Saturday, March 10, 2018

Up and down day for BC Hockey

The BC Women had another dominant season end short of a championship. This time losing to Ohio State in the NCAA quarterfinals. Sometimes facing a hot goalie at the wrong time is all it takes. I feel for the seniors who were part of this great run. I also feel like this level of success will result in multiple championships soon. It is just about things going right at just the right time.

Fortunately the Men's team is still alive. They eliminated Merrimack in Game 2 of the Hockey East opening round and move on to face BU next week at the Garden.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Cannot figure out our WIH team - tremendous regular seasons on a consistent basis and then consistently snake bitten in the tournament usually at the hands of one of the midwestern teams. It may be that Hockey East competition doesn't prepare them - cannot figure it out. Maybe they need to play all their OOC games against the big midwestern programs? Look at this record over the past 8 years with the team who knocked them out in the tournament - unbelievable. It's hard to find fault with their head coach.

2017: 30-5-3 - Ohio Stae
2016: 28-6-5 - Wisconsin
2015: 40-1 - Minnesota
2014: 34-3-2 - Harvard
2013: 27-7-3 - Clarkson
2012: 28-6-3 - Minnesota
2011: 24-10-3 - Wisconsin
2010: 24-7-6 - Wisconsin

CT said...

Oh so that's you over at BCI.

Does the men's team need to win the tourney to get in?

bceagle91 said...

The men are tied for 15th in the PairWise, with BU lurking at 17. If BU beats the Eagles in the conference semis, I suspect we're outside the bubble. If the Eagles make it to the championship game, we're on the bubble.

OB68 said...

I watched the womens game and listened to the mens game. The women were way off of their game in the first two periods. Some of their frustration was due to a great defensive scheme by the Ohio State coaching staff which seemed to eliminate Watts from the game. Not sure how many touches she had, but she was far from the dynamo we saw during the regular season. BC could not get any consistency going in first two periods and seemed be skating in slow motion. Ohio State won most of the puck battles and got to most of the loose pucks. The shot diferential was an embarrasement. Hustle has never before been an issue for BC but for some reason it was just not there today. The longer Ohio State held off BC the more confident they became and the more frustrated BC became. The third period was a full turn around for BC. Hustle, desire and shots on goal, all of what we expected to see for the whole game, but alas too little too late and Ohio hung on. BC has a great future, but the competition in Hockey East is not what it is in the midwestern leagues. However that being said, Clarkson out of ECAC seems to be able to succeed in the tournament, even with mostly below average, in league competition. What's the answer, who knows.

Happy to see success from this young mens team but I fear we will be soundly defeated by BU. Hope I am wrong.

CT said...


EagleFan#1 said...

Sounds like a typical BC choke job.