Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hawkins PR gives hope

The Globe published an article Wednesday ostensibly about Deontae Hawkins' experience playing against Loyola-Chicago. It is a nice story and all, but what we all care about is Hawkins' future and if it involves BC. At the end of the article, Hawkins updates that he is still waiting to hear on his application for 6th year and continues to work on his masters. Overall, I think this is good news. If he thought his BC career was over, I assume he would be out working on his basketball career somewhere.

However, if you read twitter, you will see BC listed as a potential destination for other grad transfers. That means the staff is out working it and are planning on an open scholarship. Will that be a transfer? Are they hedging on Hawkins? Do they think Robinson is gone? All we know is it will be a busy few weeks for the basketball staff until this is all worked out.


Edward Griffith said...

ESPN spoke very highly about BC women's lacrosse last evening along with Stony brook,
Univ of Maryland.

John said...

As some would say,the Women's Lacrosse Team is crushing it!

Deontae is working on his Master's and may be thinking of a coaching career too. Good to nail that down while rehabbing and a Master's from BC looks good on one's resume.