Monday, March 12, 2018

Rooting Guide for NCAA Tournament

Even with the NIT bid, BC is on the outside looking in on the Big Dance. But there are still plenty of BC-related angles and teams to cheer on this week and over the next three weeks. Here are my thoughts and suggestions on who to root for if it can't be BC.

Virginia. You can root for or against any ACC team with easy justification. I would like to see Virginia do well because I think they are the model that might most be easily replicated at BC. They are very dependent on a defensive system and then recruiting to that system. If Virginia can win it all, so can BC

Gonzaga, Xavier, and Creighton. Jesuit schools. They are no longer real Cinderellas and because they are a niche basketball schools, I don't think they can serve as a model for BC. But the Jesuit connection shows that Jesuit schools can be elite in sports.

Auburn. Once again Bruce Pearl is in the Tournament. At this point, I think it is clear he runs a dirty program. But you have to admire his ability to keep his team focused as the FBI and his own Administration breathes down his neck. Not all BC guys are perfect!

Rhode Island. A nice story and good for the region. Depending on how things play out, maybe Hurley could become BC's coach one day.

St. Bonaventure. Coached by BC guy Mark Schmidt. Schmidt wanted the BC job when Christian got it. If he keeps winning in Olean, he will always be a candidate here. 

Loyola-Chicago. These guys are Jesuit Cinderellas. It is a nice story.

Providence. I know they are technically a basketball rival, but I have no real animosity towards them and I always root for Ed Cooley.

Penn. Steve Donahue is back in the NCAA Tournament with another Ivy League champ. I don't have any regrets about firing him. I don't think he was going to turn things around at BC. But I am still happy for his success back at his old stomping grounds.


John said...

Wouldn't be surprised if the ACC teams get knocked out early.

Screw Bruce Pearl.

Deacon Drake said...

I wish we had more in common with the likes of Xavier, Creighton, Gonzaga (and I mean, Villanova even) that we could piggy-back on.

I think that Nova is the best example of the culture separation. They have had a couple opportunities to re-evaluate their football program and have opted to remain I-AA (FCS, whatever). Creighton and Gonzaga understood years ago that football demands more commitment than other athletics and moved a way.

There are few successful "models" that BC can follow, as we are private and invest in so many sports with the expectation that they be successful, meet higher academic standards, and do it clean.

JBQ said...

Providence had Villanova on the ropes and lost in overtime. They are going to do some damage. Actually, the entire NCAA is on the ropes. When you talk FBI, this is not "chicken feed".---Don't forget that there are two Hurleys coaching. Rhode Island is one and Arizona St. is the other. The Hurley dad was a legend at St. Anthony Prep in New Jersey.---The new liberal bishop came in to Newark, was made a Cardinal, and not only texted "Nighty, nite, baby" but also shut down the sports factory in Jersey City.---- For a number of reasons, all Catholic football programs are once again on the block. Villanova didn't go D-1 for a good reason and their 8000 seat stadium was not the only issue. Notre Dame will always survive. The question is whether BC deems it worth the trouble with all of the corruption surrounding the sport.---When you have a situation with Mary Willingham at North Carolina, who blew the whistle over Swahili majors with individuals speaking Ebonics, with no justice, you have a real problem for the NCAA. The university presidents need to reassert control. Dr. Mark Emmert with his degree in Swahili and tremendous salary, is sitting on the top of a garbage heap.

Unknown said...

Cheer for Donahue? No f-Ing wat. He sucked and he drove away some good players early in his tenure

Matt said...

I don’t agree at all with the rooting guide except for Virginia. I’m rooting AGAINST all the other teams you list.

As a BC fan rooting for ACC and Texas Tech.

Edward Griffith said...

Western Kentucky going to be a toughie BEAT Purdue by 2 Lost to Wisconsin at WIS by 1
Lost to villanova by 8.

knucklehead said...

Mark Schmidt is a good coach.

Bravesbill said...

Well that was sad and embarrassing.

AlbanyEagle said...

What a shit show.