Friday, April 13, 2018

Reminder: the Spring Game is also about recruiting

While Saturday's Spring Game will give us a nice glimpse into what the Football team has been doing the past four weeks, fans often forget it is not just about players on the roster. The game -- and the weekend -- is one of the critical for BC Football recruiting.

The Spring Game remains a big deal in recruiting because it is a chance for the recruited players to experience a big event on campus AND have the focus of the football staff. As exciting as a real game can be, Addazio and his staff can't spend all their time and energy on recruits during a typical game day. During the Spring Game, that is not an issue. Players can be close to the action. Assistants can run over and talk during the game. The lack of real stakes, turns the whole thing into a show.

BC's newest verbal Steve Lubischer will be at the game. So will 2020 target Jalen Berger. There will be more and hopefully they all have a good time.


bceagle93 said...

A big day for BC sports today with this game, dedication of new baseball/softball fields and women’s lax going for undefeated ACC season all happening on campus.

At the game. Finally some great weather here so a decent turn out. Dillon warmed up but not playing. On QB side, Matt McDonald outplaying Perry in my opinion. Perry threw INT first pass. McDonald has a big arm and pretty accurate. Comfortable throwing on the run. Hard to gauge defensive play. Lichtenberg missed first XP of game....

Ron Dayne sighting as well.

Anonymous said...

Petrula was not playing center.

Edward Griffith said...

Women'a LAX rolls on with victory over Va, Tech. One to go.
Some very shoddy fielding and play Kept women's softball from taking series from 9th ranked
Fla. State.
Baseball turning into a major disaster area.

John said...

McDonald had a good day in the Spring Game. I see our PK, FG kicker missed the first PAT - unreal.

Happy to read about Robinson's good catch.

Some other good stuff.