Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jesuit team wearing Maroon & Gold in Elite Eight

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If you squint a bit, you can pretend this is BC.
They wear Maroon & Gold. They're a Jesuit school in a big city. Now they're in the Elite Eight. Of course I am talking about Loyola-Chicago and not BC. But I think BC fans can take some solace in Loyola's success.

If Loyola-Chicago has a run like this in them, then BC has one in its future too. Our situation is a bit different since we are in a Power 5 conference and it is a battle to just get in the tournament. But the reality is that BC's current team has more talent than this Loyola team. If we had gotten in, we could  have pulled off three upsets. If you also look at the success of FSU, Syracuse and Clemson, you will also see mediocre ACC teams getting hot at the right time. It can -- and will -- happen for BC one day. We just need to get back into the tournament and get hot at the right time. Until then, Go Ramblers.


John said...

I like the way Loyole Chicago plays. God luck to them.

John said...

Ha, ha - good luck.

mod34b said...

“ If we had gotten in, we could have pulled off three upsets. “

What? We got into the NIT and got blown out in round 1.

More talent? Loyola-chi #22 in RPi rank. bC #95

NYCEagle said...

Western Kentucky is in the semis of the NIT, Mod. Clearly not a bad loss on the road. They went on to beat USC and Oklahoma State. A couple of teams that fans were VERY upset with not having made the big dance

Edward Griffith said...

Sister Eileen and her Ramblers move to elite 8. One Jesuit at least two ACC schools and
Western Kentucky playing well. It was a good season for BC despite all the caterwauling.
The scarves are quite attractive would look good on the heights.

Georgia Eagle said...

Good old ATL, the eternal rah-rah optimist.

mod34b said...

Such loser comments. People are happy with garbage results (See, Addazio, Steve)

not a bad loss on the road


It was a good season for BC despite all the caterwauling

Losing to the 3rd place Conference USA opponent is a bad thing. Losing by 17 points is a bad thing.

Coming in 12th in the ACC with a losing conference record is not a good season. Playing slightly above .500 ball is not a good season.

have some standards Eagle fans. Expect more. Expect success. Don't accept this crap.

Save the Spin for your spinning classes.

Tony Abardo said...

If BC had made the tournament this year as one of the last 4 teams in and won 7 straight games they would be the National Champions.

If they do it again in 2019 they will repeat.

If they do it again in 2020 they will pull off the three-peat.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Even though I support giving JC one more year (all things considered) - I do agree with mod34's sentiments. Seems that we have been so bad for so long that mediocrity now looks pretty good. A lot of that can be rectified if we have an AD who is fair - but very serious about setting program expectations and holding these highly compensated coaches to task if they are not met. Very happy to see Loyola-Chicago's success and hope it continues - but that is a program that has been terrible for years and plays in a terrible conference. Even if BC did nothing substantially different than it has been doing - it would eventually have a Loyola type of season. Our goal should be to have a consistently highly competitive program in the upper tier of our conference.

NYCEagle said...

I don’t think you guys fully grasp reality here. BC has significantly higher academic standards for their athletes than every other team in our conference. We play in New England, and didn’t even have an indoor practice facility until now. We are a campus that is about 90% white catholic kids. We will not win an arms race against the Va Techs, Clemsons, and Florida States of the world. What about any of this makes you think we can out-recruit those schools? The answer can’t always be FIRE THE COACH and just like that all the other problems disappear

NYCEagle said...

College athletics is a significantly different ball game than it was 20-30 years ago. It takes an unbelievable amount of support and resources from the administration and alumni. Open your eyes to reality

NYCEagle said...

Take basketball for instance. UConn, Rhode Island, and even UMASS (!) have state of the art facilities for their players to work out and practice in, and Providence is currently building their’s. Have you seen where our b-ball players practice?! People talk about how we can’t retain high school talent in our region but why on earth would any kid in the North East want to go there? These programs will only go as far as the financial support behind them. Firing Addazio and Christian does literally nothing to change that

TheFive said...

Everyone returns and stays healthy and we are a Sweet Sixteen team. Good lord, we've had a decade to be negative about the program and things are finally looking up. Enjoy it.

mod34b said...

NYCe... do your homework before you post bs.

you say ". We are a campus that is about 90% white catholic kids"

The government keeps these statistics. see here

As between, BC, Clemson, ND, FSU, VT, Louisville, Wake, Syr, Duke, GT, and NCSU, who do you think has the highest "white" student population? who the lowest

Clem 83% white
Lousville - 74%
NCSu - 72%
Wake 71%
ND - 69%
vt -66%
fsu - 62%
bc - 61%
sYR - 56%
GT - 49%
Duke 46%

Does BC sports require higher academics standards than Duke? Virginia? GT? ND? I doubt it.

facilities: . . . another bogus reason to rationalize mediocrity......

your arguments get a D- today.

Teddy Errico said...

I'd like to see us go back towards the yellow gold, like Loyola. The main reason is that it differentiates us from Florida State. I also like it better. Pitt and Ga Tech also have the "gold" gold. Thoughts anyone?

Big Jack Krack said...

It wasn’t always like that at Georgia Tech.

Six years ago a graduation rates study of Football and Men's Basketball Players touted that they had reached new highs, (according to the NCAA) - but Other programs with low graduation-success rates were the University of Florida (17 percent) and Georgia Tech (18 percent).

I know they do a lot better now, but don’t know if the players take the same type of courses as the regular students. Some do, obviously – like their basketball Center.

Schools like Clemson offer their football players classes that are ridiculous, and have no place in college.

Bravesbill said...

The academic standards argument is nonsense at this point. There are better academic schools in the conference than BC.

CT said...

Pointing out one minor detail does not invalidate NYC’s main point. He is right. The landscape has changed. Kids have changed. Either get on board as an administration or read your stupid comments every five minutes about firing someone. Let’s see how Jarmond navigates his situation for awhile before we judge. BC baseball just had their first game in their new stadium the other day. Progress is slow, certainly, but NYC is spot on. The coaches may have their limitations but until the institutional inertia is addressed, firing people down the trough is putting lipstick on a pig. It’s a temporary feel-good moment that fixes nothing.

JBQ said...

The "Swahili major" at UNC for the football and basketball players was a classic in the annals of all time academic standards. Mary Willingham "blew the whistle" and Dr. Mark Emmert who probably wrote his dissertation in Swahili on the "misunderstood benefits of Ebonics" choked.--- BC does it right. The university is like the "Bambi" Disney movie being run out of Times Square for destroying the "culture of the neighborhood". Just why do you think that BC was allowed into the conference in the first place? BC is just a "prop".

mod34b said...

2:31, did 1:16 saying anything about firing anybody? .... did 2:31 tell us he was from SEC country once again?....was 2:31 just being contrary again?... and has nothing of value to add?

No, No, Yes and Yes.

Gene Reineke said...

I have degrees from both BC and Loyola, so I follow both schools and their respective sports programs and teams. Totally disagree that this season’s BC has more talent than the 2018 Ramblers. Too much subjectiveity in that statement. Proof of the better team, imo, is answering the question: which team is playing in the NCAA tournament and which team went home early from the NIT?

NYCEagle said...

The only school in our conference that holds their ATHLETES to the same level of academic standards is UVA. UNC and Duke may be better institutions overall but you have to be very naive to believe their standards in regard to their athletes have not fallen by the wayside in recent years. Duke is a one and done school. You think any of those kids are there to go to class? The top recruits don’t want to “play school” as they say. Once again, open your eyes to reality

NYCEagle said...

The constant “fire the coaches and everything will magically be better” rhetoric from people like Mod that I’m forced to read on a weekly basis is nauseating and ignorant

NYCEagle said...

And Mod your statement that facilities don’t matter is probably the most ludicrously false take I’ve heard anyone ever claim on this message board. Facilities are the single best indicator for support behind a program. Not to mention that the athletes essentially live there for 4 years

mod34b said...

NYCe.... desperate replies.... claiming i said many things i never said ... not retracting your own grossly uninformed racial/religious comments........ so as a result you are now just resorting to nonsense.. that's too bad.....but you have no facts or data to use, so you sling nonsense...

EL MIZ said...

Mod34B - as relentless on the ATL comment boards as an 90s Pitino team doing the full court press. have a comment? GOOD! because MOD will be on you faster than an RA in Fenwick crashes the party in the triple.

Mod - what do you think BC basketball should do? fire Christian? fire Jarmond? bring back LAX? if you loathe BC sports as much as you appear to, why do you spend the time policing ATL's commentary.

ATL's post is benign and pretty obvious - if BC were to get in the tournament they could go on a run, since it is single elimination and crazy things happen. hard to disagree with an objectively true post. maybe it could happen to BC someday?

there are decent odds MOD is a JACK n JOES waiter who got stiffed by Daz on a burger and fries order and this is how he vents.

any updates on the football squad? i heard MOD might be starting a DAZ for Coach of the Year twitter campaign.

Happy Friday!

MUD said...

Mod34B might be Stephen Miller from Donald J. Trump team. Irrational NCAA sports fascism mixed with prescription pills.

Knucklehead said...

The 2:46 pm comment is a cry for help.

Anyone doubt the Sister is coaching that team?

Chris Herren hitting that shot at the end of the Tennessee game was my favorite college baskeball moment since "the irish lunch bucket" beat North Carolina in the early 1990's((Al McGuire called him that on the air(CBS) in 1994).

Mod was putting together his Rutgers application that weekend so he missed the game. If the internet was around then he would definitely have read the recap on SB Nation, or some shit.

mod34b said...

Miz. Always the BC hack. The sheep. Ha. Little more edge today as you seek to cling to mediocrity. I believe you were a Major Bates follower too until the End.

You are funny in your bland lust for the status quo.

(And pretty awful writing from you today too. You inspired two idiots after you to also seek to be clever but fail. )

Knucklehead said...

Ryan Day in 2019. Will be a perfect as headcoach of the Eagles football team.

working rich said...

Georgia Tech is a little different with the graduation business.
One of my sons went there, civil engineering is real hard work
Grading is tough. Most kids take 5 , not 4, years to graduate.
The Dean warns parents on the first day of orientation about graduation rates.
I doubt all the jocks are engineers but it is a tough school academically.