hawkins will be granted a 6th year. It is a true shame that he never got to be a factor with this team. If by some miracle, the NCAA grants him another season, BC should make room (somehow). I just wouldn't plan on it.

The last unknown is Jerome Robinson's status. If he stays, this team is a headed to the tournament. If he leaves, we take a major step back. I don't begrudge him his interest in the NBA. Even being a late first-round pick gets paid. If he does leave, BC will have to use his scholarship on a transfer, just for the depth needed for next year.

In an ideal world, Robinson returns, a dead weight player leaves and BC lands a great transfer. The reality will probably be a bit different. But the next two months are going to be crucial for next year and Cbristian's future.


Anonymous said...

It is bullshit if the Illinois State transfer doesn't get a 6th year(Assuming he went to class and passed this semester).

Thought Danny Hurley was a good fit for BC a couple years ago, before Christian, but if he is going to UConn then I question his character. That school is a stinking pit.

He will have them back in the top 25 sooner than you can say it.

mod34b said...
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John said...

Under Calhoun, players were not required to go to class.

Some did, and excelled and many took the "I'm only here for basketball" route.

mod34b said...
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BC87 said...

What do you base your Hawkins premise on? I have not read or heard anything indicating he would not stand a good chance getting extra year. I assume his attendance at games home and away also indicates he has been told he has a chance. If not why attend?

knucklehead said...

If he didn't go to class or didn't/ pass them then they might not want him back/won't get extra year.

downtown_resident said...

Supposedly Hawkins doesn't have the "typical" sixth-year issue. On top of seeking the injury hardship, he also has to convince the NCAA he relied on bad advice when he made the decision to transfer early in his college career. I can't recall all the details, but Hoffses wrote a piece on it at BCI. I came away thinking there's at best about a 25% chance Hawkins can return.