Monday, April 09, 2018

Matt Ryan talks about the birth of his twins

With Matt Ryan in the public eye and his wife Sarah active on social media, their silence following his day off during the playoffs for a "personal matter" was worrisome for anyone paying attention to Sarah's pregnancy. As Sarah explained in an Instagram post, she was put on bed rest in January and the twin boys were born very premature in Atlanta in February. The Ryans are now speaking publicly about their new expanded family and all seems well. I generally try to avoid getting into off the field stuff, but they have been such a high profile BC couple and still supportive of the school, that the public news and health of the babies is something I think is worth sharing. Below is Matt talking about the process as he prepares for his golf tournament which supports the hospital that is literally across the street from where his kids were born.


CT said...

New WBB coach inspires hope.

Edward Griffith said...

Joanna Barnabei-McNamee brings acheivements from Albany much like the great
Cathy Inglese did from Vermont. Lets hope she mathches or betters Cathy's great achievements
and indeed makes the Echoes Ring Again FOR BOSTON"
This would be the third big women's success joining LAX and softball.