Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Recruiting keeps rolling: adds Maryland DB

Another happy Spring Game visitor. Maryland DB prospect Jalen Williams verballed to BC once he got home from the weekend. The services rate him as a 3 star and he has a bunch of lower-level P5 offers from places like Kentucky, Rutgers, West Virginia and North Carolina. (Interestingly Maryland is not mentioned in the write up.)

Williams seems like the type of guy that has and will continue to thrive at BC. Respectable offers, but nothing that gets the Scouting Services excited. He has good size but not overwhelming speed. He is coming to BC for the right mix of reasons. This seems like a good fit. Congrats to Jalen and welcome aboard.


Edward Griffith said...

Some big days for the ladies. Allyson Frei ,Jessica Dreswick and company begin an important
six game stretch with UMass today followed by three with ND weekend then Harvard ,
Fairleigh Dickinson all at home as they begin drive for NCAA birth.
LAX finishes season Thurs at home with the Orange.
The news about qb Brown is sounding encouraging

knucklehead said...

Those are legit programs, he was offered by. First 3-4 years of Dazzler we were being chosen over MAC schools.

Who recruited him, Campinale?

knucklehead said...

Rutgers is of course the exception. They are a terrible program and it makes me mildly nauseous to think about them being compared to Boston College.

knucklehead said...

Perry's Father was suspended as coach of the Andover High School men's volleyball team. Player wouldn't come off the court after not listening to coach. Perry took his captaincy.

Player sounds like a crybaby loser. Coach yelled at me and took my captaincy after I publicly defied his authority. Winner. Winner.

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Coming to my BIG-ol,
John Belushi, party-hardy
in Seventh-Heaven ..??
The world passes away,
we cannot stay,
even if we pay trillions
which nobody has anyway.
So, gain altitude, dude,
never attitude.
God bless your indelible soul.